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Whether for tactical preparation or for home defense, a good set of holographic sights can make a big difference when every shot counts. With the right optics, you can keep both eyes opened and remain aware of your surroundings while still having the ability to shoot accurately when the need arises. EOTech has been in the market of ensuring shooters around the world have the best tactical solutions for any of their firearms. At Omaha Outdoors, you not only benefit from the best selection of goods, but you also can be assured the all of the items are in stock to fit your shooting needs.

The introduction of holographic weapon sights brought about a major advance in tactical firearm usage around the world. Allowing for two eyes open shooting, it more easily enables users to keep their peripherals open while still being able to quickly focus on their target when the need arises. Since they started offering holographic sights, EOTech has brought itself to the forefront of the industry, offering options that are known for their rugged reliability when it matters most.

At Omaha Outdoors we keep EOTech optics, red dot sights, and mounts in stock to ensure you can find what you need for sale.

About EOTech

Founded in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, EOTech has made a splash in the world of firearm optics. After only one year of operation, the company introduced its first holographic weapon sight, which they hoped would hit the industry and take over as the dominant choice for those seeking a close-quarters option. Like the red dot in 1975, the introduction of the holographic sights in 1996 did make an impact, but it has still failed to completely displace its forerunner. Despite this, EOTech maintains a position as one of the most influential options on the market today.

EOTech Latest Release

For those shooters who want the newest and best, Omaha Outdoors carries the new 518 and 558 optics. Both of these options are powered by simple AA alkaline batteries and will run for 600 hours of continuous use at the normal setting. Both the 518 and the 558 feature 20 daylight settings and the 558 also offers 10 extra settings for night vision use. These optics were made with the modern tactical operator in mind and are built with reliability and durability in mind.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights For Sale

A classic option to consider for those looking to get their first holographic sights is the EXPS2. This reliable piece comes with a quick-detach lever that fits both the 1” Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rails. It offers a sleek and lightweight design and allows shooters to get 600 hours of continuous use out of one 123 lithium battery. Like all of EOTech’s products, it features a rugged design, offering shooters the option to fully submerge these sights up to 10 feet.

If you are looking for something even more robust, you may want to consider the EXPS3-4 series of sights. The EXPS3 comes out of the box ready for night vision use, offering 20 daytime setting and 10 additional options for night vision. These sights are also a great option if you want an magnifier combo. This will allow you to get the performance of these sights while having magnification options, which is perfect if your targets are further out.

You probably notice that many EOTech sights come with MOA guarantees. This ensures that the weapon will keep a certain accuracy while you are using it. A 1 MOA means that it will keep within a 1” grouping at 100 yards while a 2 MOA means it will stick to a 2” grouping. Depending on your shooting needs, you should consider how accurate you need your weapon to be.

Finally, it is important to consider how far away from the target you might be. If you are going for long range shots on occasion, you can check out one of the magnifiers offered to ensure you get the most out of those long distance shots. Part of shooting is knowing your target, which you can’t accomplish without being able to see what you are shooting at.

EOTech also developed the Holographic Hybrid Sights (HHS) systems. Both the HHS I and II are popular among shooters today. These hybrid sights combine other popular EOTech holographic models with magnifiers to ensure a ready-to-use package for your weapon. The HHS I features the EXPS3-4 with a G33.STS Magnifier. The HHS II includes a EXPS2-2 with the G33.STS magnifier.

EOTech Mini Red Dot Sights

Designed to fit within military specifications, shooters should also explore the EOTech mini red dot sights (MRDS). It provides for an exceptional optic solution and the 1 MOA model is great for competitive shooting. If you prefer to use a more traditional red dot design, this rugged construction and accurate profile make for an excellent option.

EOTech Thermal / Nightvision Optics

When you just need to survey the area, you might consider grabbing some EOTech thermal binoculars. The model X320 uses thermal imaging to detect human activity for as far as 800 yards away. It allows for three color modes in addition to white or black. If you need to see even further, the X640 is rated for 1100 yards and features additional color options.

Also check for holographic sights ready to be used for nightvision. Many of the models mentioned above are night vision ready, such as: Model 558, HHS I, Model 552, EXPS3, and XPS3. If you need something ready for nighttime action, make sure it is one of these models.

EOTech Laser Battery Caps

Finally, shooters often look for EOTech laser battery caps. Since they offer both red visible and infrared options, we do our best to carry both. One of the popular options is the Model 512 Laser Battery Cap, which includes the red dot sight and integrated, visible laser. If you prefer, you can buy the infrared or red visible laser separately as an additional accessory.

Omaha Outdoors is an authorized EOTech dealer, which helps ensure you can find all of the best sights at a price that will allow you to still have money left over for ammunition. Whether you know which sights you are looking for or you need help making the best selection, the handy search feature is there to help. This saves you precious time and allows you to spend that extra time out on the range where it really matters.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly so we may help you find just the right sights to fit your shooting needs. Our mission is to become your number one supplier for all things EOTech, which is why we always put our best forward when it comes to service. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get the optics you need.

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