Unboxing The Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Urban Camo

Hey, Andrew here with Omaha Outdoors, I wanna show you something cool today: it’s a Sig P320 X-Five, not just any P320 X-Five – one that’s clear, by the way – but one that’s been cerakoted in urban camo by Cerakote Services. This is available exclusively through Omaha Outdoors. I’ll cover the finish more at the end of the video, but for now let’s compare the differences of the X-Five and a more traditional, full-size, P320 – which is also clear. So, what are the differences? Right off the bat we’ll notice that the frames are different: we have a more obvious “Sig” logo here, while this one says “Sig Sauer”. The texture extends farther up, we have a more pronounced beaver tail, we have an integrated magwell that can be removed or added depending on your desires. Overall it’s more melted if you look at the edges: we see sharper edges here, and smoother edges here. The slide itself is different: we have a 5″ barrel and a longer slide on the X-Five, and a 4.7″ barrel and slightly shorter slide, on the standard P320 full-size. Up top, we have windows – or cutouts – on the slide of the X-Five, whereas the standard P320 has no such windows; this is both for weight reduction, and because it looks really cool. This is a P320 with different sights than normal but you’ll notice that it’s a lot wider up here than this very thin blade front sight on the X-Five; that’s so you can take more precise shots at distance. We have a removable plate here, for the addition of a Sig Romeo red dot sight; no such removable plate on the standard P320. The serrations up front are just a little bit different: they extend slightly farther here, whereas they are more sharply cut off on the X-Five; and of course, we have “X-Five” written on the slide there, just “Sig Sauer P320” on the slide of the standard one. The trigger is different as well, we have a flat face trigger here on the X-Five, and a standard curve trigger on the regular P320.

I’ll move this aside and we’ll cover some of the details of the X-Five. Now the X-Five itself, the name, has always meant something special for Sig, it’s always been a custom shop 220 or 226, designed for competition. So they took the standard P320 and they added a lot of features that competition shooters would want on their pistols. Now this is a production gun, unlike previous X-Fives it’s not a custom shop gun; but it’s a really nice looking gun, it feels good in the hand, and this trigger… it feels a lot like a standard P320 trigger, which is not a bad thing. Frankly the P320 has one of the best triggers of any production gun I’ve felt; and of course the flat trigger changes the way it feels, and if you’re a more accomplished shooter, especially, I think you’ll get a lot more precise finger location on this flat face trigger. Comes with four 21 round mags, each of which has been cerakoted – the baseplates have been cerakoted in urban camo. I’ll move the box over here, we can check out what else is inside. As I said, we have four 21 round magazines, we have a chamber flag, a gunlock, sample of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil; Inside, the manual, which I think you should read – you’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff, all the stuff Sig wants you to know about the pistol. A cool Sig sticker, and some other advertisements there. Now, as I was mentioning, this finish is available exclusively through Omaha Outdoors. This is, as I said, it’s an urban camo, and it’s done by Cerakote Services, it’s covered by a 12 month workmanship warranty. If you have any peeling, or flaking, or chipping, within the first 12 months, they’ll redo it – no questions asked, no cost to you. Those things shouldn’t happen, but if they do, it’s covered. Now, cerakote not only changes the look of a pistol but it also adds some durability and corrosion resistance as well, so it’s protective as well as decorative. This barrel on the X-Five, we did not cerakote the barrel, so you can see that it is that stainless match barrel with a recessed target crown there – and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this does at the range.

Thanks for watching this video; we have a lot more content coming your way. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, you can like our posts on Instagram, subscribe to us on YouTube. Again, we have a lot more content coming your way, we’re gonna take this thing to the range and see what it does; I wanna see how it shoots at a hundred yards, I think this is gonna be a really accurate pistol, and frankly I can’t wait. Thank you for watching.

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