Unboxing Video: The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm FDE Video

Smith & Wesson is back with the M&P 2.0, an update to their solid entry in the duty handgun market from over a decade ago, the M&P. Is it worthy of the 2.0 moniker? We crack open the box of a 5″ manual safety M&P2.0 in Flat Dark Earth to find out.

Hey, Andrew here with Omaha Outdoors, and today I have a Smith & Wesson M&P to show you. It’s not just any M&P though, as you can tell by the fact that they put “M&P 2.0” right there on the box. They are proud of this new M&P and they want you to know about it.

Let’s take a look: Alright inside, the wax paper that comes with every Smith and Wesson handgun I’ve ever seen; I’ll go ahead and clear it to make sure I’m not pointing a loaded gun around. So, this is the new M&P – M2.0. They say 2.0 you think this must be a very different version from the standard M&P. Well, it builds on the success of the M&P but they improved it in a few areas where people said “hey, maybe this needs to be changed”. Probably your first complaint about an M&P, if you fired one, was the trigger. It was kinda mushy, you couldn’t tell if the trigger had reset; they’ve definitely improved it. I don’t know if this feels as good as an aftermarket M&P trigger, but I also don’t know if I’d want to spend the money to make it better, cause it’s definitely a lot better than the original M&P.

The biggest visual difference that you’ll see is this texture. This is very aggressive. You’re not gonna lose control of this handgun with this amount of grip on there. Even if I was super sweaty, or bloody, I can’t imagine losing control of this thing. Obviously that’s a good thing, but then if you’re thinking about putting it inside the waistband, this is gonna chafe your skin and it might tear up your clothes too – so that’s something to consider. Up front here we have a stainless steel chassis insert to reduce flex and torque, while you’re shooting. I didn’t know that you needed to reduce flex and torque while you’re shooting, but apparently that was a problem with the original M&P, so it’s been fixed now if you were concerned about that.

Another difference between the M&P and M&P 2.0 is that it comes with four back-straps now. Originally you had a small, medium, and a large. Now you have a small, medium, large, and ML – which either means Mario Lopez or medium large, I’m not sure which. Changing those out: super easy. You take out, rotate this takedown tool, pull it out – again, this is what you use to take down the pistol without pulling the trigger – then you can pull out the back-strap, slide in your new one, tool goes back in a 90 degree angle, turn it, now you’re back with your new, slightly larger, or smaller back-strap. Super easy to work with.

This is a 5 inch version, as you can see, it’s flat dark earth, or tan, it has an external safety that’s ambidextrous. So, a lot of differences compared to the standard, original M&P, that are not necessarily unique to the M&P 2.0, but it’s good to see that they are taking note of the changes in the industry, for example: different finish, colors, and they’re offering a tan or flat dark earth gun from the factory. I think that’s pretty cool; I think it says they’re paying attention. Same thing with the trigger changes and the grip changes and so on. They saw what people are saying about their gun. They said they can make it different, and better, and they did.

So it comes with two 17 round magazines – both have tan or flat dark earth base plates. We have a chamber flag – which you should hold on to because if you go to a range that requires these be used when the line’s called and you don’t have one, you’re gonna be wishing you didn’t throw away this 10 cent piece of plastic. You also have a cool gun lock, which I’m sure many people use all the time. And last but not least we have the safety and instruction manual. Oh, what’s this? warranty registration card. So, good idea to read the manual. Might find out some stuff you didn’t know about it: how to adjust the sights, how to take it apart without pulling the trigger, so on and so forth. Really a good idea to read that.

One thing that we include that’s not from Smith & Wesson is Haribo gummy bears. Now, unfortunately I was really hungry when I opened the box and saw the gummy bears, so I ate them. But, if you were to order a gun from us you would get an unopened and uneaten package of Haribo gummy bears, that you could enjoy while you’re filling out the 4473 or just checking out your new gun at the dealer.

Thank you for watching, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube, we have a lot more content coming your way including an at the range video with this handgun. We have a Facebook and an Instagram, where we have a lot more excellent content. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you.

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