Top 4 Best Concealed Carry Guns for Women Video

Hey guys, what’s going on? Welcome to another video for Green Life Shooting. My name is Chad. Today we have a special video for our women viewers. We’re looking at the top four concealed carry options for women. I’ve got my good friend and cousin, Brian here. He’s an awesome guy to have around. He knows an awful lot about guns. It’s just a joy to have you on the video. Let’s just dive right into this.

Before we start, I do want to tell you that this is not the end all, be all, the greatest list for concealed carry for women of all time. Me and him just sat down and we hashed out a few ideas of what we think would be good options and things that we would trust with our wives, our girlfriends, whatever, for carrying. They’re just good options, so let’s just dive into it and see what we come up with.

Thanks. We’ve put a few really interesting options here. The criterion was, it had to be something that we would recommend to our wives or girlfriends.


Right? That was…

We would feel comfortable with them carrying…

Absolutely. Let’s dive right in here. Let’s start with – this is a classic – the Springfield XDS. It is a really nice choice for a couple of different reasons. First of all, very slim frame. The action on it is pretty easy to work, so it’s not super heavy. It’s not so hard. A lot of girls have trouble with working the slide and things like that. It comes in a nine millimeter.

It also comes in a 45 version. The nice thing about this gun is, first of all it’s made of plastic. That keeps it fairly light. It’s got multiple safeties. There’s one here on the back. There’s also one on the trigger. This is not going to go off accidentally. It’s not going to go off if you drop it. The real selling point for the Springfield XDS though is the value for the money, the price.

It’s a killer deal.

It’s somewhere between 450, 500-ish brand new, out of the box. It comes with a carry case. It comes with a holster. It comes with a couple of magazines. It’s really, in terms of the value that you get for the money, you really can’t beat a Springfield Armory firearm.

They’re awesome guns, man. We did a whole video on the XS 45, and you can check that out here. Really, they’re great guns to put in a purse or whatever it is, or even on a hip. They’re really slim and nice to use. The 9 millimeter, you can shoot it at the range. They’re relatively easy as well.

The one downside to this gun is that because it is so slim and it is so lightweight, you’re dealing with some recoil issues. A lot of ladies think that if the gun is small and it’s cute, then they’re not going to have it, they’re going to be able to shoot it. This is the case where I would definitely have your lady shoot this first because it’s going to hit a little harder than it looks. If that’s a concern for you and it doesn’t work out, you can go to our next gun, which is…

Next up, we’ve got the Glock. You can’t make a list and not include a Glock.

You’ve got to love the Glock. In fact, you’ve got another video…

I do.

…specifically on why people buy Glocks.

If you haven’t checked that out, check that out right there.

Perfect. Glock 26, this is the Gen 4. Don’t worry about which generation. Gen 3, Gen 4, you’ll be fine either one. This is the Gen 4 Glock 26, which is a nine millimeter subcompact. It’s a little bit wider than the Springfield XDS, but in exchange for the width, you get a few extra bullets in the magazine. You can hold a few more here. Also, the grip here is a little bit shorter, which means if you’re a guy, your pinkie falls right off the bottom. Some girls actually it fits really well.

Glock does sell an extended magazine for this, so you can slide that in there. Now it’ll fit your hand and her hand quite well. It’s a little heavier than the Springfield, but that’s not a bad thing necessarily because that means it’s going to have a lot less recoil. It’s a lot more comfortable to shoot than the Springfield. The downside is, because it’s just a little bit wider and a little bit heavier, it’s a little bit harder to conceal. This is a great option for the ladies.

Concealed-wise, maybe it might need a bigger purse against you, but if it’s in a concealed-carry purse or something like that, the size isn’t going to be a huge issue. It’s going to be something that’s going to allow her to go to the range and shoot more comfortably, so she can get more practice with it.

By the way, there’s nothing that the ladies like more than shooting a pink gun.


We’ve pinked this one up a little bit. We’ve got another video on…

We’ve got video plugs everywhere. Look at these.

Alright. If you want to move up a little bit. The Glock is a great value for the money as well.

Did we say a price on that?

We did not mention the price on it, which is about 550 to 600 for a Gen 4. That comes again with a carry case. It comes with three magazines, great value for the money, especially for a gun that’s got the reputation that Glock does.

That Glock does, absolutely. Next up is another gun with a great reputation.

I love Sig.

Sig P238.

You’ve got to love Sig.

Yeah man. Sig’s an awesome gun. I got one of these for my fiancé last year for her birthday. She loved it. First of all, it’s really pretty. I mean, look at this thing.

Yeah, the pearl handles.

They don’t all have the pearl handles. That’s actually an upgrade on this particular gun. A cute little magazine that slides right in there, this is a 380, which is a downgrade from the nine millimeter in terms of the amount of stopping power that you have. That’s not necessarily the end of the word because you’ll notice what we mentioned a second ago, which is the smaller the gun gets, the more it kicks. It’s hard to control when you’re shooting.

This is a really good compromise here because the gun is quite a bit smaller, but we went down to the 380, which means it doesn’t kick nearly as hard. This gun does come in a nine millimeter though. The same size, the same form factor in a nine millimeter, it just kicks a little bit harder. Again, you’re never going to know until you take her out and let her actually try it.

It’s a smooth-shooting gun, it really is. My fiancé is by no means a big gun person. She can go out to the range and she likes it. This is a gun that shoots smooth enough for her to feel comfortable shooting every day at the range.

This is definitely an upgrade in terms of price to the other two, 650 to kin of 800 depending on the grips and the laser. It does come with factory night sights, so it glows in the dark.

It comes with a nice carrying case and a nice little low-profile holster as well.

You really can’t beat Sig in terms of quality and reliability in a gun, a really fantastic choice. There is a downside to all of the guns that we’ve shown so far, and that is that they are all semiautomatic. Semiautomatic is basically a fancy way of saying every time I pull the trigger, it’s going to go bang, bang, bang, bang, for every… Each squeeze is going to send off a shot.

Some of the downsides to semiautomatic are that they are little bit confusing for somebody who is first picking up a gun. You’ve got a safety. You’ve got a magazine story about putting in and out. Some girls really hate racking that slide for whatever reason. It’s not familiar to them or it takes a lot of strength sometimes.

It’s just different muscle groups I think. The spring can be really tight in there.

There is one more that we’ve got to talk about, which is…

The revolver, the almighty revolver.

You can’t do a video on the right concealed choices for the ladies if you don’t include a revolver in the choice. Frankly, this really isn’t a bad choice. The one thing that it’s lacking compared to the semi-autos is that it’s going to kick a little bit harder. This is a 38 Special, but it’s missing some of the springs in there that the semi-auto has that takes away…

It’ll absorb that.

It absorbs the shock so that shock is going to go straight into your wrist. Even though it’s maybe the cutest, pinkest gun in the store, your lady may find that this isn’t as comfortable to shoot. It is very comfortable to hold. It’s very easy to conceal. Here’s what I love about revolvers: there’s nothing that can go wrong with this thing in terms of when you go to shoot it? Did I turn the safety off? Did I forget to rack the slide? Is there a bullet in the chamber? None of that stuff matters. If there are bullets in the cylinder here, in the chamber…

…and you pull that trigger…

…and you pull that trigger, it’s going to go bang.

That’s one thing we should mention about the trigger. It’s kind of a long pull.

It is a long pull. In fact, we mentioned there’s no safety on this gun, which tends to scare some of the ladies. The safety on this gun is the long pull on the trigger. This is not going to go off accidentally, that long, hard pull right there to make this thing go off. You’re not going to reach into your purse and be fumbling around and have it accidentally go off or anything like that. It is missing the safety and some of those other things. It’s not a bad thing.


When the time comes for you to use your gun, unless you’re dedicated to going through a lot of training and a lot of practice, you may find that you forget to turn the safety off, or you forget to rack the slide. This is a really good option.

Sometimes simple is best, man.

That’s right.

Price-wise, what are we looking at?

This one’s a really good value for the money. You’re in the 450 to 500 range for a 38 Special revolver. Also worth mentioning, if the low…

The cartridge.

The cartridge, thank you, is not good enough and you’re really kind of nervous about the 38 Special, it really is kind of your absolute minimum in self-defense. You can move up to a 357, which can often interchange between 38 and 357.

That gives you the ability to practice with 38’s at a range, 357’s when you carry.

Great option.

Alright, so there you have it. There are four good options for concealed carry for women. This is by no means the greatest list of all times. These are just guns that we had lying around and we thought would be really, really good options that we trust our wives, trust our girlfriends carrying. They offer a lot of different abilities. You’ve got low price range, mid, high, as well as the revolver and semiautomatic. It’s just a good, well-round list. If you have other suggestions or ideas that you think should be in the video, leave them in the comments below.

We’d love to hear what you have to say. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail at and I’d love to help you out. If you liked the video, if it helped you out, please like the video, share it, and subscribe to the channel. All of that helps us out immensely. If you haven’t seen these other two videos, please check them out. We’ll catch you next time on Green Light Shooting. Thanks for watching.

I’ll single stack and what that means is, if you look inside the magazine.

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