Smith and Wesson Brand Update – Now American Outdoor Brands Corp

Smith & Wesson

When it comes to American firearms, Smith and Wesson continues to hold a special place for many shooters. Certain law enforcement organizations still trust S&W as their go-to provider for weapons and many civilian shooters have a special place in their collection for these guns as well. As a major brand in the States, you can always be sure that any firearm you get with the S&W emblem will be well-made and offer no-nonsense features to keep you on target. Recently, Smith and Wesson has been working to expand its reach beyond just firearms, which is why American Outdoor Brands Corp makes sense for their rebranding efforts.

Getting Used to the New Company

According to the official press release from Smith and Wesson, the name change is sparked by an interest to better reach their target audience. Specifically, they point out that most S&W owners are not just gun owners -they are people who appreciate outdoor life. With that in mind, they are looking to better provide for the complete lifestyle that their customers are looking to enjoy. To do this, they plan to expand their offerings to include many more outdoor-centric products.

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This announcement seems to come at a convenient time for them as well. Shareholders were pleased to make the change and the new company will be emerging as of January. This means it will be here in time for Shot Show 2017. While we are unsure about any major Smith and Wesson reveals this year, it is safe to say that this development will hold some news from the new American Outdoor Brand Corp. Whether that includes a new product lineup or just more news about structure is yet to be seen. Either way, the change in focus could really make a difference considering some recent acquisitions by the company.

Some Major Acquisitions

As you may recall, Smith and Wesson made some pretty substantial move this year. In fact, they had a really interesting August, buying tool and knife maker Taylor Brands for $85 million and forking out another $95 million to purchase Crimson Trace. This helps position the company to expand well beyond just shooting sports and offer more complete outdoor solutions. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to hear that they may look to make some other key purchases in early 2017. Regardless, just as Crimson Trace and Taylor Brands are expected to keep their respective names in tact, it seems that the name Smith and Wesson will stick around.

Maintaining the Reputation

While the holding company name will now be American Outdoors Brands Corp. that doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to that familiar S&W emblem. Instead, the new company will continue using Smith and Wesson as the name for their firearm production, allowing for some familiarity to remain. No major changes have been announced that would affect manufacturing or distribution either, so it is safe to assume that the quality will remain just as it has over the many years of success.

In light of the name change, we are most excited to see how they will be presenting themselves at the 2017 Shot Show. With that event lying just around the corner, we expect that they will have more than just firearms to showcase this year and may even have some more details on their broader plan.

What do you think about this name change? How much do you think Smith and Wesson will be able to expand in this larger outdoor market? Regardless of what direction they go, Omaha Outdoors will always be here ready to offer their products with the support and dedication you have come to trust.

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