Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport Shooting

Alright, another black rifle. It looks like an AR-15. Let’s pick it up and take a couple of shots…like right there.

It works.

I wonder if it’ll shoot across the hill.

Let’s go for that little plate over there.

Ah, I love to hit that one.

I don’t think I can miss. Let’s hit Mr. Don here.

Oh yes, another AR-15—don’t you hate it? Not me. They’re fun. We are kind of keeping our promise, showing you the M&P15 Sport, alright. You saw it on the table recently in the Adams Arms video. We did not shoot it in that video. We wanted it to get the attention it deserves. That is today.

Actually, for the last several days, I have shot it, I guess, every day with a couple of mags. I walked around the farm here, the plantation, the compound. I plinked and shot it and just tried to get my impressions of it to make sure it works. I cleaned it, shot it some more, cleaned it and shot it some more.

I don’t really do torture testing, such as, “Let’s not clean this gun and shoot 800 times.” I don’t know. I just don’t do that. I guess I could sometime. They tend to work anyway. I just like to clean a gun after I shoot it every time. It’s just pretty much a habit. I can’t not do that.

Plus, I like, with the firearm that we’re testing and shooting – you know, “testing” – seeing what we think about it. I like to take it apart, break it down, clean all the little pieces and put it back together. It helps get an impression of problems and what’s with this thing. How does it seem? Does it fit back together?

Can you get it together? I don’t know. Speaking of that, there’s your carrier and the charging handle. This is an M&P15 Sport. Again, this came from Bud’s Gun Shop, as you know. All three of those did, you saw on the table. We appreciate for their support and getting us all these fine firearms.

Check the links for details to eGunner, Bud’s Gun Shop and Range, and all that. They’re a major sponsor and help us a lot. We had three of these come in from them. It’s got a chrome line gas key and carrier. I don’t know if the bolt is magnetic, particle tested, or anything.

I think maybe it’s not. You might know more about that. I didn’t see the MPI or anything on it. It is staked right there. It’s your standard bolt and carrier. That’s the thing about this firearm. I think MSRP is over $700. But, basically, you can get them for around $650, I think, is generally going to be the price range, depending.

At some little mom and pop gun shop out in the middle of nowhere or downtown New York City, it may be higher. I don’t know. I’ve been to New York City a few times. I don’t remember seeing any mom and pop kinds of shops in there.

Generally, you can get one for $650, in that range. That is definitely low end on an AR-15. I don’t think I’d want one for $450, put it that way. I would be afraid of how it’s made. This seems to be the vicinity pricewise where there are some of these available.

We can’t do them all. There are so many out there. Even in that price range or close to it, there are so many companies that make maybe nothing but ARs. We can’t do them all. We have probably more requests for this one, the Ruger AR556. We’re going to do some others too.

The thing about this one and the Ruger that we definitely want to spend some time on, we’ve been wanting to do them for a while, is this gun was made by Smith & Wesson. They’ve been around a while, what 1852, I think. They’ve been around a while. This firearm is made by Smith & Wesson.

The other one is made by Ruger. It’s been around a while too and made a lot of firearms. We’re talking about a couple firearms here that are low end, but they’re made by major manufacturers of all sorts of firearms. I think, because of that, they have a little more interest, maybe, I don’t know, to me and probably to a lot of you.

Whereas a lot of people, they think about an AR, and there’s a lot of you out there, you’ve never heard of some of these companies. I’m not going to mention any of the companies because some of them are really good AR makers. If you’ve not heard of them, you know who they are. They’re Brand X or something.

A lot of people do rely on that name to some extent. They say, “It’s made by Smith & Wesson. OK, good price. I’ll take a chance on that.” It’s the same with Ruger, Colt, or any company that you’re really familiar with. That makes it just a little more interesting.

Again, that said, you might find one for the same price from another company that’s actually a better AR. Anyway, at $650, that’s not bad. That’s not a bad price for an AR-15. This seems to be pretty good. The bottom line right now is I have shot this thing a lot and not had any hang-ups. It’s worked like a champ.

There are no failures to feed and no issues. I rapid-fired it. I slow-fired it and everything and it seems to work. Let’s see. On this one, yeah, on this one, the sights were right on right out of the box. So, that was nice. Let me take a couple more shots.

Right out of the box, I did not have to adjust them at all. There’s a round in the chamber. That’s where they all start: the chamber. I’m going to pop a couple of water-filled targets here. Let’s see. Let’s start on the left.

I think that didn’t leak.

There’s one.

There’s one there.

That’s pretty cool. There’s one down there hiding.

There’s one over there. He’s a little more of a challenge.
Do you know what? Somebody put a flower pot on top of the cinder block over there. I’m going to try to hit the flower pot first.

Let’s take a little of that cinder block down maybe.

That is fun.

Am I out of ammo? Oh no! I didn’t have any extra ammo in my back pouch over here in my cargo pocket. I meant to have one over there. We’re shooting Federal ammo.

That’s fun. That’s fun.

Let’s go to the other red plate.

It’s a good shooter. What can I say? It puts them there.

Let’s try the burn barrel. Let’s get that guy first.

Smoke a little pot. Wow, look at that.

The burn barrel is always a good place to do a little rapid fire. Oh man, I can’t help it. I just like to shoot.

I just like to shoot.

OK, couple more things about it. The trigger is not bad for what you would expect. Many of you have had a lot of Mil-Spec trigger experience. They’re definitely nothing to write home about. This one, actually, on that scale of one to ten for Mil-Spec triggers, is probably up there at a seven or an eight.

It’s one of the better just plain old Mil-Spec triggers I’ve ever had. I guess it might just be chance. It’s not too bad. It comes with your MBUS flip-up sight there. The barrels, I understand, are not really melonited. I think, early on, they might have in the M&P15 Sports.

They haven’t done that, I think, for a few years. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the case. Smith & Wesson has their own treatment of some sort. I’m just saying that they might have gone away from that because it’s probably more expensive.

It’s a 1:9 twist. I don’t believe it’s chrome lined. What else about that? You’ve got your 1:9 twist. You’ve got a one-piece trigger guard here. I noticed that. I believe that’s to make it simpler to build all that. You’ve got a $650 gun.

So, your fit and finish is not necessarily like an LWRC, a Daniel Defense, or that kind of thing. You might see just a slight little gap or a mismatch. Again, it’s a $600 to $700 firearm. It seems fairly tight. You don’t have a lot of play in it as you do in some ARs.

That really doesn’t bother me if it’s accurate. It’s the same with the 1911. It doesn’t have to be so tight you can’t get it apart in my book. You’ve got that. You don’t have a dust cover. You don’t have a forward assist. These are things you can do without, right?

Some people don’t even like a forward assist. Others do. I think John and I have decided we just as soon have one if all else being equal. We don’t need it that often. It sometimes gets you in trouble. You cram that bolt in there and get a round lodged tightly. It’s hard to get out.

Those are ways you could keep the cost down more so than making your barrel out of pewter. If you’re going to cut cost somewhere and try to offer a quality firearm, one that will get the job done and serve most people well enough, then where you cut that cost that keeps it from being a $1,000, $1,400 or $1,500 AR-15 is in things like that, such as accessories, do-dads and extras. We could sell the same for $600 if we just put a rubber gas tube in it.

You want the parts that are important to be pretty well-made. With some of those things, that’s okay. I am pleasantly surprised by it to tell you the truth. I’ve really always thought I just don’t want a $600 AR. I just don’t know about that. How do they make it for that kind of money?

You don’t have any fancy furniture. You’ve got your standard Mil-Spec, stock and everything. It really seems fine. It seems well-made. The reports on them, if you search around the web, I don’t know that anybody is having a lot of trouble. Well, somebody is, of course, right?

I don’t know that there’s a lot of negative about them. They just are what they are. They seem to work. Most people that have them seem to like them. They do fine. Again, maybe if you’re going to Afghanistan tomorrow and you’re going to be over there in battle for months and months, you want a $1,500 AR.

Of course, you’re probably not going to be having to buy your own, right? Maybe the melonite is more important than forward assist, dust covers, and all the premium things that you would like to have in an ideal situation. I’ll have to say again there there’s just not much of an excuse for someone not to own an AR-15 if they want one.

If you can afford any firearm, quality handgun or anything, you could afford this thing. Let’s shoot it a couple more times. We won’t shoot all this ammo.

I don’t want to pound that. Let me pull the bolt back.

Lock it back.

Do you know what? I bet John or I put that extra round in the magazine. You’ve got to watch John. He’ll get 35 rounds in one of those mags. He’s a capacity nut. He loves that last round. There’s not a lot left to shoot, but that’s okay. I’ll find something. Let me see if I can rake off a couple more pieces of that cinder block. I can’t really see much left.

There we go.

I don’t know if there’s an AR that I feel like I can hit better with that I’ve shot for a long time. The sights are on. It feels good. The trigger is not bad at all. So, I’ll miss my next shot.

I feel so confident with this gun that I’m going to make a pistol out of it. Uh-oh, am I in trouble with ATF if I shoot it like this? After all, they’re kind of telling us how we can hold our firearms these days, aren’t they? I’m going to shoot this rifle as a handgun. I’m sure I’ll be in prison tomorrow.

This doesn’t come with it. That’s strictly for length, of course. I’ve got a little extra length. I put that on the day when I was just plinking around the compound with it. It’s amazing. If you can have that much space to your stock, it makes a world of difference.

It’s just a little short to be ideal. Obviously, if you’ve ever fired a 223, 5.56, you know it’s not on there to save my limbs. It’s not there because of recoil. I’m going to pop that thing a couple more times.

And the propane tank.

I got into a rhythm and he ran out of ammo. Is there anything else I didn’t tell you about this that I even know about it? It’s just standard. There’s not much ambidextrous, of course. That’s another way you keep it priced reasonably. It comes with a 30-round mag.

It doesn’t come with a limb saver. You won’t need anything to save your limbs. If you’re normal size, that’s not an issue. I did put a little white paint on there just before the video. Normally, I wasn’t having too much trouble over the last week shooting it.

I don’t know. I pulled out here today. I don’t want that sight getting lost, especially in a video. I start missing targets. You start laughing at me. I would be crushed. I probably won’t take that off. If you end up with this firearm, you can just scrape it off if you don’t like my sight.

It is sight paint. I didn’t rob my wife’s fingernail polish or anything. It’s your basic AR. It seems to work. The M&P15 Sport even has a bayonet lug. It’s a little far down. The barrel is kind of long for it to really work like it’s supposed to. At least you’ve got the lug on there.

I see why there’s quite a bit of buzz about these things. I think they’re pretty plentiful. I think all ARs are right now. It’s kind of a buyer’s market, right? I’ve been in gun shops where they have these things stacked on the floor. Now, every time we’re at one of Bud’s locations in Sevierville or Lexington, they seem to be having a special.

I don’t even know what the prices were. There were a stack of them somewhere out on the floor. They’re just really plentiful. A lot of you all, because you are people, I assume, are watching these things or buying these things. Well, you’re watching them, and then you’re buying them.

It’s a decent rifle. It’s just a matter of your purpose and how much you’re willing to put into one. If you’re not sure whether you really want an AR-15 and think, “I’m not going to spend $1,000 for one of those, but I wouldn’t mind having it,” then you go down to $650, maybe a lot of you are closer to taking the plunge, especially with one that works.

I guess that might be where a lot of people could be. There are so many people into firearms now and into these kinds of firearms – all kinds of firearms. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to do. You’ve been looking at some of the more expensive ones, but you’re not sure how badly you really want or need an AR-15.

Maybe you get something like this, then just take it out, enjoy it and see. If you decide, “Whoa, I am an AR person. I love these things,” then go from there. Maybe get a bigger name or something. You can spend all the way up to $3,000 or more on an AR-15.

So anyway, the M&P15 Sport works. We have not had any trouble with it. I’ve shot it quite a bit. We’ll be shooting a little bit more too. We just thought we’d let you know what I think. Life is good.

We’d like to thank one of our sponsors, SDI, The Sonoran Desert Institute. SDI has fully accredited distance learning programs where you can get certified in gunsmithing or even an associate’s degree in firearms technology. Of course, the study includes hands-on experience, which is important, of course.

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