CCI ammunition for sale at Omaha Outdoors includes a wide range of products for rimfire shooters and those in need of extremely high-quality ammunition for a variety of uses. CCI is almost synonymous with 22LR ammo, but as you'll see here, they offer much more than the CCI Blazer ammunition you're probably familiar with.

CCI Ammo For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

If you can't find CCI ammo at your local Walmart, that's probably because it's better to buy CCI ammo online. We have CCI ammunition in stock to keep you plinking, competing, controlling pests, and hunting.

First on the menu in the CCI online catalog is 22 Long Rifle. Quite a few variants of CCI 22lr ammo for sale at Omaha Outdoors are recommended for use by many rimfire pistol and rifle manufacturers, especially semi auto versions, because their higher velocity contributes to providing enough energy for the slide to cycle fully and reliably. In bolt action rifles used for target shooting, standard velocity or subsonic loads might be more appropriate. Let's run through the options provided to us by the CCI ammunition company.

CCI 22LR Ammunition

CCI 22LR Standard Velocity is the go-to for those who want small groups and don't need any extra noise. It's a subsonic 40-gr 1070 fps target load not intended for use in semi-auto firearms, although depending on the firearm, it may cycle. It offers exceptional accuracy for the price.

SRG 22 LR is a Short Range Green option using a 21-grain copper/polymer mix with no lead intended for use where lead ammunition is banned or where added health concerns exist, like indoor ranges. At 1650fps, that little lead-free bullet is zipping right along and will provide good accuracy out to 50 yards. Not for use in match firearms and it might not cycle all semi-autos.

CCI Mini-Mag HV 22 LR is a supersonic 40gr 1235 fps plinking load that should cycle all semi-auto pistols and rifles reliably. It's accurate and will allow you to crank through box after box without dead primers, light strikes, or cycling issues, and because of the clean-burning propellants, you can shoot more without stopping to clean.

22 Long Rifle Quiet-22 is exactly what it sounds like – which is to say almost nothing at all because it's very, very quiet. In fact, it offers a 75% reduction in perceived noise compared to even standard subsonic 22 LR, the Quiet-22 offering noise of only 68 decibels at the shooter's ear. A 40 grain bullet at 710fps isn't going to kill an elephant, but it offers better performance than an air rifle and doesn't require hearing protection. For places where shooting is legal but bothering the neighbors is something you'd like to avoid, this ammunition is ideal. Don't expect it to cycle a semi-auto – it will be quieter in a bolt action anyway.

CCI 22LR AR-Tactical ammo is specifically designed to function in AR-style 22LR rifles and will provide great accuracy and reliability with a 40gr copper plated round nose bullet at 1200fps. With a 100 yard zero, you should see the bullet stay less than 3 inches higher than point of aim at 25, 50, and 75 yards.

CCI Green Tag 22 LR is specifically intended for competition use, and an even higher standard is used to ensure these loads meet all of CCI's rigorous quality controls. These 40 grain bullets at 1070fps will make one ragged hole in the target if you do your part.

Like Green Tag, the Pistol Match Precision load is a 40gr bullet at subsonic velocities, but the Pistol Match is specifically designed to cycle competition level match pistols. Muzzle velocity is 1070fps from a rifle or 940fps from a 6-inch pistol barrel.

CCI 22LR Select is a supersonic load at 1200fps made to the same extremely high standards as Green Tag. This is what very accurate semi auto rimfire rifles chambered in 22LR and used for competitive shooting should eat, such as custom builds based on the Ruger 10/22 platform.

Moving on to varmint ammunition, there's nothing quite like CCI Stingers for the 22LR. At 1640fps, these 32 grain bullets are nipping at the heels of many 22 Win Mag loads. An extremely flat trajectory and excellent accuracy make them a great choice for varmint hunting as well as general target shooting with pistols and rifles that like powerful rimfire ammunition to cycle.

CCI Mini-Mag HPs are similarly useful for varmint hunting, but the 36gr projectiles leave the muzzle at "only" 1260fps. For older firearms and those with match chambers used for varmint hunting, as well as general use in semi-autos, the CCI 22LR Mini Mag is a great rimfire ammo option.

There are two Segmented Hollow Point options for the 22LR. One is a fast-moving 1640fps 32 grain load while the other is a subsonic 1050fps 40 grain load. Both are designed to break apart upon impact to cause maximum terminal effects within the constraints of the 22LR cartridge. Choose the one that suits your needs, either supersonic or subsonic, for semi-auto or bolt action firearms, respectively. The lighter and faster 32gr load is a little flatter shooting within 100 yards.

For hunting small game, some priorities shift. Varmint hunters are more concerned about explosive terminal effects, but small game hunters want to preserve meat and hide. Both want great accuracy, and both find it within the many CCI 22LR options. But CCI offers many loads particularly suited to the needs of small game hunters.

First up in this list is the Subsonic HP, a 40gr lead hollowpoint designed for expansion and extreme accuracy while keeping things quiet so as not to disturb the neighbors or other potential game. It leaves a rifle barrel at 1050fps.

At the opposite end of the speed spectrum is the fastest load offered by CCI in a 22LR cartridge, the lead-free Copper-22, a 21-grain copper-polymer bullet screaming along at 1850fps. Expect it to provide great accuracy and you won't have to worry about lead contamination in your recovered meat.

Falling somewhere in the middle of the velocity range is the SGB, or small game bullet, designed for maximum terminal performance while ensuring weight retention of the 40-grain lead flat point bullet moving at 1235fps, just like a CCI Mini-Mag. You'll shoot almost exactly to point of aim within 50 yards if zeroed at 75.

The fastest full-weight 22LR load offered by CCI is the Velocitor at 1435fps. With added weight and speed, it carries more energy on target and in the action of the firearm than anything else out there, and it's definitely the baddest CCI ammunition 22 LR 40 grain load. This makes the CCI Velocitor the ideal choice to cycle semi-auto firearms even when they're a little dirty, which they're not likely to get any time soon giving the clean-burning propellants used by CCI.

CCI even makes a 22 LR load dedicated to suppressor usage, which will certainly please all the rimfire silencer owners out there. CCI Suppressor 22LR 40gr has a muzzle velocity of 970 fps but still offers consistent cycling in suppressed semi-auto firearms, and the hollow point bullet will open up and cause damage to small game without destroying the carcass.

For an even quieter small game load, check out Quiet-22 Segmented HP, a 40gr bullet at 710fps designed to break apart on impact. Unlike CCI Suppressor 22LR at 970, this slower, quieter load may not cycle the action of semi-autos.

CCI rimfire loads aren't limited to 22LR, and if you're seeking a 22 Win Mag, 17 HMR, or 17 Mach 2/17HM2 option, rest assured that the same levels of thought and quality control that go into all those 22LR choices also make available to you even faster and more powerful options in these incredible calibers.


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