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When you are after an AR-15 but aren’t willing to settle for that same old design everyone else is offering, Cobalt Kinetics may be the brand to shop for. Are you searching for a sporting rifle that features all of the versatility you need on the modern battlefield? Do you want a weapon that is ready to perform under pressure and continues to deliver accurate shots every time? Do you believe that detailed craftsmanship and performance often go hand in hand? When your answer to these questions is “yes,” this is the brand to look at.

At Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to offer our customers the widest selection of Cobalt Kinetics products available online today. Whether it is their patent-pending BAMF design you are looking for or one of their more traditional layouts, finding what you need with Omaha Outdoors is easy and convenient. Since we keep most of the models in our regular stock, shipping times are much quicker than you might be accustomed to with other online retailers. If you have trouble finding the configuration you are after, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Otherwise, use the sorting features below to find everything you need right here.

About More Than Just Performance

A company founded by those who have a great love for firearms, Cobalt Kinetics believes that a gun is more than just a tool that needs to perform. Living by three values: artistry, attitude, and performance, they strive to create the absolute best solutions for modern shooters. The manufacturer focuses on quality first and believes that the pioneering American spirit which drives the company will ensure a long future of innovations and shooting success. Operating out of St. George, Utah, they are proud supporters of the individual’s right to bear arms and continue to acquire new technologies that will help them release the next big development.

Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Exceeds All Your Needs

Believing that they could offer AR shooters a change that would really impact the way they operated, Cobalt Kinetics started out their offerings with the AR-15 B.A.M.F. The entire rifle is precision manufactured from 7075 billet aluminum and made to the tightest tolerances to ensure the best fit. Using their patent-pending Dual Drop, multifunction bolt release, they set out to develop a new standard for performance. They continued to add ambidextrous controls and design it with aggressive styling that really gives it that hardy appearance you are after. Finally, it says “goodbye” to the standard black finish that’s on so many rifles today, and is offered with a variety of color combinations that should fit any shooter’s needs.

Delving deeper into the rifle, you will be happy to find that it comes chambered in .223 Wylde, which means that it will accept both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington cartridges without a fuss. It uses a 16”, chrome lined barrel for precision accuracy and a free floating rail equipped standard with an M-lok system to ensure you have the freedom to add accessories as you need them. The barrel is also topped off with a linear compensator, which stays permanently fixed for exceptional performance.

With a mid-length gas system and an adjustable, low-profile block, you can easily get the right feel based on your preferences. The upper and lower are custom paired to one another, ensuring the best fit and maintaining a perfect balance. Its nickel boron bolt carrier group provides a long lifespan to see you through your business. Finally, the Hogue overmolded grip and collapsible stock provide a comfortable feel and allow you to adjust the rifle to fit your size.

Give Yourself the Shooting Edge

Advertised as the “next step in the evolution” of Cobalt Kinetics’s innovative AR platform, the BAMF Edge may appear similar to the original model on the surface, but it has just the right improvements to make it stand out. One of the first things that differentiate it are the selectable barrels, which are available in either 16” chrome lined or 18” stainless (which offers a rifle-length gas system). Like the base model, it uses a matched pair upper and lower for the best performance. As an additional improvement, it relies on a custom Cobalt Compensator, which delivers the perfect amount of recoil reduction for the best shooting experience available today.

Cobalt Kinetics Also Provides Simpler Solutions

Realizing that some of these features were more than necessary for the average shooter, they also looked to provide a simpler solution, which they deliver through the Black model. As the name suggests, it only comes in that traditional black finish. It substitutes in an Archangel grip and Archangel 6-position stock to deliver a comfortable feel. Sticking to a free-floating rail design, it is offered with an Odin 12.5” handguard and relies on an M-lok system. Instead of the more expensive compensators used on the other models, it uses a standard A2 flash hinder. The 16” melonite coated barrel still delivers precision accuracy and they still use a custom matched upper and lower to ensure the best fit and balanced performance with every shot.

Take Care of All Your Shooting Needs Online

While a good sporting rifle might be the right place to start, it won’t do you any good if you don’t also have all of the other gear you need. Perhaps you are preparing for a critical mission and also need to pick up the right pistol to keep at your side during the operation; Omaha Outdoors can help with this. Maybe you are looking to get some of the other gear you need for your mission or you are looking for some hunting accessories to see you through your next hunt. Or, perhaps you just need to pick up some extra ammunition or magazines. Whatever the case, remember that you can take care of all your shopping right here online.

Whether you are just looking to pick up a new Cobalt Kinetics rifle or you need to shop for some of your other outdoor shooting needs, you won’t find a better destination than right here at Omaha Outdoors. Our customer service staff is ready to help you make those important decisions, so if you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Regardless, we pride ourselves in fast shipping and world-class service, so be prepared for a shopping experience you won’t soon forget. Place your rifle order below and enjoy your next shooting purchase.

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