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Crimson Trace Lasergrips and LiNQ lasers sold online by Omaha Outdoors give the shooter an unparalleled advantage in any defensive shooting situation.

Crimson Trace Lasergrips and LiNQ lasers sold by Omaha Outdoors are among the most tested and respected lasers on the market for civilian or law enforcement use. From the original Laserguard replacement grips for Kimber 1911s and Beretta 92s to the new LiNQ wireless light/laser for the AR15, AR10, AK47, and AK74, Crimson Trace has always been at the forefront of technical weapon laser design and practical employment. Crimson Trace has been in business for over 20 years and has supplied over 2 million Laserguard and Lasergrips to civilians, law enforcement, and the military alike. Everyone at Crimson Trace takes seriously the idea that someone may depend on their product to survive, and the reliability and quality of Lasergrips and Crimson Trace Laserguards are legendary.

Wireless Lasers For Your Rifle: The Future Is Now

Crimson Trace has brought visible weapon mounted lasers into the 21st century with the LiNQ, a two piece solution for both aiming and illumination needs. The LiNQ consists of a replacement pistol grip for the AR or AK rifle and a compact, lightweight rail mounted 300 lumen light and green laser module. The grip allows for pressure control and switching between modes, and the wireless connection is secure enough that even the CIA might not be able to hack it. LiNQ offers four modes: light and laser continuous, light only, laser only, and light and laser strobe. It's fully functional without the grip module, too.

Another new Crimson Trace product is the Green Laser Master Series in both Rosewood and G10 for those seeking 1911 pistol grip replacement. Featuring Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation design philosophy, all you have to do is hold the pistol in a normal shooting grip and the laser will engage. The Rosewood and G10 offerings add a touch of class to the functionality of the laser, and of course G10 adds functionality of its own due to the “grippiness” of that material. The green laser itself is high contrast and will easily stand out on almost any potential target, unless you're fighting little green men, in which case Crimson Trace red lasers would be a better option.

Lasers for Every Weapon

If you have a pistol that isn't a 1911, you might be sad because you can't have super cool G10 laser grips on your gun. You'll cheer up as soon as you hear about the CMR-204 Rail Master Pro Universal Green Laser Sight & Tactical Light, though. If that long-winded name wasn't clear enough, the CMR-204 is a green light/laser combo that is small enough and light enough to be attached to most handguns with a picatinny rail, but also fully functional and capable of being mounted to a picatinny rail on a rifle or shotgun, too.

For many handguns, Crimson Trace offers wraparound grips that don't normally have an effect on holster fit, such as the LG-639G Green Lasergrips for the Glock 19 9mm and Glock 23 40 S&W compact handguns. The LG-639G model also fits the compact Glock in 357 Sig, but no one ever bought that gun, so it doesn't matter.

Especially popular are the Laserguards for subcompact and pocket pistols like the Ruger LCP and LC9, Glock 42 and 43, and Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/40 S&W. Many of these lasers are available in a package with Blade-Tech inside the waistband thermoplastic holsters designed to fit the pistol with mounted laser.

If you've never tried shooting with a laser before, you owe it to yourself to try it out. Increased speed, precision, and effectiveness are all things that can come from shooting with a weapon mounted laser, and these effects will carry over into more confidence as you carry the firearm you've practiced so diligently with.

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