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With so many big name firearm manufactures out there today, it might seem impossible for a new company to work its way into the market. After all, so many companies are known for their high-quality affordable designs, offering a solution for just about every imaginable shooting application. Of course, when the product is good enough and the price is right, even the unheard of competitor can gain traction in an open community. Among some of the newer companies, Diamondback has quickly gained momentum and earned a reputation for producing quality guns.

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Diamondback Firearms, LLC’s Mission

Established in 2009 with their micro compact DB380, Diamond Firearms, LLC was built to provide shooters an affordable solution to concealed carry. Based out of Cocoa, FL, they work with US manufacturing quality to ensure that users are able to get the absolute best performance out of their weapons. Over the years, they have expanded beyond their initial model and even started to produce some rifles under the Diamondback name. No matter what they design, the top priority is always on customer service and providing the highest quality weapon at the most affordable price.

The DB380 Pistol

The first pistol in their lineup, the DB380 micro compact is made entirely in the USA to ensure quality parts and construction. It users their “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system and a mechanical firing pin block to ensure a safe operation. Its polymer frame was built tough to ensure a long service life and comes with an easy takedown pin to make maintenance easy. All of the metal components of the weapon are coated to resist corrosion and extend the lifespan of the weapon.

This handgun is chambered in .380 ACP and holds a 6 round magazine. It offers a small 2.8” barrel and a 5.26” overall length as well as a 0.75” width, ensuring it can be easily concealed. The smooth trigger provides for a 5.5 lb. pull, giving you the accuracy you need on follow up shots. Originally available in all black, never versions include stainless steel slides, FDE frames, hot pink frames, and more, giving shooters the option they need.

The DB9 Pistol

Hearing the demand for more stopping power, Diamondback looked to expand its offerings to include a 9mm pistol option. Like the DB380, the DB9 is offered in a variety of finishes, giving shooters the selection they need to make a unique selection. They offer the same rugged construction that shooters have come to trust and are offered at a competitive price.

Dimensionally, the company did its best to keep the pistol as compact as possible and were still able to keep the micro compact designation despite the higher caliber. Overall, it measures 5.6” long with a 3” barrel and still rests at 0.8” wide. The main difference from the caliber change is that it hits 4” high, but this still allows it to be easily concealed. Maintaining a 6 round magazine capacity and a 5.5 lb. trigger pull provides for exceptional performance when you need it most. The grips receive a special checkering to ensure you get the absolute best performance available.

DB15 Pistol and Rifle Series

Since shooters were quickly recognizing the high quality processes used by Diamondback, they began expanding outside of the basic concealed carry market and started offering other solutions for the modern shooter. Most notable, they now make rifles and rifle-style pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. This comes in the form of the DB15.

The DB15 pistol arrives on the scene with a 7.5” chrome moly barrel, offering a 1:9 twist to ensure accurate shots. It uses a mil-spec 8620 bolt carrier and offers both a forged 7075-T6 upper and lower receiver, which offers a great combination of durability and lightweight design. It works on a gas-impingement system and offers an aluminum modified four rail to allow for the attachment of any accessories you might need.

Building off this same system, the DB15 rifle offers a 16” chrome-moly barrel with the 1:9 twist. It uses the same 7075-T6 aluminum in the upper and lower, giving you the quality construction you need. The standard model includes an A2 front sight and still allows for any back sight you might need. It is offered with an ATI Strikeforce Stock with Aluminum Civilian Buffer Tube Assembly.

Other Diamondback Models and Accessories

More recently, Diamondback also introduced the DB FS Nine, which is a full-sized 9mm pistol that follows the example of their smaller models. Designed to help with home defense or to be used at the range, this model offers a 5.5 lb. trigger pull and holds a 15 round magazine. It features a built-in accessory rail and the slide has cocking serrations as well as a cocking indicator. The 3-dot sights provide a great picture and allow you to easily hit your target.

Finally, they produce a variety of accessories to ensure you get the most out of all your firearms. Whether you need an additional magazine or are looking to pick up a new holster, you can find what you need online. Naturally, they also sell replacement rifle parts for their DB15 pistol and rifle models, ensuring you can always have your weapon working at its best.

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