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Browning products at Omaha Outdoors are among the premier choices for hunting, sporting, and self-defense use. They're the direct descendants of products designed by the world's most legendary gunmaker, John Moses Browning, and they're made today with all of the same skill and care as those produced when Prophet Browning was alive. Some are made in America, some are made in Europe, and some are made in Japan, reflecting the international nature of John Browning's history and firearm production.

More Than Just a Logo

You might see the classic Browning Buckmark logo and think Browning is just about Mossy Oak camo and deer hunting. If that's what you're looking for, then great! Their product line definitely has hunting and sporting arms covered in multiple directions. But they're a lot more than that, too, as you'll see.

John Moses Browning designed the 1911 as well as the iconic 45 ACP cartridge the classic 1911 fires, and it's somewhat ironic that Browning Arms doesn't make a 1911 in 45 ACP. But they do make a 1911 in another caliber JMB invented – no, sadly, it's not 50 BMG. The Browning 1911-380 is a scaled down version of the 1911, 85% scale to be precise, chambered in the popular concealed carry cartridge normally associated with pocket pistols. It's joined by a similarly scaled 1911-22 firing, you guessed it, 22 LR.

These pistols will fit smaller hands much better than a full size 1911, but with lightweight aluminum frames and smaller dimensions, they're also easier to conceal should you choose to carry them, with the full size weighing in at only 18 ounces as compared to nearly double that for a steel frame full size 1911. The 1911-380 in particular offers a compelling carry choice that most people never would have originally thought of or considered. With all of the popular modifications found on full size, full caliber 1911s, it's as stylish as it is useful. The 1911-380 is a locked breech pistol while the 1911-22 operates on the blowback principle.

For range training, especially if you have a 1911-380 for carry, the 1911-22 is a very attractive alternative to something like a dedicated 22 LR pistol which doesn't have an analog carry gun. Even if you carry a full size 1911 in 9mm or 45 ACP, you're likely to find the 1911-22 to point and shoot just like your bigger guns – albeit with less recoil and less damage to both the target and your wallet.

While we're talking about handguns, we can't leave out the Browning Hi Power for sale at Omaha Outdoors. This 9mm pistol was in development when JMB died and the design was finished by a contemporary. The resulting pistol was the world's first true high capacity, High Power pistol, and it's one still worthy of consideration for home defense or concealed carry today. The design was copied many times and the style of the pistol, if not its internals, can be seen in newer designs such as the CZ-75.

But Don't Forget the Logo

If you're a hunter, you've seen the Browning logo, and you know what the company is all about. The Browning online catalog includes dozens of models perfect for almost every kind of hunting on Earth. Their bolt action and lever action rifles have always offered a classy alternative to the competition, something that'll make other hunters nod with silent approval – or perhaps verbal approval, once they see what your rifle has to offer. These Browning rifles include the BLR, A-Bolt (AB3), X-Bolt, and T-Bolt, among others. Let's take a look at them one by one.

The Browning BLR is one of the most modern, both in terms of when it was designed and the features it offers, lever action rifles available anywhere. What makes the BLR special is twofold: first, it's very strong, meaning it can handle heavy magnum cartridges without complaint. Second, it uses a detachable box magazine instead of a tube, meaning cartridges using pointed projectiles – the vast majority of rifle cartridges introduced in the last century – can be chambered in the BLR. Such cartridges are the 7mm Remington Magnum, the 300 Winchester Magnum, .30-06 Springfield, and of course more traditional lever action cartridges like 450 Marlin.

Browning's A-Bolt, now updated and called the AB3, is the entry-level hunting rifle you've been waiting for. A 60-degree bolt throw means faster follow-up shots, while a free floated barrel means you probably won't need a follow-up shot. Wood stock / blued receiver and polymer stock / blued receiver variants are available in a wide variety of popular and effective calibers, including 6.5 Creedmoor. Something setting Browning apart is their Growth Insurance program, which allows you to buy a full-size rifle stock for 50% normal price if you've purchased a youth rifle – such as an AB3 Micro Compact – in the last 5 years. That way your child won't need a new rifle when they're much taller and lankier.

The Browning X-Bolt is a serious contender for serious game. It's also the platform of choice for many long-range rifle shooters and competitors who go through cases and cases of ammunition each year. If you want custom rifle accuracy and performance at close to stock rifle prices, the Browning X-Bolt is exactly what you're looking for. Adjustable triggers come standard, and the barrels are nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the accuracy they're capable of. Plus, there's an X-Bolt for nearly every need, from big-bore 375 H&H with open sights in both polished walnut / blued and stainless / synthetic to a heavy barrel target rifle in calibers like 6.5 Creedmoor and the new 26 Nosler. With these long-range bullets coming out of a 28" barrel, you can rest assured that after a long pause, you'll hear a distant smack of lead on steel. In the middle are the hunter's choice – wood and synthetic stocked match grade hunting rifles capable of taking on any environment and any game their cartridge can humanely dispatch.

Browning T-Bolt rifles are the stuff memories are made of. These rifles are unlike anything you've probably shot before, because instead of rotating the bolt to unlock, pulling it to the rear, pushing it forward, and rotating it into the locked position, you omit the first and last steps. That's right – it's a straight pull bolt action rifle chambered in 22 LR as well as 17 HMR and 22 Win Mag. If you want a rimfire, you don't want a semi auto, but you do want to be capable of a decent rate of fire, the Browning T-Bolt should be right at the top of your list. Don't worry, you won't be giving up accuracy with that increased speed. The T-Bolt can hang with just about anything else out there in terms of printing small groups.

One of the World's Most Legendary Shotguns

John Browning's original Auto-5 shotgun made waves in the gun industry that can still be seen today, and one of those waves is the Browning A5. It's the spiritual descendant, if not the literal one, of that incredible shotgun which paved the way for every self-loading shotgun we see today. The A5 shares only the distinctive Auto-5 humpback design which aids in sight alignment and also helps your gun stand out from the crowd. So much development time went into the A5 that Browning says it'll last for 100,000 rounds – that's probably longer than your shoulder will last. It's also well-balanced and, as a recoil-operated shotgun, it's softer shooting than some gas guns you might have shot in the past.

Other Browning shotguns for sale help the company live up to their storied past, as well. The BPS is a pump shotgun made to extremely high standards and meant to be ambidextrous with bottom ejection and a balanced action thanks to dual steel slide bars. Righty or lefty, you'll take to the BPS just fine. The A-Bolt Shotgun is a unique bolt-action – yes, bolt-action – shotgun that can shoot rifle-like 1.5 MOA 100-yard groups with sabot slugs. In fact, its' rifled barrel is meant exclusively for use with sabot slugs. You'll see funny donut-shaped patterns with birdshot or buckshot. But with sabot slugs, you'll see tiny groups.

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