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The world is most influenced by those who dare to dream. In the firearms industry, there are few dreamers who can compete with the work of Samuel Colt. His famous revolver design was one of the most significant developments in the history of handguns, giving people of that time a chance to effectively get away from the single shot pistol and embrace something that would actually work. Over time, Colt firearms developed to become a powerhouse in the industry and continues to be one of the most iconic names in guns today.

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About Colt's Manufacturing Company

Though it has undergone some organizational changes over the years, Colt has been producing firearms since 1835, making it one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the United States. The Colt company was officially founded in 1855 and headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. After Samuel Colt received various patents for his innovative new revolver design, people immediately started going to his company to fill their firearm needs. This is because his new revolvers were not only practical, but they were also much more reliable than previous design attempts.

Latest Releases

Most recently, Colt has released a few modifications to their most well-known pistols, offering new configurations of the 1911 to provide for the needs of modern shooters. The Rail Gun series is one to receive three new additions to the family, including a Lightweight Commander, Combat Commander, and Government Model option. Naturally, these weapons all include an accessory rail on the weapon and include stylistic improvements to allow for superior ballistic performance.

The XSE series also seems some additions in the latest releases, offering a 9mm model for shooters to try out. These can come in either the Lightweight Commander or Stainless Government model configurations. The 1991 also gets a new 9mm option in the new 01992 Model from Colt, which features largely the same performance but in a smaller caliber. Finally, the Gold Cup National Match comes into the mix with a classic 1911 designed around the .45 ACP and featuring a National Match barrel for added accuracy.

1911 Handguns

Though Colt was originally recognized for its innovative revolver design, the most iconic design for modern shooters would have to be the Colt 1911. From 1911 until 1986, this iconic 45 caliber pistol served as the standard issue weapon for the US Military, giving them a platform that was much more reliable and powerful than other pistols at the time. Some specialized US military units still utilize the 1911 as their standard pistol, though with some modern improvements. Though you might not find these original 1911 pistols at Omaha Outdoors, you can get some of those modern examples that serve as an iconic reminder of the pistol's success.

Colt manufactures a wide variety of different pistols to fit each individual shooter. The 1911 Rail Gun is one of the more popular models for modern shooters, offering an integrated accessory rail to ensure easy accessory attachment. Another popular modern configuration is the 1991 series, which Colt offers as a direct decedent of the 1911 platform. For those who want a concealed carry option, the Colt Defender is a popular choice, allowing for a 3" barrel configuration for easy concealment.

If you want a classic performer, you might be more interested in checking out the Gold Cup series, which earned a reputation for its use in shooting competitions. It offers a checkered walnut stock and gold medallion grip to show off its unique performance. The Special Combat Government Model is another great option to consider, and it includes a fully adjustable Bomar style rear sight and lowered flared ejection port for performance. Also, the Series 70 still holds a special place in many hearts for its use during the Vietnam War.

You may also want to check out the Combat Elite, Delta Elite, and Close Quarters Battle Pistol if you want tactical performance.

LE6920 / LE6940 M4 Rifles

Colt manufacturers a variety of AR style rifles and carbine as well, giving shooters the performance they need. The AR15 A4 is one of the basic models to consider, allowing for a 5.56 NATO shooter that will keep up with the most extreme performance standards. The LE6940 and LE6920 are two of the other great options to consider, both offering a 16.1" barrel that will provide for exceptional accuracy at the range or in the field. Alternatively, the Modular AR Carbine, or M.A.R.C. system has become extremely popular, giving a modular rifle design that really works.

At Omaha Outdoors, we also have custom Colt rifles for sale. Our Magpul parts are upgraded from the standard MOE and allow for a more reliable performance option. If you want a rifle that is really ready for battle, you can't go wrong with one of these custom Colts.

Colt Accessories

Omaha Outdoors also carries a wide variety of Colt firearms accessories. This includes everything from gun cleaning kits, cases, holsters, ammunition, custom grips, gear for the range, and much more. Overall, everything on this site was organized to make your search as simple as possible. This allows you to easily find what you need in one convenient place.

If you are looking to find the best prices on Colt firearms, there is no better place to shop than Omaha Outdoors. Since we have worked to develop relationships with so many different manufacturers, we are able to always put our best foot forward when it comes to service, giving them the chance to get everything they need in one place. Rather than scour all of your local shops and hope to pick up one piece at a time, make your shopping easy by sorting through the options here. That will save you time and money, which can be better spent at your local shooting range.

When you are ready to order you next Colt model firearm, simply browse the selection here or feel free to call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the weapon you are looking for.

Colt Firearms For Sale

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