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Unless you are just planning on leaving your gun at home in a safe or display case, you need to keep in mind that the firearm itself is only the first part of shooting. Beyond this, you need to have a way to carry your new pistol as you go about your daily routine. Whether you live in a state that permits open carry or you need to find the best concealed carry holster, it is important that you don’t cut corners. Quality matters, and having a good holster can make a difference when the need to use it arises. With that in mind, Desantis Gunhide is there to provide the best in quality and performance.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a wide variety of Desantis holsters in stock and ready to ship. This ensures you are able to quickly place your order and have the item shipped as fast as possible. Our mission is to become the number one online retailer for all things firearm related, and that begins by ensuring you get the absolute best in service. If you have questions, please call use directly. Otherwise, simply make your selection below.

The Desantis Quality Commitment

Though Gene Desantis never dreamed of making holsters as his full-time job, he began operating in 1972 making simple holsters by hand at his kitchen table. So many years later, Desantis Gunhide has not only continued to make holsters, but it has grown to become one of the world’s largest holster manufactures. Working to provide open carry, concealed carry, and special purpose gun holsters, it allows shooters to carry their weapons in a convenient and high-quality manner. Just as it was from the beginning, its focus is on top-quality parts and that only works by working with the highest quality materials, which it uses to offer some of the best holsters available today.

Belt Holsters

Belt holsters can be used with plain clothes to provide a great open carry option or worn with a jacket or other outer layer to provide a great concealed carry alternative. Desantis carries a wide variety of these different holsters, offering ones made with ballistic nylon, leather, and Kydex. Depending on your application and intended use, you can select between one of dozens to get the best fit for your weapon and ensure success in the field.

Concealed carry models like the Simply Slide are very simplistic in their design. It uses black lined leather and fits tightly to the clothes when not being used. When carrying a pistol, it provides a smooth and simply operation as the gun rests between the two pieces of leather. If you want something a bit more complex, the Incognito is another great example of concealed carry belt holsters, made from ballistic nylon and offering a simple operation in the field.

The Prowler is a great example of innovative design, offering an option to be used as both an I.W.B. and O.W.B. holster, depending on your specific needs at the time. It uses a Kydex construction and offers the Redi-lok system to provide the best in performance. If you have a 1911 model pistol and aren’t worried about concealed carry, the Thumbreaker Scabbard might be what you need.

These are just some of the many belt holsters available.

Shoulder and Ankle Rigs

When it comes to ankle rigs, Desantis understands that some shooters are looking for a low cost while others desire the best quality. With that in mind, they offer the Apache Ankle rig for the price-conscious shooter. Despite its lower cost, it still provides a quality draw and cuts down on the cost by using Neoprene instead of leather. Alternatively, the Die Hard Ankle Rig and Leather Ankle Holster are both designed for those who want the absolute best, ensuring a secure fit as you operate.

For shoulder rigs, users can choose between a great variety of options. The Bodyguard is a popular option for those who might need something versatile. Made from ballistic nylon, it can carry one or two weapons at the same time and allows for extra storage room of other devices. If you like the ballistic nylon option, you might also consider a Patriot series holster. On the other hand, the N.Y. Undercover holster provides a quality leather construction and a comfortable feel for all-day carry.

Military And Tactical Options

To help meet the need of military and tactical operators, Desantis also offers a variety of options best suited to shooting professionals. The storm packer is a great example of this, allowing you to carry a couple of extra magazines on the back of your rifle stock. For crowd control situations, the EDP Bag is not really a holster, but it does provide an effective way to neutralize an emotionally disturbed individual. Designed for quick deployment, it can be deployed to detain anyone who might threaten your safety. Finally, the DSD Rig was designed with law enforcement in mind, offering a great way to carry your submachine gun without issue.

Other Concealed Carry Holsters

Desantis also carries a variety of other concealed carry holsters to fit all your unique needs. Options like the Thigh High can be extremely popular for female carriers, as it provides a great fashion accessory under your skirt while also concealing your favorite pistol. The Hide and Chic Purse is another excellent option, providing an apparently normal purse that holds your secret weapon at the ready. It features an ageless design that is sure to keep your purse in style for many years to come.

For men and women, the Bag Packer is another great option, providing a way to place in purses or brief cases and draw in a flash. Similarly, the E-Z Draw Nylon Cell Phone holster is an excellent option to consider. While you go for a run, the Road Runner concealment case is the perfect option to consider, as it appears perfectly natural to onlookers. As usual, these are just some of the options available.

Belts and Ammo Carriers

Of course, one of the things that helps Desantis stand out from other holster manufacturers is their high quality belts and ammo carriers available. As you would expect, this includes a variety of duty gear as well as civilian use options. You can choose between magazine holsters, pouches, and handcuff cases. One of the most popular options is their Swift Strip Speed Loader, which is intended for your favorite revolver to provide a fast reload. When it comes to belts, they have a vast variety of different options available ranging from duty belts to western style belts and everything in between. If you want the best way to keep your holster secure, one of these belts is sure to get the job done right.

Omaha Outdoors is here to ensure you can get all of your Desantis holster sand accessories with the best service in the industry and the fastest shipping time. Simply make your selection below and place your order or feel free to call us directly with any questions. We look forward to helping you get your shooting accessories in order.

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