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For the tactical operator, there are few pieces of equipment more important to your success in the field than a good AR-15. It offers a versatile and accurate platform you can rely on under even the most difficult of situations, allowing you to quickly deal with targets that present themselves. Similarly, the home defense shooter often seeks out a good AR for emergency situations, knowing that he can have the close quarter capability while still having some distance when he needs it. Regardless of what type of shooter you are, Daniel Defense offers rifles that can help fit your needs.

Carrying a wide range of Daniel Defense products and keeping a diverse selection in stock, Omaha Outdoors looks to become your number one online dealer for all tactical related purchases. Whether you are just looking to get a new rifle or hoping to pick up all the necessary gear for your next mission, we can help. Our online storefront was designed in a way that makes shopping easy and convenient, granting you access to a host of useful sorting features to narrow down your options. If you do have questions though, please pick up the phone and call us directly.

Building the Ultimate Rifle Platform

As the 21st Century began, Marty Daniel had conceived of multiple design concepts that he believed would greatly improve the M16 rifle system. Since these parts were not available on the commercial market, he worked to design and create them. Seeing that the demand was much higher than he had expected, he started Daniel Defense. Working from a small space in Savannah, Georgia, he soon found that he needed to expand the operation. The next few years resulted in significant growth for the company and today it has two facilities, one located in Black Creek, Georgia, and the other in Ridgeland, South Carolina. From these facilities, they manufacture some of the best parts on the market today.

Upper Receivers of Separate Barrels For Sale

Since many shooters prefer to assemble their own AR-15, some of the most popular options by Daniel Defense are their uppers. These uppers come in a variety of configurations and calibers, each able to complete a specific rifle build. Despite the many differences, there are some features that you will find in common with all the options. Among these, you can rely on CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum receivers treated with a type III hard coat anodized finish for durability. You can also rely on a cold hammer forged chrome molly barrel, which is precision machined to provide you with the most accurate shots available today.

Beyond this, many of the specifics depend on exactly which upper you decide to purchase. Their popular URG V11 is a 5.56 NATO option that uses a Daniel Defense sLiM Rail system to allow for a comfortable grip. IT comes with a standard flash suppressor to maintain a low profile and includes a chrome lined bolt carrier group for longevity. Their longer barrel MK12 uses an 18" barrel design with a proprietary stainless steel construction. Though it uses the same flash suppressor, its rail is replaced with rail panels made from santoprene.

Naturally, Daniel Defense also offers more specialized options, such as their 10.3" MK18 Upper, which offers similar construction to the MK12 but uses a much shorter barrel. The V9 is another specialized option and comes straight from the factory with a vertical foregrip for better control. Alternatievely, the V3-6.8 comes chambered in 6.8 SPC ammo and comes with a foregrip and included sights to keep you on target.

Rail Systems to Complete Your Loadout

Not everyone wants to get a completely built upper though and some are just looking to pick up a new rail system for their existing build. Knowing this, Daniel Defense has developed a variety of different rail options to fit your individual needs. Their Lite Rail system uses a Mil-Spec 1913 picatinny layout and offers a free-floating design for more reliable performance in the field. It is built using 6061-T6 aluminum and comes ready to be installed on your favorite rifle.

The sLiM Rail system is an even lighter design. It is built using the same aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and offered with a free floating design. To give you more flexibility in use, it offers compatibility with the Keymod system, allowing you to affix sections of rail as you need them to install new accessories. If this is not easy enough for you, the Omega Rail offers a system that can be freely installed on your favorite weapon without modifications, making for a no-nonsense and quick installation process.

Buttstocks and Grips to Keep Your Weapon Comfortable

Among those other rifle parts, you will also need to account for all the proper weapon furniture. Daniel Defense makes this process easy by offering a set that includes their own pistol grip, vertical foregrip, and buttstock. These are all made with top grade materials to ensure shooting comfort while also providing a durable design. The vertical grip uses a soft rubber overmold to allow for an exact hold on the weapon that won't fail while the buttstock comes with two different thickness buttpads to give you an option that works right for you. These items are also available for sale separately.

Complete Rifles Built by Daniel Defense

Of course, those who don't want to deal with the hassle of building their own weapon or modifying it in any way might just prefer to pick up a complete Daniel Defense rifle. Being built from all these quality components, they are able to provide exceptional builds based on your needs. These are offered in full-length rifle configurations, shorter pistol-length gas system designs, and carbine options to suit your needs. Naturally, you can select models built with some of the different upper receivers or even look for something a bit different to fit your needs. Whether you are a tactical operator or an outdoor enthusiast, you can find what you need.

All the Daniel Defense Parts and Accessories You Need

Naturally, Daniel Defense also manufacturers all the individual parts and accessories you need out in the field. Their magazines are produced with the high quality designs, ensuring smooth cycling rates and consistent performance in any conditions. They also sell sights, mounts, grips, and a variety of other important parts. Finally, you might want to pick up some replacement spring kits or other parts you need to get the job done right. Regardless, you should be able to find exactly what you need online with the service you deserve.

At Omaha Outdoors, we understand the importance of your mission because we have one of our own: to become your number one provider for all shooting and outdoor purchases. Whether you are looking to buy a completely new rifle or just looking to pick up some extra Daniel Defense parts, you will find that our simple interface makes it easy to find what you need. So, pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions or just add the items directly to your cart. We look forward to helping you with your next purchase.

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