ZEV Technologies Glock Buyer’s Guide

ZEV Technologies Glock Buyer's Guide

The ZEV Technologies Glock is designed to take the absolute best qualities of an already impressive pistol and enhance them with features to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and reliability. Whether you are looking to enter a competition or are just seeking a more accurate duty/personal defense model, this handgun is definitely up for the task. But, how do you determine which options are best for you? To help you figure that out, we have designed this buyer’s guide for your convenience.

What Sets a ZEV Tech Glock Apart?

Unlike most aftermarket Glock models, the thing that really sets a ZEV Technologies Glock pistol apart right off the bat is the attention to detail. Instead of just sticking with a standard Glock slide and adding cuts, the ZEV slide is made 100% new for these high performance models. Using all USA materials and manufacturing, they build these slides to offer the absolute tightest tolerances. As you might expect, this leads to increased consistency from the barrel lockup and a better slide-to-frame fit, which ultimately means more accuracy and better performance. They are precision machined from 17-4 stainless steel and fitted to the frame for the best reliability. Coated in either PVD or DLC, they provide some of the best corrosion resistance available today.

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One of the first things you will notice about these slides is that they are lighter than a standard factory option, which works to promote a better balance. It also means less harsh recoil for the shooter, providing you with a more pleasant experience while keeping your follow-up shots more accurate. Speaking of accuracy, the ZEV slide also includes standard RMR cuts, which allow for the use of your Trijicon RMR red dot. Keep in mind, not all RMRs are actually the same size, which is why ZEV makes this cut to the average dimensions for the best fit. When not using one of these red dots, all models you purchase at Omaha Outdoors also include a cover plate, which enhances the look of the weapon and allows you to focus on your iron sights instead.

Slide Options and Barrel Performance

If you are considering a ZEV Technologies Glock, the first thing you have to bear in mind with a complete build is that this company sticks to the 9mm models This means you can select the standard G17, G19, or G34. At this time, ZEV has revealed no future plans to work on other calibers or model sizes (though they offer many parts you can install yourself). Presently, there are six different slide options to choose from based on your application.

The popular Dragonfly slide features the lightest possible weight and offers plenty of cuts for extra heat dissipation. For this reason, it is favored among competitive shooters. Of course, another option for the competition shooter is the Prize Fighter signature slide. This features uniquely-designed cuts to offer a sleeker appearance. It comes standard with Trijicon RMR cuts and provides plenty of weight reduction for use at the range. The Enhanced SOCOM slide is another great option and provides for plenty of serrations along the slide to assist with tactical operations. Alternatively, the Hex Cut signature slide offers an aggressive style with hexagonal cuts, giving the right look for tactical or battlefield applications. Next, the classic Tri-Lo slide is perfect for everyday carry or range purposes.

Finally, Omaha Outdoors has a special partnership with ZEV Technologies, which allows us to carry the exclusive Spartan slide. This features the same quality construction as the others but offers a more aggressive cut pattern. It comes standard with a threaded barrel and is great for the modern warrior who just needs a good self-defense model.

Regardless of which slide you select, make sure to pay attention to which generation Glock you are after. They make slides for Gens 1-3 and a separate slide for Gen 4 Glock models. These slides are available in a variety of finish colors, which include black for the DLC finish or flat dark earth (FDE) and bronze if you opt for PVD. Regardless of which slide you choose, you can also select between all cowitness sights to work with your RMR or .215 combat sights for performance otherwise. ZEV Technologies even offers a honeycomb slide backplate for a more unique look. With such attention to detail, these firearms continue with a barrel that has been perfectly mated to the slide for the ideal fit.

Featuring a proprietary twist rate for consistent accuracy, the drop-in barrels are precision manufactured with the same attention to detail. They are match grade and will provide for 1″ groupings out at 25 yards. You can select from a variety of colors, including stainless, black DLC, bronze, and Omaha Outdoors aftermarket titanium nitride (TiN) coating. Furthermore, you can choose from a threaded or standard configuration. Under the barrel, you will find a stainless steel guide rod. Finally, you can choose from an installed recoil spring rated at 13 lbs, 15 lbs, or 17 lbs. Keep in mind that the heavier spring might have less recoil, but it also might cycle more slowly and have trouble with certain cartridges you might wish to use.

ZEV Tech Glock Frame Modifications

While they might build the slides from the ground up, ZEV realized that there was no way around the fact that factory Glock frames are already supremely durable and reliable. As a result, they stick with a factory lower and highly customize it to better work with their generous upgrades. They begin by applying a special texturized finish to the entire frame, which provides for superior grip and allows for better handling in a pinch

The trigger guard receives a double undercut, which allows for a higher grip on the weapon and provides for multiple grip options depending on your application. Naturally, these both equate to better recoil control while also improving overall comfort. The standard magazine release is oversized for quick access without the need to shift one’s grip on the pistol. Next, buyers can benefit from multiple grip modifications. This includes a stipple or silicon carbide finish on the grip and thumb rests. Furthermore, finger humps are either removed or reduced, which can be helpful for those whose hands are either smaller or larger than usual.

Selecting the Best Trigger

Another component on a ZEV Technologies Glock that leaves a lot of options is the trigger. The first one to consider is the Fulcrum Drop-in trigger. This features a ZEV trigger shoe, trigger bar, race connector, ejector housing, 2 lb. striker spring, 3 lb. striker spring, fire pin safety plunger, and spring trigger adjustment key to allow for trigger take-up. The next one to consider is the Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger kit, which offers these same parts and includes a striker. Your final option is the Pro trigger, which removes the trigger adjustment screws and keys for consistent performance tuned specifically for professional use. For the adjustable options, keep in mind that you can adjust for weight and trigger pull, which allows for pre-travel and over-travel. Trigger pull can be as low as 3 lbs. Though they initially offered silver as well, current colors offered are black and red only.

Magwells Are Not Just for Competitions

While you might be accustomed to most companies only offering aftermarket magwells for competitive purposes, ZEV understands that all shooters can benefit from a good magwell design. The latest magwell offered is the Pro Magwell, which is the first to work with both Gen 3 and Gen 4 models and offers a slim profile that is ideal for carry and self-defense purposes. For competitive use, the slim IDPA magwell is the way to go. It features either a brass or aluminum logo inlay, or a polished stainless steel finish. Using special inserts, it allows for more precise recoil management by offering an ultralight, light, and heavy option. Naturally, the heavier helps to reduce recoil but it can mess with your balance if you are not careful. If you are accustomed to using special baseplates, keep in mind that these magwells will not work with the Taran Tactical Firepower base pads and may not be compatible with others as well. Fortunately, ZEV Tech has introduced its own base pad in anodized red or black that offers an additional 5-round capacity. These pads only work with Magpul’s PMAG 17 magazines.

Make It Stand Out with the ZEV Custom Shop

Finally, those shooters who want the ultimate in customized design should consider some options from the custom shop. This offers you a variety of specialized upgrades, mostly circling around unique looks. One of the more popular options is a chameleon slide finish or a TiN barrel finish, both of which can help your new order stand out. More practically, a compensator is also an option and will effectively reduce recoil and offers better control.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand some of the advanced features offered by ZEV Technologies. If you feel that you have enough information to make an informed decision, give Omaha Outdoors a call to discuss your options. Being ZEV Tech’s largest stocking dealer, we may have the custom ZEV Glock you have been looking for already in stock! This means you can get your order placed and have it sent your way quickly. We can also take in your Glock to customize it, or provide one of our ready-to-ship custom ZEV Tech Glocks instead. With all customer provided Glocks, we only require a 20% down payment and the remaining balance before delivery. Contact us by phone at 713-703-4648 or email info@omahaoutdoors.com to get started.

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