Unboxing The Heckler and Koch (HK) VP9SK LE

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve seen the HK VP9 before. This is a pistol that fits – at least my hand – like a glove; and it looks great, and it’s made by HK in Germany. What more could you want? Well, what about a subcompact version? the VP9SK. Like the VP9, it’s fully ambidextrous: ambidextrous slide release – or slide stop, if you’re one of those weirdos; ambidextrous paddle mag release. The takedown lever over here is not on both sides but that’s not really a big deal. And finally we have these cool slide cocking doohickeys on either side of the slide, so you can rack it easier.

Now the VP9 is HK’s first polymer frame striker fired handgun, since the very first polymer frame striker fired handgun of all time – which is the VP70. In the intervening years, quite a few companies have made polymer frame striker fired handguns and HK said “Hey, wait for us, we have a pretty cool design too”; and frankly, it looks and feels great. I wanna take these out to the range and see how they shoot because I’ve never fired one of these before, believe it or not.

What else do we get in the box besides our cool looking HK VP9 pistol? Well, we have these back-straps, and you say “Well, most polymer frame pistols in our days have interchangeable back-straps”. We also have palm swells, so you can change out not only the length of the grip on the backside, but also the thickness side to side – and that’s kind of a big deal for some people. We have an extra magazine here – now all these magazines for the VP9 SK, at the release date, are 10 round mags. This one comes with a pinky extender, we have one mag that is flush; and under here, we have another 10 round magazine with a pinky extender. What else do we have? An HK branded gunlock. Now, clearly this HK branded gunlock is going to bring more resale value than other brands of gunlock. We have the VP operator’s manual – for all you operators out there. It is a good idea to read through this, you get a lot of information about the pistol – how to take it apart properly, how to change up the back-straps, and so on. I know it’s kinda boring to read these things, but there is good information in there. And finally, we have an HK sticker, so everyone will know how cool you are. VP9 striker fired handgun: I would say the pull is pretty typical of most striker fired pistols; it’s pretty crisp, it’s definitely one of the better striker fired pistols that I have tried out. The reset is a little longer than I’d like but, I’m definitely looking forward to taking it out to the range and seeing how it shoots.

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