Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Breakthrough Clean products at Omaha Outdoors are a cut above the competition because they provide military-grade cleaning and lubrication power while remaining odorless and non-toxic. Other lubricants smell nasty because they are nasty. Breakthrough Clean Technologies live up to their brand name by keeping you safe in multiple ways. While the term "environmentally friendly cleaner" might conjure up images of some hippie soap that takes twice as long to scrub off the same amount of dirt, Breakthrough Clean often surpasses the effectiveness of competing gun cleaners and oils.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The full Breakthrough Clean Technologies online catalog and product line contains cleaner or lube or oil or grease for just about every gun or knife you might want to keep in perfect operation. They even have a Breakthrough Clean anti-fog lens cleaner for riflescopes, red dot sights, binoculars, spotting scopes, and shooting glasses. Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent is ideal for scrubbing carbon from the action and the bore while also removing contaminants and preparing the gun for lubrication. Speaking of lubrication, their Battle Born line of oils and greases is specially formulated to lubricate different products. They've spent the time to figure out which firearm and tool needs which oil. Just as different engines need different oils and different differentials need different gear oils, different firearms need different lubricants. Battle Born lube comes in a High-Purity oil version which is a light grade lubricant and protectant. It's ideal as a bore conditioner and to wipe down the surface of any firearm. Battle Born HP PRO oil is a medium/heavy grade oil which is perfect on the action of AR platform rifles, full auto guns, and pistols and revolvers. Other parts of those same firearms might need a little grease. Battle Born PTFE grease can be used on trigger groups and the contact points of striker-fired pistols as well as pistol slide rails. Once you've cleaned and lubed all the guns, check out Battle Born HP100 Knife Oil to keep your folding knives from becoming fixed blade knives.

Lubricants aren't the only product from Breakthrough for sale at Omaha Outdoors. Battle Ropes are like a product you've seen before, but with an improved design for less time cleaning and more time shooting. A brass end weighted and stamped with the caliber for which the Battle Rope is to be used is attached to a nylon rope with an integrated brass brush and a detachable nylon hard bristle brush so you can vary your cleaning methods. These are caliber-specific items and work great with the Battle Born Military-Grade Solvent and High-Purity bore conditioner. Break Through cleaning kits include an assortment of brushes, pads, CLP multi-surface wipes, rods, and, of course, Breakthrough gun cleaning oils.

Breakthrough Clean Non-Toxic Gun Oils

The best part about every solvent and oil and grease made by Breakthrough Clean is that they're non-toxic, odorless, non-staining, and eco-friendly. They can be used on any gun and any surface without worry of damage – and best of all, they probably won't give you cancer.

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