Gun Review: Walther PPX 9mm – A Great Value and a Great Handgun

When asked to write the Walther PPX handgun review, I quickly compared it to the 9mm pistol I had at home. I am willing to say the Walther PPX performed better and more accurately than my home defense weapon and made me wonder why I paid so much when I could have had so much more for quite a bit less outlay.

Walther has created an original with the PPX. Although not sleekly attractive like some other models made by Walther, it has unique features that make up for the modest appearance. This handgun is made of polymer, which makes it much lighter to handle than the Walther stainless steel models like the P-38. The PPX has a bent or crooked grip with a well-designed texture for a tight fit in any hand; Walther claims the pistol is ambidextrous. I liked the grip because it seemed to fit better in my hand than other shapes.

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Other unique features of the Walther PPX are the pre-cocked trigger and the amazingly low price. Walther has reconfigured their manufacturing processes in Germany and passed the savings to the gun enthusiast. It is a very unusual thing for a manufacturer to offer a quality product at $200 lower than a comparable item from a competitor, but Walther does this with the sale of their PPX handgun. This is a much lower price than a Glock 9mm pistol but has the same precise quality.

The pre-cocked trigger is not quite the same as a double-action trigger, but performs better than a single action. BAFTE classifies the trigger as double action only, but the slide must be racked before the trigger can be released. The trigger does not “double tap” so it is not a “true” double action trigger.

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Another unusual characteristic of the Walther PPX is the use of a bobbed hammer instead of a striker, and the bobbed hammer is pre-cocked before the trigger is pulled. The end result is less pull for the PPX in comparison to a true double action force of 10 pounds or more. The Walther handgun pulls approximately 6 pounds of force.

The barrel is made of three pieces, said by Walther to improve durability and performance. Walther claims that barrels made of one piece can be deformed through firing, and that the three-piece patented design is the same as used by hunting rifle manufacturers. Browning also uses this same process for their rifles and claims the same reasoning in their gun reviews.

The feed ramp and chamber face have a 360 degree chamber so that the gun can take a large variety of manufactured ammunition. Underneath the barrel is a Picatinny rail for mounting lasers, flashlights, or whatever you desire. The flashlight mounted underneath is very handy for home defense when one is too sleepy to reach for both the flashlight and the loaded handgun.

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The identification and location of the manufacturer is on the serial number plate. The first two letters are the country of origin, the second two are coded for the year of manufacture; the N under the crest signifies the weapon passed all normal tests while under inspection.

The pistol comes with two loaded magazines of 16-rounds. The magazine itself is steel and the base plate is made of heavy-duty plastic. The chamber has a loaded chamber view port, so the user can see that the weapon is fully loaded. The weapon has two drop and one firing pin safety, making a total of three safeties.

The sights are the three-dot steel with larger dots than on other pistols. They were very accurate and easy to use. Walther does not offer night sights.

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