Silenced Nighthawk 1911 Video

Hello, my friend, it is FPS Russia again and I wanted to make a video that was kind of an old-school video, kind of a backyard-style video like I used to do. Lots of people were asking for those, so I’ve got my 1911 here. This is my AAC Nighthawk 1911. I’ve got an extended mag and up there I’ve got some specialty ammunition and something very special for this gun but first, I just wanted to say, I love the 1911s. I don’t really like the Glocks that much. I find the 1911 is not only more reliable if you take care of it but it’s much, much more accurate. We’re going to shoot some steel and then we’re going to get a little bit more interesting.

You see, with the 1911, there’s one issue. It’s very, very loud. My ears are ringing right now. I can’t hear shit, but if we change one thing about this, I think it’ll be a little bit more comfortable, so let’s do that. 

Okay, so what I’ve got now, this is AAC’s Ti-Rant .45 suppressor. I read the comments a lot and people are always saying that suppressors are illegal or they’re for military only. That’s absolutely not true. Any civilian without a criminal record can just purchase a suppressor. Now that you know that, this is the best .45 suppressor on the market and the coolest part is that if you have this suppressor, you can put it on your 9mm, your .357, your .38, whatever — anything smaller than .45 caliber. On this gun, it is pretty quiet.

Most of the noise that you are hearing is the steel being hit, so I’m going to shoot one over here into the woods so you won’t hear the impact.

You can see, it’s not like in the movies or in video games — you don’t get that djoop, djoop, you know, that really quiet noise, but it reduces the noise of the shot significantly. You’re not going to go into somebody’s house and shoot two or three guards and the guy upstairs doesn’t know it, but it is much, much quieter than that ear-ringing, normal .45.

One thing is that shooting steel this close can sometimes be dangerous, so let me show you something really, really cool. Okay, so like I said, with standard ball ammunition you can sometimes get ricochets, the bullet can come back when you’re shooting steel, so what I’ve got here is some frangible ammunition. This will turn to powder when it hits the steel and it’s still strong enough, stable enough, that you could shoot a person with it and get the desired effect, but the bullet, if you miss or pass through, will not go over and kill someone whom you don’t want to kill. You’ll always kill the right people with this ammunition. Let me show you just how effective it is on this steel.

There we are. We’re at about six inches there and all you get is tiny bits of sand and they’re not even coming off or hitting me hard. It’s just like powder. You see the impact you’re getting there. It’s hitting the target like a ton of bricks. This ammunition is awesome.

Okay, so I read the comments from the last video and a lot of you guys like tracer, so at the last minute, I decided to go get some tracer for my .45 and show you guys what it looks like up close. This is really good tracer. It actually traces right out of the barrel. Lots of times, with the 5.56 stuff, it only starts lighting up and glowing at about one hundred meters, so check this out.

You can see that stuff is a lot of fun to play with. It can be a little dangerous. You can start some fires, but I love this stuff.

Okay, so one last thing. Lots of people always complain because they never get to see the zombie targets bleed. They do, in fact, bleed when you shoot them. They’ve got paint inside, so I’m going to shoot them a few times in the torso to show you that and then at the end, I’ve got one ounce of In The Red exploding target stuck to his forehead and I’m going to show you just how powerful that is, so here we go.

That’s one ounce. Hope you enjoyed the video, my friends. Those are some really good explosives. As always, have a nice day.

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