Ed Brown 1911 For Sale

Buy your next hand fitted Ed Brown 1911 pistol from Omaha Outdoors and be assured of great customer service and fast shipping. The name Ed Brown has been synonymous with extreme quality for decades in the world of custom 1911 handguns. With no MIM and no castings, a premium match grade barrel, and calibers including 9mm, 45 ACP, and 38 Super, Ed Brown must be on your short list for a custom 1911.

In fact, many manufacturers and builders of custom 1911s use parts made by Ed Brown. What higher indication of quality could there be when the competition doesn't think they can make a part better than Ed Brown?

Few Things More American than a Second Amendment Edition 1911

If you're looking for a high quality expression of how much you love your rights as an American to own and carry firearms, look no further than the Ed Brown 2nd Amendment 1911. This is their latest in a distinguished line of limited production special edition handguns, sure to appreciate in value as time goes on.

Featuring all the details which make Ed Brown pistols so hand-crafted for precision and unique in design such as the Snakeskin metal treatment on the forestrap and mainspring housing and the Ed Brown magwell, the 2nd Amendment Edition 1911 also features the “Don't Tread On Me” coiled snake design and full text of the Second Amendment engraved on opposite sides of the slide. As an added touch, “Freedom” is engraved on the barrel bushing, just below the muzzle, so would-be muggers will know what they shouldn't have tried to take away from you.

Minor Differences, Major Results

The majority of Ed Brown pistol offerings are the Executive Series, Kobra Series, Alpha Series, and Special Forces Series. These pistols differ mainly in the method by which the forestrap, also known as the frontstrap, and mainspring housing of the handgun have been checkered for a better grip, although they do offer other important differences. Almost all are available in commander length versions with a 4.25” barrel and/or with a bobtail frame to reduce printing, or the pistol outline showing through clothing, while carrying concealed. All of them are among the very best handguns available in the world.

The Executive Series features Ed Brown's unique 25 lpi checkering, done by hand of course. The Kobra Series is identical with one exception: the 25 lpi checkering has been replaced by the exclusive Snakeskin metal treatment, offering snag-free texture in one direction and a tough, secure grip in the other. While other Ed Brown pistols have traditional slide serrations, the Kobra also features Snakeskin treatment on the slide. According to Ed Brown, females are especially fond of this texture, but anyone who wants their carry gun to snag less and fit their hand more might find a friend in the Ed Brown Kobra Carry, also available with a lightweight aluminum frame.

The Special Forces Series has a very aggressive frame and mainspring housing texture, known as Chainlink III treatment, for what Ed Brown says is the ultimate in durability, secure grip, and extreme use. It's available with a light rail for a pistol mounted light, a threaded barrel for a silencer, and machining for a mini red dot mount. In addition, the Ed Brown Gen4 coating, available in Black, Stealth Gray, and Battle Bronze, provides excellent wear and rust resistance while also cutting down on potential reflections which might cause the rebels (or government forces, we don't discriminate) to spot you on your next Special Forces mission.

Ed Brown's Alpha Series has Chainlink I on the mainspring housing and frontstrap, with Chainlink I being about as aggressive a pattern of metal texture you will find anywhere. Remember that scene in every action movie where the good guy's gun is knocked out of his hand with a minor blow by the bad guy, leading to choreographed fisticuffs on top of a tall building for a really long time? That won't happen with an Ed Brown Alpha Series 1911, because the pistol will remain in the good guy's hand as if surgically grafted there. Give more movie good guys Ed Brown Alpha Series 1911s and the credits will roll at least ten minutes sooner.

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