VP9 Tactical – Bust Out Your Suppressors

H&K VP9 Tactical 9mm

Heckler and Koch is well-known throughout the world for offering high quality firearms. Trusted by military and law enforcement professionals, they make a wide host of great weapon systems and many shooters choose them as their go-to company. While the basic VP9 is a great gun to have, we have been looking forward to the release of this suppressor-ready VP9 Tactical. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we have to show for that wait.

The Robust VP9 Platform

When Heckler and Koch announced the VP platform, many shooters found a new favorite pistol. The platform is robust to say the least and packs in some of the most reliable features that have earned it a place in law enforcement in Germany and even found its way into some local agencies here in the US. This all starts with the reinforced polyamide construction, a polymer frame that delivers durability and resilience tough enough to handle just about anything. The cold hammer-forged polygonal barrel also delivers exceptional performance and consistent accuracy.

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Paired with a host of no-nonsense features, the VP9 continues to gain popularity. Of course, one of the things that kept some civilians from buying is the fact that it lacked a threaded barrel option. This is where the VP9 Tactical comes into play.

The New Suppressor-Ready VP9 Tactical

H&K VP9 Tactical 9mm

Looking at the standard features, the VP9 Tactical brings all of the allure of the standard model to the table. It offers front and rear slide serrations, an integral accessory rail, and interchangeable grips to provide a custom feel. The trigger offers a convenient safety latch, forgoing the need for a standard manual safety while providing a smooth and crisp pull. It comes outfitted with a 4.7” barrel, which is longer than the standard model. Of course, the main difference is the fact that this barrel is also threaded, allowing you to affix your favorite suppressor.

Other than this, the features are largely the same as the original, and we wouldn’t ask for it any other way. It features a low profile slide release, an HK charging support on the rear of the slide, and an ergonomic profile that just feels right. If there is one complaint we have about the weapon, it’s the fact that it ships with factory night sights standard. So, if you do want the suppressor, you might need to consider either a red dot or aftermarket suppressor height sights, both of which add to the cost.

Get Ready to Order

According to word from H&K, this new Tactical VP9 is on its way now. This means that we will be ordering inventory of this new pistol for your to get your hands on. So, if you have been waiting with us for this release, now is the time to act. Make sure to hop over to our store front and get one before they sell out.

An Exciting Development

When it comes to suppressed pistols, we are excited to get our hands on the new VP9 tactical. With its robust list of standard features and ergonomic design, you may already know just how well the VP9 platform performs. While we are a little disappointed that it ships with standard factory night sights and not suppressor height ones, a small modification should make it a real force to be reckoned with. So, whether you just want something for the range, a gun to keep by the bedside, or a new tactical sidearm, this VP9 Tactical could be the perfect place to start.

What do you think about this suppressor-ready VP9? Have you been looking forward to this release as much as we have or do you think there are better options out there? Let us know what you think and open up the discussion below.

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