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Though the semi-automatic pistol offers more in terms of capacity, many users still prefer to have a good revolver on hand. In many cases, this might be due to the iconic look, but other times it is simply a matter of rugged construction. Whatever the case might be, there is little question that revolvers still play an intricate part in the firearm community today, carving out their own niche and continuing to thrive. Of course, many times it can be expensive to get yourself a good revolver. Recognizing this expense, Comanche looks to provide the highest quality products at a price that you can afford.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a variety of Comanche revolvers and other accessories in stock and ready to ship. This makes it easy to find Comanche for sale and allows you to find what you need to get out on the range and continue shooting at your best. When you know what you want, simply make your selection below and place your order. If you have questions, please call us directly. Our goal is to become your top provider for all things firearm related, and that starts right here.

A Proud Branch of Eagle Imports

Comanche Firearms are a proud part of the Eagle Imports family, which includes other recognizable names like Bersa, American Classic, and S.P.S. As part of this distinguished family, Comanche fills in the niche demand for quality revolvers at an affordable price. Their various models offer a great option to those shooters who will only accept the best in what they shoot. With a continuous emphasis on high-quality construction and keeping costs low, they help give shooters something they can truly afford to own.

The Super Comanche Series

One of their most iconic designs, the Super Comanche series of revolvers offers a 45/410 single shot model that shooters can get behind. This model comes in two barrel lengths, short and long. Both use a steel frame and a manual thumb safety to ensure smooth operation. They feature a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sights to ensure you can get the accuracy you need. Of course, the biggest draw for this weapon is its signature look, which is both intimidating and easy-to-wield.

The short barrel option comes in with a 6” barrel, measuring out to be 10” long overall and 5.5” high. It comes in with a carry weight of 36 ounces, making it easy enough to carry. For those who want something truly intimidating, the long barrel comes into the mix with a 10” barrel and 13.8” overall length. To give it a more aggressive profile, it is only 5.25” tall and weighs in at 47 ounces. Whether you load it with .45 Long Colt or .410 GA shells, it will get the job done right.

Comanche II Series at Omaha Outdoors

Of course, for those shooters who want something that offers a higher shooting capacity, you might consider the Comanche II series. These 6-shooter revolvers are designed to accept .38 Special and offer a durable construction to get the job done right. They use a double action trigger and rubber grips to give the best accuracy with every shoot you take. Like the Super Comanche, each of these models is topped with a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sights to provide a smooth performance.

The short barrel model gives users a 3” barrel and 8” overall length. It weighs in at 33 ounces overall and uses an alloy construction to offer a durable body. If you want something more accurate, the 4” long barrel model should deliver and this extra length only brings the weight up to 35 ounces overall. With an 8.5” overall length, it will deliver consistent performance when you need I the most.

Other Comanche Accessories and Parts

At Omaha Outdoors, our mission is to become your number one online provider for all things firearm related. To accomplish this, we don’t just carry the various revolvers offered by Comanche. We also ensure that you are able to get your hands on all the parts and accessories you might need. Perhaps you need to get some replacement components or you are looking for support accessories like a speed loader or holster. Whatever you need, you can find it here.

Whether you know what you are looking for or just hoping to get some guidance on what you might need, please feel free to call us directly to place your order. If you are sure you know what you need, simply browse the selection below and place your order. We look forward to sending your next revolver.
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