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There is no disagreeing that the people who understand guns best are those with military and law enforcement experience. Learning how to use a gun at the range is great, but actually practicing live-fire drills to prepare yourself simply gives you an indisputable advantage. When you are looking to get firearms, you often look for those guns that are used either by military or law enforcement to help make the best choice. With that in mind, it only makes sense that you would also seek out weapons made by these same professionals. Among those choices, Bravo Company Manufacturing makes some excellent rifles and pistols for shooters to enjoy.
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About Bravo Company USA

Founded in 2005 by a United States Marine veteran, Bravo Company Manufacturing builds weapons that are designed specifically to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and security personnel around the world. Based out of Harland, Wisconsin, BCM works to provide battle-tested and ready-to-use weapons that will deliver unwavering performance. They specialize in rifle and carbine design, but also produce some other high-quality offerings to help ensure everyone can find what they need.

BCM Latest Releases

Among their latest releases, BCM has offered a new 1911 pistol design to perform. Named the BCMGunfighter 1911, there is no skating around the fact that this weapon was built for real combat situations. Taking the classic styling from the 1911, it looks just as intimidating as any usual model and comes with the standard 5" match grade barrel. Of course, nothing about this pistol is standard.

Built in collaboration with Wilson Combat, the gun starts out with a 3 ½ lb. to 3 ¾ lb. trigger pull to ensure tight groupings at the range. The accuracy is supported by complete battle sights with tritium front night sights. To ensure shooters get the best, each weapon comes with a 1" accuracy guarantee at 25 yards and a target included to prove it. With a tactical light-rail for a weapon light, and a high-ride Bullet Proof Beavertail grip safety, it makes for an excellent pistol.

BCM Rifles For Sale

Of course, what BCM is best known for are its rifles and carbines. For those who want to work with a classic rifle design, the MK12 is the place to start your search. The precision barrel is crafted from 410 Stainless steel and offers a balanced profile for weight and accuracy thanks to its 1/8 twist. It uses a free-floating handguard to provide for superior accuracy and ensure a smooth operation of the weapon in the field. The bolt carrier group is made to provide the most reliable experience under real battle conditions and users can opt for either the black Mod 0 option or an FDE finish.

The Precision 18 is another popular rifle to consider. Made using the same 410 Stainless precision 16" barrel manufacturing process, they go a step further by putting it through a high-pressure test and a magnetic particle inspection to avoid any imperfections in the barrel. It uses a chrome bore and chamber to ensure it stands up to battle use and has additional corrosion resistance.

If neither of these rifles sounds right to you, the SAM (squad advanced marksman) rifle is another great option to consider. It uses a KAC folding front sight and includes an integrated bayonet lug. With its 20" barrel and chrome lined carrier, it comes accurate and reliable, ready to stand up to the rigorous requirements of battle.

For those who prefer a carbine, there are four separate options available, each with sub-configurations to ensure get the absolute best firearm for your unique needs. The M4 is one of the most popular options and offers four different mods to help get the right fit. The standard Mod 0 comes in with a 16" certified Mil-Spec barrel and carbine length gas system, as well as a double heat shield handguard. Mod 1 adds a 600M Carry handle rear sight, Mod 2 includes a folding rear sight, and Mod 3 includes this folding sight with a modular tactical handguard.

The MID16 is another great carbine option. The standard option is the Mod 0, which offers a solid platform featuring a 16" government profile barrel, Magpul MOE handguard, mid-length gas system, and Mil-Spec forged front sights. The Mod 2 adds in folding iron sights to the rear and uses a tactical handguard. Mod 3 integrates a modular tactical handguard to the mix.

A slightly different option to consider is the Recce series of carbines. The base option includes a 14.5" barrel and a free floating rail system. It uses a pinned and welded tactical compensator to put its overall barrel length to 16" with a 1/7 twist rate and uses a mid-length gas system. The Recce 16 comes standard with a 16" barrel and includes an A2 flash hider for a muzzle device. The Recce 16 Precision changes up the mixture with a Medium profile barrel using a 1/8 twist rate and topped with an A2 flash hider.

Finally, shooters can consider the BCMGUNFIGHTER select option, which provides for a customized build based on unique shooting needs.


Of course, Omaha Outdoors also carries a wide variety of different BCM GUNFIGHTER accessories to ensure you get the best possible use out of your weapon. This includes stocks, KeyMod mounts, grips, compensators, and a variety of other weapon accessories. If you need to bring your rifle to the next level, these will all help to accomplish exactly that.

When you are looking to pick up your next BCM rifle or accessories, or even one of their limited edition products, simply browse through the selection and find what you need. Or, use the handy sorting features to the left to help narrow down your options. If you have questions, feel free to contact us directly and we will help ensure you can find everything you need.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find just the right firearm to fit your needs.

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