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Regardless of what type of firearm you use, it is important that you always account for the different accessories you need to keep on hand for shooting success. Whether you are interested in target shooting, hunting, or home defense, there are a variety of companies out there tailored specifically to fill this niche. They provide some of the best shooting accessories available and offer them at a price that is hard to beat. Among the best of these companies, Caldwell is known for providing some of the most innovative solutions.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a wide variety of Caldwell Shooting Supplies accessories in stock and ready to ship, including their most innovative designs. Whether you already know what you are looking for or you have questions about the selection, we hope that you will contact us directly so we can help you with your order. Our goal is to become your number one online destination for all things outdoor related, and that starts right here.

Part of Battenfield Technologies, Inc.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies is actually a part of Battenfield Technologies, Inc. As with many specialized companies, this ensures that it is able to maintain a high level of quality without having to branch beyond its area of specialty. Battenfield is all about innovative technology, and Caldwell looks to bring that innovation to the modern shooter. With all variety of shooting accessories, Caldwell is there to ensure you get the most out of all your weapons.

Shooting Rests and Benches

One of things that Caldwell tries to accomplish with its products is establish a way for shooters to get the practice they need out in the field so they are prepared for hunting when the time comes. To accomplish this, they offer a variety of shooting rests and benches for sale. The DeadShot Shooting Bag is one of their more popular items, offering a durable and easy way to rest your rifle on a platform while out in the field. Aside from these shooting bags, they also have a full line of different shooting rests to choose from based on your preferences.

Of course, one of their most popular items is The Stable Table, a value-priced shooting bench built on a tripod design. This bench is made from steel to provide the best durability and offers 360 degree rotation for practical use in the field. Whether you are getting in some target practice or actually getting ready to take down prey, it is an excellent bench to have. The adjustable padded seat is comfortable and offers an easy way to focus.

AR-15 Caldwell Accessories

The AR-15 is one of the most popular weapons platforms today and understanding this popularity Caldwell looks to provide shooters with plenty of options in the field. This includes items like slings, magazine couplers, brass catcher, bipods, cases, and more. Of course, the most popular product they offer in this category is the Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger.

This creative design is one of the easiest mag loaders to use and really puts the speed in the process. From opening the original box of ammo to fully loading a 30 round magazine, you can be done in 15 seconds or less. This is because the innovative design allows you to simply load the rounds directly into the Mag Loader and then pump in 5 rounds at a time. With six quick pumps, the magazine is fully loaded and ready to go.

Hunting Gear

While you are out on your next hunting trip, you might also want to pick up some gear specifically for that purpose. Among that gear, Caldwell manufactures a variety of bipods, tripods, and fieldpods to ensure you can get the job done right. Their DeadShot series of FieldPods is extremely popular, giving the modern hunter a clear advantage when he is out in the field. It uses a lightweight aluminum construction to ensure you can easily carry it on your next trip and offers independent adjustments for the best shooting position.

If this is a bit too much, they also offer a variety of more simplistic options, like a basic bipod. The XLA Bipod is one of their more advanced options in this department. It uses a pivoting design to account for ground that is not level, able to adjust for up to 20 degrees in this situation and still provide for an accurate and stable shot.

Caldwell Eyes and Ears

Of course, it is important that you account for safety wherever you might be shooting. With this in mind, Caldwell manufactures eye and ear protection to work with the best of them. They start with basic Range Plugs, which are discreet way to protect your ears while at the range or in the field. Naturally, they also offer basic Range Muff options, which provide a more robust way to keep your ears safe, covering them to block out sounds. For eye protection, they have Pro Range Glasses, which are a comfortably designed set of shooting glasses that offer the protection you need at the range or out in the field.

For the serious hunter, they also offer the E-Max Electronic Hearing Protection system. This includes a variety of different ear protection models, each that use independent microphones allowing you to amplify certain sounds while reducing the noise of loud noises (anything above 85 decibels) like gunfire. This is essential for a serious hunter, giving him a better ability to communicate while out in the field and allowing him to better hear the sounds around him.

Other Shooting Accessories by Caldwell

To ensure you are able to find everything you need, Omaha Outdoors also works to keep other shooting accessories in stock and ready for you to purchase. Naturally, this includes a variety of paper and metal targets offered by this company, as well as many other accessories. Of course, this also includes more specialized products like shooting gloves, wind meters, and recoil shields, which are great in the field to reduce felt recoil of a rifle or shotgun while hunting.

Regardless of what you are looking for, Omaha Outdoors hopes that you have a pleasant shopping experience online. With an easy-to-navigate site, we look to give you everything you need at the click of a button. When you are ready to order, or if you have any questions, please call us directly. Otherwise, make your selection below and get out to the range. We look forward to working with you.

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