The holographic EOTech sight has undergone many improvements since its introduction almost two decades ago, and EOTech optics for sale now include magnified optics like the Vudu as well as the traditional EOTech design used for close quarters combat. No matter which version you choose, you can rest assured that when you purchase from an authorized dealer like the online Omaha Outdoors store, you're getting the benefit of a lifetime warranty in addition to our $9.95 flat rate shipping.

New EOTech 2017 Product Releases

The big news from EOTech for 2017 was their introduction of the EOTech Vudu rifle scopes. While the company had made 3x magnifiers for use with EOTech holographic sights in the past, dedicated magnified optics are new for the company. They didn't come into this market with basic scopes, mind you, and if you view other rifle scopes for sale at Omaha Outdoors, you'll see that the bright illuminated reticles and first focal plane design of the Vudu scopes set them apart from the competition. Available in 1-6x, 2.5-10x, and 3.5-18x magnification, they're at home on any AR-15 and, with an EOTech scope mount, make an excellent choice for medium to long-range shooting.

Top Selling EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights

The EOTech holographic weapon sight has been in use by military members fighting in the Global War on Terror since the very beginning, and many found it to be an excellent alternative to the other options on the market due to its window-like design rather than giving the impression of looking through a small tube. An EOTech red dot sight can be used on an AR-15, of course, but it has also found a home on other weapons platforms as well, from muzzleloaders used for hunting to big bore revolvers to shotguns. No matter what lighting conditions you encounter, the adjustable reticle brightness of the EOTech ensures the proper ratio of red dot brightness to available light or weapon light brightness, and the 68 MOA ring can be used for range estimation as the diameter of the circle is the same height at 100 yards as the average man. If the subject is the height of the red dot to the edge of the ring, also known as the radius of the circle, then the target is at approximately 200 yards, and so on.


The bestselling EOTech 512 is a double AA battery powered model featuring a simple reticle including a ring with one dot in the center. It's not night vision compatible, but we think you'll find it to be a very rugged optic more than suitable for home defense or hunting in the brush.


In response to claims that the longitudinal mounting of the batteries was causing the sights to shut off under recoil, EOTech beefed up models of that type but also introduced the EOTech XPS2 with a single transverse-mounted CR123 battery. This model allows you to choose from 5 reticle patterns including the classic ring with one dot as well as the ring with multiple dots for use at extended ranges. Like the 512, it does not have night vision capability. Some might see this as a drawback, but unless you own some expensive NVGs or NVDs, the fact that it doesn't have night vision compatibility is not likely to affect you in any measurable way. In a pinch, turn the brightness down to the lowest setting for acceptable use with night vision devices augmented by infrared light or moonlight.


The EOTech 552 is the warhorse of the bunch, having been used for the longest period of time by Recon Marines and other American forces in combat for many years. Unlike the optics we discussed previously, it is night vision compatible, meaning it offers brightness settings low enough not to bloom excessively when using night vision goggles or night vision devices. The EOTech 552 has a reticle featuring a ring with 1 dot, and the 552.XR308 model was intended for use with the military M240 medium machine gun but can also be used on any 308 Win rifle shooting 150gr NATO ammunition from a similar length barrel to that of the M240 - approximately 24-25 inches.


One of the newest models of EOTech holographic sight is the EOTech EXPS3, where "E" is for extreme. Meant to take the harshest punishment found anywhere, especially the pounding taken by military combat optics used near the ocean and dropped from airplanes alongside Special Forces guys, the EXPS3 has adjustable side buttons so that you can quickly adjust brightness even if the rear of the sight is very close to a magnifier mount or a backup iron sight. The EXPS3, you might not be surprised to learn, is night vision compatible, and it allows you to choose from 5 reticle patterns like other optics in the XPS lineup. If you prefer optics with a lower third co-witness height with iron sights, the raised base of the EXPS line is exactly what you've been waiting for.


Although it has a similar appearance to the EXPS3 including a raised base, side buttons, and a single transverse-mounted CR123 battery, the EOTech EXPS2 is not night vision compatible. It does come in 1 and two dot configurations and will be suitable for almost any use other than co-witnessing with night vision.


The battle proven EOTech 553 came after the 552 but before the XPS/EXPS line, and what that means for you is it uses CR123 batteries like the XPS, but they're mounted longitudinally like the 552. It has integrated ARMS throw lever mounts which some prefer and others do not prefer. In use by US Special Forces, the EOTech 553 has a single dot ring and is night vision compatible.


The lightweight EOTech XPS3 is as small and light as it gets within the EOTech holographic lineup, and its absolute co-witness mounting height is preferred by many shooters, especially those who do not have long necks. It has the compactness of the XPS2 but offers features from the EXPS3 – namely that it's compatible with night vision gear. A single CR123 battery means easy logistics as long as you choose a weaponlight or pocket flashlight that also uses these excellent batteries.


For those who like to reach out and touch targets at a distance but don't want to lose the fast, lightweight, up-close nature of the holographic sight, the EOTech HHS II or Holographic Hybrid Sight II offers a compromise. It's a package comprised of an EXPS2-2 and EOTech 3x magnifier combo. The EXPS2-2 reticle has two dots, the standard center dot for shooting at 50 and approximately 200 yards and a lower dot which approximates a 500-yard impact point for 5.56mm ammunition. Use the bottom of the ring itself for extremely close shooting at around 7 yards. You can swing the magnifier out of the way as needed to enter a room or do other CQB stuff like shoot hogs in the brush, then put it back in place to identify targets or shoot at extended ranges.

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