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Firearm manufactures today are always looking for new and creative ways to include the modern generation of shooters. Whether it is through the development of weapons that use a lighter, polymer frame, or through introducing new recoil control methods or ergonomic designs, these companies help to make sure everyone has a gun they can use. This opens up options for collectors, shooting professionals, and simple gun enthusiasts alike. Though there might be a great many different types of handguns to choose from today, many shooters continue to favor the 1911 for aggressive design and consistent performance. As a platform with over 100 years of trusted performance, companies are still finding ways to improve upon the already impressive performance without changing what makes the gun so unique.

At Omaha Outdoors, we know how much goes into making a quality pistol, and we appreciate a good 1911 as much as anyone else. This is why we are proud to announce that we now offer Carolina Arms Group firearms and accessories for sale online. With a wide selection of their most popular models and the same service you have come to expect from us, we are happy to be able to deliver these to you from the convenience of your own home. Whether you have shot one of them before or are interested in getting one of the top performing 1911s out there, Carolina Arms is a great company to check out.

Built Upon American Pride

While some companies have been around for hundreds of years, every single manufacturer out there was new at some point. Before they could grow, they had to show off a product that would capture the attention of shooters. Understanding this need very well, Carolina Arms Group may be relatively new, but it indeed has made a quick impact in the industry. Composed of both military veterans and expert gunsmiths, the company brings decades of industry experience into the mix. Partnering with American companies, this new-comer quickly worked to build itself a product that would offer only the highest quality parts and best performance. From their factory in Mooresville, N.C., they produce 1911s that are hand-filed, stone-lapped, hand-fitted, and then test-fired for accuracy and finally hand-fired to ensure comfort.

Respecting American History

As a company built by those who understand firearms at every level from manufacturing to practical use, the team at Carolina Arms is dedicated to showing respect towards all of the country's rich history. Of course, the time that they focus on with their premier product is the Civil War. Specifically, they have named their first model the Trenton, which is a reference to the battle of the Continental Army at Trenton, New Jersey. Made from the All-American 1911 frame and developed to exceed the accuracy and performance of this classic weapon, they pay homage to all that America has gone through over the years.

The Trenton 1911 Pistol

Though many companies offer decent 1911 models to shoot with, Carolina Arms wanted something extraordinary, which is why they designed the Trenton to deliver an heirloom quality construction. Offered in either a full stainless finish or with a two-tone design (featuring a black slide), it delivers both the aesthetics you are after as well as the performance you need. The model starts with a forged frame and slide, both of which are hand-lapped for a smooth fit. Inside the slide, they use a Kart Precision National Match Barrel as well as matching machined bushings, which are hand fit for consistent performance. When you add in the custom machined mainspring housing and front strap, as well as the comfortable and attractive VZ grips, you get a look that you can stand behind.

Of course, the way it looks is only half of the picture and what matters more to most shooters is the accuracy you can achieve. Every effort is taken to ensure that you can hit your target with each trigger pull, but how do they achieve their 1.25" to 1.5" MOA at 25 yards? It begins with the wide ride beavertail grip safety, which is blended to match the frame and provides a comfortable hold. Next, the extended thumb safety affords better control and comfort than what you might be accustomed to. Using an adjustable aluminum trigger, they offer crisp, 4 lb. trigger pull, which keeps your shots consistent on the target.

Finally, the weapon comes chambered in the classic .45 ACP and comes with two 8-round magazines as well as a range bag. While the 5" model achieves this superior accuracy, the company also offers a carry model, which features a 4.25" barrel instead and gives you the lighter weight you need to carry all day.

Get the Edge with the CAG Trenton Black Tactical

While much of the features are the same, the Tactical Black Trenton is sure to be another impressive offering. It uses the same carbon steel construction, a Kart Precision barrel, adjustable aluminum trigger, and custom VZ Grips. Like the standard steel model, it is equipped with Warren Tactical Sights, which use a unique design to provide one of the best targeting options on the market today. Unlike the basic model, it uses a black finish on the weapon, which ensures you get that quality look that matches your tactical needs.

Like the other models, it comes with a standard 5" barrel and Government length slide and comes chambered in .45 ACP. Of course, it is also available with the 4.25" barrel configuration, which is perfect for those extended missions. With a refined look and feel, you can always make sure you stay on target no matter what your needs might be.

Get Your Carolina Arms Group Shooting Accessories Online

With their match grade accuracy and American manufacturing procedures, anyone would be proud to own a 1911 made by Carolina Arms. Of course, shooting is much more than just having a good pistol, and even the best gun won't do you much good if you don't keep all the accessories you need on hand. Omaha Outdoors offers magazines, ammunition, and replacement parts for all of your weapons, which will ensure you have access to everything you need. Since we employ some of the most knowledgeable staff, we are always ready and willing to help. More than this, our prompt shipping will always keep you satisfied and ensure you have what you need when you need it.

So, whether you are looking to pick up a competition-ready 1911, or just hoping to grab yourself some spare parts and accessories, remember that Omaha Outdoors is your number one destination. As a proud distributor for Carolina Arms Group, we can offer you everything you need to work with a 1911 handgun that will impress anyone around. When you are ready to start shooting at your best, just select the items you need from below. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to sending your new parts and helping you continue your shooting journey.

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