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When it is time to look at CMC Triggers for your new rifle project, Omaha Outdoors is the place to shop. Designing the perfect sporting rifle can take no shortage of time and if you want to have the best performance, you need to consider every part you put into that weapon. Competition shooters and tactical professionals alike often look at building rifles for the simple fact that they can carefully design every aspect to fit their needs. After you've picked out some of the other foundational parts, it might be time to consider what trigger group you intend to use.

At Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to maintain a wide selection of CMC Triggers in stock and ready to ship. With our wide inventory, you can sort through the best options on the market today and choose the one that works best for your next project gun. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call directly, otherwise, check out the options below.

Working to Keep Up with Demand

Offering a match-grade trigger that delivers precision performance, CMC Triggers had a tough time keeping up with demand when they began. Boasting that their triggers are "100% Made in the great state of Texas," it was difficult with their initial facilities to deal with the popularity. After all, these triggers deliver that crisp performance a competitor needs, but are offered at a lower price point than many of the best options out there. As a result, they have worked hard to improve their manufacturing procedures to deliver more reliable production. Since their upgrade, they are better able to keep up a steady production and are now making a big splash in the industry.

Drop-In CMC Triggers for Sale

One of the most important components in your rifle, CMC Triggers are built with the modern operator in mind. While their initial releases worked just fine for most shooters, they have recently re-tooled their entire manufacturing process to ensure that they produce the most reliable triggers and are able to keep up with high demands. Among the first of these triggers to consider is the standard trigger pull model.

This standard trigger group is self-contained and easy to install. It features a curved trigger and offers a consistent pull every time. From the factory, you can order them with a weight of 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5 pounds. In addition to the single-stage trigger with a curved design, you can also opt for a flat-faced trigger if you prefer. This way, you get the ergonomics you are accustomed to without sacrificing any amount of performance.

Check Out a 2-Stage Trigger as Well

Of course, if you are looking to buy a CMC Trigger for your AR-15, you will find that they also manufacture some exceptional 2-stage triggers. Like the single-stage models, these are designed with either a flat-faced or standard trigger, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. These are made with the same high-quality parts, but they are designed for those precision match applications that you need.

Unlike a standard trigger, the two stage actually provides a great way to stabilize your weapon while in use. It offers two separate weights, so as you squeeze the trigger, one is activated and then the next. This action is trusted by many competitors to provide a smoother experience, delivering more reliable accuracy in the field. With one of the CMC Triggers from Omaha Outdoors, you can enjoy unwavering accuracy with every shot you take.

Buy a CMC Trigger for Your AR-15

When it comes to finding drop-in CMC Triggers for sale, there is no better destination online than right here at Omaha Outdoors. We keep all of the most popular models in stock and ready to ship, ensuring you can quickly place your order and have the items on their way in no time. In addition to the standard trigger options, we also carry CMC's more unique colored trigger collection. By choosing one of these, you can add a more distinct look to your rifle or support a specific finish you are going for. Color options include: bio-hazard/zombie green, FDE (flat dark earth), ODG (olive drab green), and bronze.

The best thing about these triggers is that they offer a drop-in design, which means you can take your existing trigger assembly and simply replace it with this one. If you are building from the ground up, you can also just go ahead and place this right in there as you build your lower. This way, you spend less time struggling with the trigger group and more time ensuring that the weapon works as a cohesive unit.

Shopping for Your New Trigger with Omaha Outdoors

Regardless of whether you are building your new rifle for a serious competition or you are looking to create the perfect tactical support weapon, a good trigger group can be one of the most important parts you purchase. With a CMC Trigger, you can be sure you have a crisp and consistent pull that keeps your muzzle on target and allows for rapid follow-up shots every time. When you are ready to get this component for your rifle, remember that Omaha Outdoors is the place to look.

Our convenient online storefront was designed with the modern shooter in mind. It uses easy organization features that allow you to sort your options and narrow down the items based on your needs. Of course, our most helpful feature is the fact that you can always pick up the phone and call us directly. Our customer service team will provide individual attention to ensure you have the items you need when you need them. Go ahead and place your order below with confidence and we will have your new CMC Trigger on its way in no time.

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