Unboxing Video: The Sig Sauer P320 Fullsize TACOPS 9mm

Sig Sauer’s P320 in 9mm is the new Army handgun, but what does TACOPS mean? We take a look at one in the box to see exactly what comes with this upgraded version of the pistol – extra mags and tritium/fiber optic sights, to start. In a followup video, we’ll take it to the range and put it through a series of tests to see just what it’s capable of.

Hey, Andrew here with Omaha Outdoors, and today I wanna show you something cool, something you might not see at your local gun store. This is a Sig Sauer P320 TACOPS. First thing you see when you open up a Sig Sauer handgun box is the manual. They want you to read this, even if you knew everything about guns, there’s new things about this gun you probably haven’t experienced before, worth taking a couple minutes to find out. Another cool thing that’s included: a nifty sticker, I like stickers.

So, the P320 TACOPS – which I will clear, to make sure there’s not a round in the chamber – is a standard P320 with a couple of big differences. The first big difference that you’ll notice as soon as you open the box is it comes with four 21 round magazines. They are not messing around with mags on this gun. It doesn’t have any of the 17 round flush mags, but you’ll be able to shoot it 84 times without having to reload your mags, and that’s kinda nice on a Sunday afternoon; or if you’re in a gun-fight. The other big difference with the TACOPS version is that it has a TFO front sight and a tritium rear sight. Now the TFO stands for tritium fiber optics, so you have both tritium for low light, like the rear sight, and a fiber optic for daytime use. Now, this is a, basically a green fiber optic pipe that really catches your eye. So if you’re out there in the sunlight, or even some clouds, and you’re shooting, you’re definitely gonna see that front sight; and if it’s in the dark, if you’re for example if you’re in a dark hallway, you’ll totally be able to see the front sight as well, cause it still has that tritium, to glow. So, no matter what, you’ll be able to see your sights, and that’s a big deal if you’re under stress.

Other than those two changes, this is a standard P320. That’s not a bad thing, the 320 is an excellent handgun. It’s new, but the army has already chosen it, with a few minor changes, to be their new service weapon. This trigger’s excellent, the frame itself is entirely modular, and in fact the whole pistol’s modular. Instead of the firearm being the frame – as you would expect with a traditional handgun – the firearm itself, according to the ATF, is a module that sits inside the frame, so that means you can change out this grip for a different color, a different size – both in terms of length and circumference, for different size hands – very easily and inexpensively, without doing any paperwork.

The P320 has a reversible magazine release – if you’re one of those left-handed weirdos – and it also has ambidextrous slide release. Takedown lever’s just on the left hand side but that’s not really a problem. Overall the 320 looks like an excellent handgun. The trigger’s excellent, it feels great to hold in the hand, it’s affordable, it’s definitely more affordable than other Sig handguns but they didn’t cut down on quality. I’m looking forward to taking this out to the range and seeing what it’ll do. We’re gonna put it through its paces, we’ll definitely try and see if we can make it malfunction, I don’t know, maybe we’ll be successful, maybe we won’t.

I wanna show you a couple other things that come in the box here. We have a chamber flag which comes in handy if you go to a range that requires these when the line is cold, or if you just wanna store it and make sure you know that there’s not a round in the chamber. In addition to our four 21 round mags we have a sample of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil, and a gun lock. Now, one thing that’s not included by Sig, but that we try to include with every handgun is: Haribo gummy bears. Now, someone – who is definitely not me – ate these gummy bears in between the time the box was opened, and this video was made. But if you buy a handgun from us, I can guarantee, that as long as I didn’t pack the box, your gummy bears will arrive intact for you to enjoy, whether you’re filling out the 4473 or checking out your new gun.

We have a lot of content coming your way both on Facebook, Instagram, and of course YouTube – which you’re watching right now. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you again.

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