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Del-Ton ECHO 316 rifles available from Omaha Outdoors offer outstanding value and quality for the price, making a good AR15 affordable for almost anyone.

Del-Ton ECHO 316 rifles available from Omaha Outdoors are in stock and ready to provide you with years of quietly dependable service and the peace of mind that comes with Del-Ton's lifetime warranty. Del-Ton has been in business far longer than most AR15 manufacturers, and they're here to stay. They bring to the table years of experience in producing and supporting a large number of rifles, parts, kits, and accessories for the shooter on a budget who doesn't want to be let down on the first range trip.

Del-Ton's Echo Deserves a Bravo

Del-Ton AR15s are divided into the Echo, Alpha, Lima, and Sierra lines. The Echo is by far the most diverse, with rifles including the classic 316, a civilian take on the military M4 but with CAR-15 handguards and a 1/9 twist CMV barrel that is not chrome lined. There's also the Echo 316 MLOK which features a heavy profile barrel without the notch in the barrel for the M203 grenade launcher and Magpul MOE furniture and magazine.

For those looking for the closest Del-Ton they can have to a military M4 carbine without an enlistment contract and the subsequent possibility of a lower back injury or chronic knee problems, the Del-Ton DTI Extreme Duty Carbine features a hammer forged, chrome lined chrome moly vanadium 1/7 twist barrel and all the other little touches that come with an M4 clone carbine.

Del-Ton Sport Lite: Heavy on Fun

At the other end of the Del-Ton spectrum is the DTI Sport Lite, with every feature not directly necessary to the function of the rifle stripped away, leaving you with an extremely light but still very functional carbine. Weighing only 5.8lbs, the DTSL has a non chrome lined 4140 lightweight profile barrel with a 1/9 twist and a sport style upper receiver with no ejection port cover or forward assist, making it thinner than most AR15s in addition to being lighter. Still, if a day of plinking cans at your uncle's farm is in order, the DTI Sport Lite is just the ticket.

Del-Ton Alpha: Number One Not Only In Name

Del-Ton's Alpha series is a new take on the classic military M16A2 and M16A4 rifles. While these 20” barrel, fixed stock rifles aren't going to make you look nearly as cool on Instagram as a tricked out M4 variant, they will provide the ultimate in reliability, durability, and parts longevity. The rifle length gas system with a 20” barrel is the most reliable gas system configuration for an M16/M4 platform rifle, significantly reducing the pressure of the gases traveling back to the action and the tendency of the shorter length gas ports to flame cut at high round counts, and the fixed stock is perfect for hitting bad guys in the face with, or at least pretending to do so. Increased sight radius and muzzle velocity also mean better pinpoint accuracy at distance, and muzzle flash is greatly reduced with a 20” barrel compared to a civilian 16”, military 14.5” or especially an 11.5” Del-Ton SBR.

No matter which Del-Ton you choose, you'll be buying it with the knowledge of fast and professional service by Omaha Outdoors and the lifetime warranty offered by Del-Ton to the original purchaser.

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