Unboxing The Glock 43 Spartan Bronze

Hey, I’m Andrew with Omaha Outdoors and today I want to show you a special Glock: It’s a Glock 43, it’s their new single stack 9, but this one’s in two tone bronze, and it looks pretty awesome.

First thing I’ll do is clear it, cause I don’t wanna shoot myself. It comes with two 6 round magazines. One with an extended pinky base plate there, and one without; but enough about the mags, let’s talk about this pistol. Spartan bronze on the frame, Spartan bronze on the magazine base plates, and burnt bronze on the slide; so it is a two tone bronze, your eyes do not deceive you; and it looks great. We do cerakote in house, so this cerakote was done by our artist and we back that up with a 12 month workmanship warranty. So if you have problems like flaking, or bubbling, or peeling, if you’re cleaning the gun with some harsh chemical and it wipes off – which it shouldn’t – but if it does, we’ll take care of it. We don’t cover things like normal wear and tear, and if you look closely at the front of the frame you’ll see a little tiny bit of holster wear. That’s cause I just couldn’t wait to carry this thing, I just wanted to get it in my pants, I’m sorry; and I carried it for a while and so it’s got a little holster wear, and that you should expect, that’s normal wear and tear, and we don’t cover that. We also don’t cover accidental drops. Speaking of drops, when cerakote is done on some pistols, sometimes the mags don’t drop free anymore. It’s a high heat process, and sometimes there are dimensional changes, it can make the frames not fit the mags properly. Doesn’t happen with our guns, you won’t have any problems like that.

Now this is a mechanically stock pistol. Basically all we did is repaint it in some really cool colors. If you want us to change things for you – if you want us to upgrade the sights, or change the trigger – we can totally do that. In fact, we can install those for you at no labor cost if you order the same time as the pistol.

So, other cool things besides the two mags with the pinky extension, and the non-pinky extension; we have the Glock magazine loader, which is, you know, save your thumbs at the range. We have a pistol lock – unfortunately it does not have a Glock logo, sorry. We have the Glock safety information and warranty stuff. And tucked away underneath – so that it does not scratch your fancy new cerakoted pistol during transport – is this: your nylon brush, for cleaning, and also snapped upfront so it doesn’t bounce around and, again, scratch your new cerakoted pistol, is the cleaning rod, which has a provision for a cleaning patch. So you can clean your Glock if you’re one of those people who cleans their guns.

If you’d like to order this pistol from us there’s a link in the description to purchase it. We can do other cerakote colors as well. We do a lot of cerakote work, and our work looks great. You can follow us on Facebook, Omaha Outdoors, you can also follow us on Instagram; you’re already watching us on YouTube, you might as well subscribe and like our videos. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next time.


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