Unboxing The Springfield 1911 TRP Operator 45 ACP Gray

Hey, Andrew here with Omaha Outdoors, and I wanna show you a PC9105GL from Springfield Armory, better known as the TRP Operator 1911. This one has an armory coat grey frame, and an armory coat black slide. First let’s clear it so I’m not pointing a loaded weapon around inside the studio.

This is a heavy gun, it weighs 45 ounces, that’s partially because of this bull barrel. Also, they extended the dust cover here, it has a full  picatinny rail. All steel gun, 20 lpi checkering on the front strap; really, you’re not gonna lose control of this weapon if you’re holding it on the front strap there, whether you have gloves, bare hands, sweaty hands, doesn’t matter. Says “TRP” up here on the slide on both sides, says “operator” on the slide, and it says “tactical” on the frame. So, there’s going to be no doubt when you hit the range with this thing that you have a unique Springfield Armory 1911. Overall it’s a really nice looking gun, we have a fully adjustable rear, two dot tritium night sights, and up front a single non-adjustable tritium night sight; but because this is adjustable you can go left, right, up, down, as much as you want with those sights. Ambidextrous thumb safety, feels really good, nice click. I really love picking up 1911 and just feeling, from the tightness of the slide and the fit of the barrel to the slide, everything – a tight, nice 1911, really feels good to pick up and shoot, and this sure seems like one. The trigger of course: nice and crisp. Little bit of creep there, but overall really nice feeling trigger. This is a nice 1911 and I’m really looking forward to getting it out to the range.

If you’d like to order them, we have these in stock in several different colors. Comes with two 7 round magazines, you can also get one round in the chamber there, a little sample of oil; and underneath here we have – along with a lot of paperwork – the information and safety manual – always good to read this. Again, we have these in stock online, you can follow us on Facebook, Omaha Outdoors, we have an Instagram as well; and of course, if you want to follow us on YouTube we’ll be making more videos, just like this one, as well as taking this pistol out to the range. Thanks for watching.

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