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There is a lot more that goes into shooting than just equipping yourself with a good firearm. Even if you have the best weapon, you want to make sure that it is loaded with enough ammo and ready to handle the tasks at hand. You also want to get all of the right accessories to help make the operation run as smoothly as possible. Though some companies offer all-around shooting solutions, others are just focused on this aspect, and Butler Creek is one of those great companies.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep all variety of Butler Creek firearm accessories in stock and ready to ship. Our goal is to become your number one provider for online firearm goods, so we always put our best foot forward when it comes to customer service. Whether you have questions or already know what you want, please feel free to call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Butler Creek’s Legacy

Part of the Vista Outdoor family of products, which is recognized as a global leader in the firearm and outdoors sporting community, Butler Creek was built to provide field-ready solutions for the modern shooter. Their mission is to outfit individuals with the best in modern shooting accessories and carry solutions for their weapons, making it easier to operate in the modern world. Whether for hunting or target shooting, their products are a welcome addition to any shooter’s collection.

Butler Creek Slings and Straps

Known for some of the most comfortable and durable slings and straps on the market, Butler Creek offers shooters a variety of different options to choose from. The Comfort Stretch slings are one series that is well-known for offering a quality construction. Made from closed-cell neoprene, it uses Comfort Stretch backing, which makes for a lighter feel as you carry.

The Quick Carry Sling is another great option, offering a variety of finishes depending on your application. It allows for a quick switch in grip and can be used from the prone or marksman position with equal success. If you prefer something that is built exclusively for hunting, the Easy Rider Sling is another great option and uses a sharkskin baking to keep the weapon in place as you hunt.

They also offer a variety of leather/suede slings that are fit for hunting or built after military purposes. The Cobra slings are one of these options, offering wide shoulder straps for increased carry comfort. These all use top-quality cowhide in their construction, ensuring you get the durability you need from a sling of this type. Of course, there are plenty of other Butler Creek slings and swivel accessories to choose from as well.

Powerful Loading Accessories

Another thing that this company is known for are the great loading accessories that making filling your magazines a fun and easy task. These many accessories take speed-loading to the next level, allowing you to quickly fill up your favorite magazines in a flash. The LULA loader/unloader is one of their well-known offerings, used in conjunction with Magluda Ltd. and offered as a way for users to quickly load their magazines without abusing their fingers or the mag. These are simply attached to the top of the magazine and the rounds are loaded quickly.

If you want something quicker, the Strip LULA Speed Loader is another great product, making it easy to load rounds into your favorite AR-style magazine in a flash. With this, you simply prepare the rounds in the strip loader, attach to the top of the magazine, and push down with easy, loading in as little as 12 seconds. For those who want something even easier, the benchloader may be the epitome of easy loading. You simply place the magazine in the slot and drop in the rounds ready to be loaded. From start to finish, you can take less than 30 seconds to get the magazine loaded.

Butler Creek Magazines and Other Accessories

Naturally, we also carry a variety of magazines and other accessories to ensure you are able to fill all your gun shopping needs. Butler Creek is famous for their clear and smoke colored .22 magazines and we keep a variety of these in stock to ensure you have enough ammo at the ready. Whether you want their “Hot Lips” or “Steel Lips” 10 round magazine or you need one of their 25-round banana magazines, you can find it here. Additionally, we have other accessories to help fill the rest of your needs.

Also, you can’t forget about the famous Butler Creek flip open scope covers, which offer a great way to keep the dust off your scope when it is not in use and maintain the integrity of the lens. These great covers are a tool that every hunter should have, and certainly come in handy for the target shooter as well.

At Omaha Outdoors, our goal is to ensure you can get all of your firearm shopping done in one convenient online marketplace. Use the sorting tools available to the left to help find what you need. If you have questions, please call us directly and we will be happy to help. We are excited to offer you the best of Butler Creek for sale.
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