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Living in the city can make it difficult to manage varmint problems. Using a standard rifle, even a low caliber .22, can often produce noise that will alarm your neighbors and lead to problems with the law. On the other hand, a good BB gun is often powerful enough to get the job done and offers a way to do it quietly. Furthermore, air guns are a great way to teach your children how to properly handle a firearm without as much risk of injury. For this reason, Crosman holds its own in the firearm industry, filling a niche that allows it provide some of the best options available today.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a variety of Crosman products in stock and ready to ship. This gives you the ability to get everything you need in one convenient online marketplace. Our goal is to ensure you are able to fill all your shooting needs in one place. This is why we always put service to our customers first. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Otherwise, sort through the options below and place your order online.

Crosman Offers More Than Just Enjoyment

Though it is commonly known today by many people as “the airsoft company,” Crosman actually has a long and proud history in the shooting community. First incorporated in 1924, the company went through a few structural changes to get to where it is today. During that time, it has developed a variety of BB guns, CO2 based models, and airsoft guns for the American public. These range from the recreational airsoft guns to target models and even rifles intended for use in varmint hunting and pest control. Whichever your need might be, this company will deliver the highest quality options available today.

Crosman Airsoft Guns

Crosman Air Rifles

Air guns can actually be used for a wide variety of purposes. They offer a great target shooting platform, allowing you to train your children in proper gun handling without all the same risks associated with a regular shooting platform. As an extension to this, there are also air gun competitions, which allow you to compete using only an air gun. Small caliber options can also be used for pest control, allowing you to scare away mice, crows, rats, or other small animals if your aim is right.

If you start moving towards larger caliber air guns, you can also use them for small game hunting. Moving up to the .22 caliber, you can have some success varmint hunting as well, getting rid of raccoons, opossums, and other pests that might be on your property. Finally, if you move up to a .25 caliber air gun, you can even hunt some predators like bobcats or foxes. Remember, before engaging in any form of hunting, consult your local laws.

Regardless of how you intend to use them, Crosman makes a wide variety of different air guns to ensure you can find what you need. As far as variety goes, they offer all different levels, depending on what your purpose might be. A rifle like the Cowboy lever action air gun is a perfect example of a target or recreational shooter. It uses .177 caliber BBs and shoots up to 350 FPS with a steel load. The wood stock provides an authentic feel and smooth operation.

Alternatively, a rifle like the Bulldog .357 uses a .357 caliber BB and operates with a 3000 PSI air reservoir to deliver power up to 800 fps. It uses a synthetic stock and can be loaded with 5 rounds. The Benjamin Armada is another quality example, offering 10 rounds of .22 BBs and firing at up to 1000 fps.

Crosman Air Pistols

If you want something that is a bit smaller, you might consider an air pistol. Many times, these can produce results comparable to the rifle versions, giving you plenty of fun in your back yard. The P15B is one of the popular models, offering 20 BBs in each magazine and firing at 475 fps working on a blowback action. For those who prefer a revolver, the SR357 is an excellent choice. It fires at 450 fps and uses a real cylinder action.

Keep in mind, many of these pistols are not recommended for use without adult supervision. It is important that children know the difference between a toy and an air guns, as these weapons can cause serious injury if used improperly.

Crosman Optics

Once you select your weapon of choice, you might want to set it up with some optics to make the job easier. Crosman makes a variety of scopes and lasers to fit their most popular models. This allows you to outfit your weapon as you desire and get the most accuracy with every shot.

Other Accessories for Your New Crosman Gun

Depending on what you are looking for, there are a variety of accessories available to help improve your shooting experience. The airsoft guns offer small auto reset targets, and other target options to help get the most fun out of your new toy. They also sell extra magazines to make reloading quicker. Air guns accessories include slings to carry your weapon and cases to transport it, as well as replacement air tanks to keep the gun working. Or, you might need some accessories to get your optics installed properly. Whatever accessories you might need, you can find it all online.

Our mission at Omaha Outdoors is to support you in all of your shooting sports and outdoor activities. This is why we always put customer service first, working to ensure you can find the best shopping experience available online today. If you have any questions or you just wish to place your order by phone, please feel free to contact us directly. Otherwise, simply make your selections below. We look forward to providing for all your shooting needs.

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