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Though there are a great many firearm manufacturers out there today, at one time in American history there were only a handful of companies you could trust. These companies put extreme care into their product designs and those that succeeded at a high level are still around today to provide for your shooting needs. Thanks to its early affiliation with the very innovative John Browning, Browning Arms continues to remain a shooting icon, providing shooters with everything they need as a gun owner today.

Understanding the significance of Browning in the firearm industry today, Omaha Outdoors carries a diverse selection of their guns and shooting accessories. More importantly, we make sure to keep these items in stock, ensuring you can benefit from some of the fastest shipping times in the industry today. If this isn't enough, our dedicated and knowledgeable customer representatives are on stand-by to help you with your selection. So, if you have any questions about Browning products or placing your order online, please give us a call directly. Otherwise, simply shop with confidence.

Maintaining a Long History and Tradition

Founded under the name John Moses and Matthew Sandifer Browning Company in 1878 and operating out of Ogden, Utah, this firearm giant was built mostly thanks to the designs of legendary John Browning. With his innovative designs powering the company, it was a great contributor to the industry for many years. Today, the company name has been shorted to simply Browning Arms Company and it works from its new headquarters in Mountain Green, Utah. From there, it continues to manufacture some of those classic Browning designs as well as work with newer technology to provide shooting solutions for the modern outdoorsman. Quality is just about synonymous with their name.

Browning Pistols Offer Legendary Performance Options

Though John Browning designed the 1911 pistol, this work was mostly done during his time involved with Colt, which is why the company today does not work with .45 ACP models. Despite this, Browning does produce a couple of less expensive alternatives, both taking from the classic styling while providing a less expensive ammunition option to keep you on target. The 1911 .380 is one of their most popular options today. It is built at 85% the original size and uses a modern composite frame to cut back on the carry weight. Its familiar controls include standard combat sights, keeping you on target at the range and also offering an excellent carry option for those with a smaller frame. For target shooters, the 1911 .22 is an even better option to consider.

The modern shooter is likely more interested in something like the Browning Hi-Point. Widely respected for its reliable design and accurate performance, the Hi-Point uses a 4 5/8" barrel with a blued slide. It comes standard with an ambidextrous safety and provides white dot sights to keep you on target just right. It is a great platform for the 9mm round and offers an iconic look that conveys the quality you would expect from Browning.

Take Those Long Distance Shots with a Browning Rifle

Though many people known Browning best for its pistols, hunters are more likely to be looking for one of their quality rifles. The X-Bolt is one of their newer developments, built with a three-lever Feather Trigger, which offers a great feel while shooting. In addition to this comfortable trigger option, it comes standard with an Inflex technology recoil pad, which keeps the strain on your shoulder down and allows you to perform at your absolute best. Furthermore, it comes with its own scope mounting system in place, saving you a step when it comes time to prepare for a hunt.

Those who prefer a more classic look might be interested in the BLR (Browning Lever Rifle). Using the classic lever action and American Walnut stock, it provides a great platform for your hunting needs. The barrel on this model is individually machined, ensuring a perfect fit and providing precision accuracy like you need. Its included recoil pad keep the weapon in control and allows you to have comfortable performance out in the field.

Grab a Browning Shotgun to Get the Job Done Right

Of course, the area that Browning has the most diverse selection in is their shotguns. Most of these shotgun models use an autoloading configuration, which provides you with reliable performance out in the field. The Maxus series is a great option for the modern hunter. Most models can take 2 ¾" up to 3 ½" shells, providing you the option to select from a variety of shooting options. It uses a durable receiver and comes with an Inflex Technology stock to provide unbeatable performance. It is offered in a variety of finishes depending on your needs. If you want a larger shotgun instead, the 10 gauge Gold Model is built to provide just the right level of performance.

Browning Knives and Flashlights

In addition to their firearms, Browning also if known by providing the modern outdoorsman with a variety of other components necessary for success in the field. Their collection of knives are made to help hunters with their field dressing needs and also provide for a variety of other purposes. They also make more specialized products, such as axes, camping tools and saws, and some other items you might need.

Beyond these knives, Browning also produces flashlights to help you see during those nighttime operations. With water resistant designs and long battery lives, these flashlights are built to the same standard of category as their firearms. They are impact resistant and carry the Browning quality logo, letting everyone know you work with the absolute best parts available to you today.

Living a Browning Lifestyle

One of the things that set Browning apart from many other firearm manufacturers is that they also provide a variety of diverse accessories outside of the actual firearms themselves. Their Black Label products are a great example of this, offering quality apparel to suit your every need in the field. From clothing like shirts, hats, and gloves, to knives, lights, and glasses, they provide top quality performance you can rely on in any working conditions. In addition to these accessories, Browning also is known for its high quality gun safes. Many of these are rated to protect against fires and allow for the best performance available today.

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Browning Firearms For Sale

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