Unboxing the Glock 19 Gen 5 AmeriGlo Video

Hey, Andrew here with Omaha Outdoors. I have a Glock box, been doing a lot of Glocks lately but I think this one is a little different, let’s check it out. Aha! It’s a Glock Gen 2. But wait, it’s not; Glock Gen 5, this is the 19 Gen 5, it has a front, a flat front here, we haven’t really seen that since the Gen 2. Another thing we haven’t seen since the Gen 2 is this little cutout. I’m told that it’s upset people, but as I shoot a Gen 2 on a daily basis, it really is not a big deal for me, I’ll have to see if there’s something different about the Gen 5 that makes it undesirable, but so far I really like the shape of the grip, I feel like they’ve gone back to their roots with this one.

Different sights here: so we have AmeriGlo front, and that has an orange outline which I really like for rapid shooting in the daytime, and of course it’s a night sight. And then on the back we just have standard 2-dot night sights with no outline. This is probably my favorite type of night sight style. In the box we have one, two, three magazines, and they now have an orange follower, something they may have discovered elsewhere in the market. Glock magazine loader, and four back-straps now, so two kinda smaller ones, and two larger ones with a little beaver tail there. I like a beaver tail, I think the Glock can definitely benefit from it, so, looking forward to seeing how it shoots.

Trigger-wise… you know years ago the Glocks had kind of a gritty, spongy trigger, they really seem to have worked that out, it does feel a lot better. I’d be curious to see if that translates into real world differences in shooting. Something else that’s different – no I’m not holding the pistol backwards, you don’t have a reversed screen – this is an ambi slide release, something that Glock has resisted for one reason or another for a very long time; So, pretty easy to use with my left hand. Is it better?

Is it different? I’m told that there’s a different rifling here, it has kinda standard rifling, your traditional land and groove rifling, instead of the well-known Glock polygonal rifling. So, one of the reasons that people would replace a barrel on a Glock is so they have a traditional rifling, so they can shoot their you know, led reloads without any issue. You don’t have to do that with this pistol, it already has that barrel, so I think the market for aftermarket barrels for the Gen 5 will be a little different. One more thing here: got a little bit of a little flared mag well. Curious to see if this makes the pistol print any differently, I don’t think it will. Kinda nice to see that Glock has looked at the market, they’ve seen what people are doing in the aftermarket and said “hey, if our gun does represent perfection, and everyone that buys it goes out and does these specific things, maybe we should look at including that from the factory”, so I think that’s a good sign.

I’m really looking forward to getting it out to the range, seeing how it shoots; we do have that content for you coming, a lot more reviews as well. We have YouTube, we have videos on Facebook as well, and of course our Instagram with cool pictures of guns. Thank you for your time, I do really appreciate you watching this video.

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