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When it comes to firearms, many modern shooters only want the latest and best looking weapons on the market. They want to shop with those companies that innovative and imagine, making those small changes that make all the difference. For other shooters though, they prefer a more classic look and performance that they can trust to get the job done. Rather than mix things up, they are looking for a classic platform that works right every time. If this describes your shooting style, you may consider shopping with Century Arms.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all variety of Century Arms rifles, pistols, and accessories to ensure you can find what you need. This saves you time and helps ensure you always have the right tool for the job at hand. Our goal is to ensure you get the best possible service with the quickest shipping times available online. So, call us today, and see how we can help set you up with the best.

The Century Arms Legacy

For over 50 years, Century Arms has worked hard to bring Americans around the country some of the highest quality firearms. Based out of Delray Beach, FL, they work with some of the most iconic weapon designs, including the popular AK, delivering the best in quality shooting solutions. Their goal is to work with collectors, hunters, and target shooters to provide affordable solutions that have a quality construction and iconic look.

Century Arms AK Style Rifles and Pistols

One of the staple product lines for Century Arms is their AK-style rifles and pistols, which make for a popular show piece for many shooters. The RAS47 is the most popular of these models. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, it offers that iconic look that people appreciate. It is built using a stamped receiver made with only the highest quality materials. The 16.5” barrel uses a 1:10 twist, providing great accuracy from a somewhat simplistic design.

The weapon measures out to be 35.25” overall in length and offers a 7.37 lbs. carry weight. It uses a slant muzzle brake and is compatible with standard AKM furniture. Offering a side scope rail and standard AK optics, it has a classic look. It relies on Magpul mags and an MOE AK stock as well as a pistol grip and handguard to give a more modern performance profile.

To the casual shooter, the C39v2 might look similar to the RAS47, but it offers some distinctive features to set it apart. Though the barrel configuration is the same, this model uses a milled 4140 steel receiver, which results in a slightly heavier weight overall and a total length of 36”. This model comes ready to accept a variety of muzzle attachments, and has the same compatibility with AK furniture.

The C39 also offers a couple of different pistol configurations. With either a 16.5” barrel or 11.375” barrel configuration, this allows users to select which size is best suited to their needs. In either case, you will benefit from the same basic performance features of the full-sized model, but with a lighter weight and more compact design.

The TP9 Pistol

When it comes to high capacity pistols, you will be hard pressed to find one that beats out the TP9. Chambered in 9mm, this polymer-frame wonder has an impressive 18+1 capacity. It uses a 4.1” barrel and measures 7.17” overall with a 1.74 lb. weight unloaded. The barrel is cold-forged hammered for precision accuracy and the weapon features 3 dot fixed steel sights for target acquisition.

Beyond this, the weapon is made for comfort. It uses interchangeable backstraps and provides an ambidextrous top-slide decocker. It also has a reversible mag catch to allow for shooting from either side. This is made with such quality that Century Arms offers it with a lifetime manufacturer warranty to ensure their support.

Other Century Arms Firearms

To round out their offerings, Century Arms also manufactures a variety of 12 gauge shotguns. The SPM Coach shotgun is their side-by-side model, offering a classic look in a reliable package. The JW-2000 Coach shotgun features a similar system, but offers walnut stock and a 20 gauge option as well. Their PW87 Lever Action shotgun works with a 19” barrel and holds 5 rounds. It is based on the Browning design for that distinguished look. Finally, the Catamount Furry II shotgun is a 10 round shotgun with a picatinny rail to enable it for tactical use.

Red Army Elite Ammo

If you are using an AK-47 designed by Century Arms, you might find it useful to use the ammo specifically designed for these weapons. The Red Army ammo is manufactured specifically to provide the perfect load out. All of these rounds are made with non-corrosive steel cases, except for the 123 grain 7.62x39mm 30 round box, which was made specifically to fill an entire magazine.

Complete options include a: 86 grain 7.62x25mm Tokarev box, a 7.62x39mm 123 grain box, a 7.62x54R 148 grain box, and a 7.62x54R 148 grain copper jacketed box. The last two are packed in a 20 round box while the smaller Tokarev rounds are boxed by the 50 count.

Some Century Arms Parts and Accessories

Finally, shoppers can check out some of the accessories and parts available for sale separate. This includes a variety of different components intended for use with these firearms. The SB47 stabilizing brace is one such component, for use with the AK-style pistols They also offer a 75 round drum magazine, which can be loaded with any of their AK models for extra fun at the range. Alternatively, you might want a Krinkov muzzle brake or RAK-1 enhanced trigger group. Whatever the case might be, you can find what you need.

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