Sig Scorpion 1911 45 ACP Single Stack

Hickok45 here on a snowy day and you know from the title it’s a 1911 day. We’re going to throw some big bullets into the snow today, maybe even into some steel and other things. We’ve got the Sig Scorpion 1911. How’s that for a cool gun?

What should we shoot first? John, I told you wash off the snow, you used dishwashing detergent. I can’t believe it. I guess it worked. Ah, speaking of snow there’s some ice. And there’s another piece of ice. All right. Yeah, let’s wear this thing out. 1911 single stack. Unique low capacity, that’s okay. Big capacity on the weight, 230 grains.

That rattles the ammo cans or the propane tanks. Let’s shoot one more mag here. Oh, sorry about that. Okay, hit them. Yeah. Pretty cool gun, I tell you.

Let’s take a look at it because it is an interesting looking firearm and it’s grown on me in terms of its looks. I tend to prefer a good old blued steel or stainless. This one is steel of course but it’s cerakoted. And a dessert tan or flat dark earth, I’m not even sure what it’s called on this particular one. But it’s – it seems a little darker than dessert tan to me but it’s a nice gun. They call it the Scorpion. We’ll see what we can sting with it today.

And you notice that magwell, it’s an interesting grip. I’ve never had one of those on a firearm, the Hogue makes those. It’s kind of a one piece; they’re 3G magwell grip configuration. You get with that flat mainspring housing and the grips. Nice texture to them, I like them just fine. And then of course the mag well for speed reloading, right? Because we all want to be able to speed reload our 1911s. Notice the checkering. I think it is 25 lines per inch on the front of the back strap. That’s pretty cool. It comes with it.

These are, they run about 1200 I think, MSRP. Got some big rails on it and a flat trigger. Okay? It’s mainly designed for people with flat fingers because that’s just the design of the trigger. But you might be able to shoot it okay even if your finger isn’t flat, do you think? That was a joke. Actually the flat trigger makes them more accurate, seriously.

You can hit anything if you have a flat trigger. Actually that might look a little odd to some of you. Let me load these magazines. It’s a – I like a flat trigger like that. If you’ve ever tried one of those, speaking of that, these big bullets here we appreciate Federal providing these because this is a lot of copper and lead and brass. So take that in, Buds sponsorship. Buds Gun Shop, be sure you check the link in the description. We have a lot of people that help us and including the folks that lent us this firearm. This is from Tennessee Gun Country up in Clarksville, Tennessee.

And I’ve had it for now almost two weeks. We just have not been out here having fun for a while so if I can’t hit anything today you’ll know why. Yeah, I’m a bad shot right? I can’t blame it on the gun. I’ll say that upfront. Any misses are all mine, which is usually the case isn’t it? No matter who is shooting because this thing has a, about a five pound trigger it said. And it has a nice clean break. It feels good to me. It’s a – why am I reloading these? I thought I might not even shoot all these but it’s okay. Now that’s in the fire I’ve got to shoot these magazines. Oh that’s terrible. Go 45 Hardball.

Okay. I mean we’ve got a mixture of some Wilson mags, some Ed Brown mags and some Brownells mags here. And I want to get out the mags that I’ve just never had any trouble with. Maybe a Wilson occasionally, you know some of the older ones I guess but generally these are some of my best magazines that I know work and I think the springs are all okay on all of these. They’re not weakened.

But this is a pretty cool gun. You’ve got rail. You’ve got low profile Novak sights or Novak style sights. Night sights, sig lights, whatever they call them there, and you be prepared. You’ve got all that stuff that people tend to like on a 1911 that you see on a lot of 1911s don’t you, for various prices. And this jumps them all up. I think just about whoever makes it up into the 1000 to $1500 range. Of course once you get your nice beavertails and rails and specialty night sights and which are adjustable for at least in a screw there so you’ve got adjustable sights. Pretty cool gun. Let’s take a couple of shots with it.

I don’t know it’s interesting how many firearms now have a color to them now like that, different some kind of coating. And of cerakote, of course, one of the I guess the best, more famous ones. They’ll well known, but there are several I think that do that. So you know I’m getting used to it a little bit. I still prefer I think plain old stainless or just plain old steel. Steel finish, blue finish. I know they’re all steel for the most part.

Now this thing feels good, I’ll have to say. Does it feel good to you Mr. Cowboy? Oh, I ran out of ammo. They all do that. Good looking gun. It really is. Let’s cut one across the hill there. Let’s just a – I don’t know if I can hit anything even though the sights are on. Let’s try for a piggy over there. I’ll try one hand, why am I doing this? I don’t know. Let’s see. There we go. It feels good. Let’s try a ram. All right. Oh, didn’t want to fall. He’s frozen. Yeah, he’s really frozen. Where’s my 4570? We’ve not been over there since the ice storm and snow so a lot of those things are probably frozen to the ground. Since I’m shooting from concealment here let’s put him back in my high dollar holster there. Okay. Like it fits in that pretty well with the rail and everything.

And let’s I don’t really want to drop my mags in the snow I guess. So we won’t get to fancy here. But there is a – it is a target rich environment and I have a 1911 at my disposal so I want to have a little fun with it. Feels pretty good. Yes sir-ee. I love that trigger. Oh there’s some two liters that have not been engaged yet. Let’s move up on it. Take them out. Coffin. Okay. Let’s try to keep them there in the middle of it. The sight seem to be right on. They really do.

Let me see, I’m going to I’ll shoot that round black one there. I’m going to hold right in the middle. I believe the sights pretty much put it right where you have them when you pull the trigger. Provided you don’t flinch. Oh, man. Nice. And of course that’s always the trick, not flinching.

Let me try it round, I’m going to see if I can pop one on its horn or up high enough to maybe break him loose. That didn’t work. Let’s try a couple more on him. Empty mag. Got some over here. You really shouldn’t if you’re in combat I stuck an empty mag back in my mag pouch. You probably don’t want to do that in combat. By the way that’s an old Bianchi mag pouch. I bought a couple of those back in it was probably about ’87 I guess when I first started playing the IPSC game a little bit. Still work. Because I shot 1911s most of the time and they still fit in my hand like a glove. And I have to say this one feels good. I’ve never, I don’t think have fired a Sig 1911. I’ve heard good things about them for years. People tend to complement them. They really do.

And again being kind of old school it’s still hard for me to grasp, you know Sig making 1911s, really? Even with Smith & Wesson starting doing it and a lot of the companies, just like AR15s, you know, so many people making them it’s just kind of mental leap for me to accept that. And you know I bought any from companies other than Colt, Springfield, some of those. Have I? Well Ed Browning, you know customs guns, but I like this gun. I do.

I tell you one thing I like about it, it doesn’t have – a couple of things I like about it myself personally. They have a good reputation, is that – and of course it’s good and clear. It feels good precision. You know some of these guns are just hard to break down. This has your standard, of course the 1911 is not like breaking down a Glock. We all know that. But from the first time I took it apart after firing it I was pleased that you know it just comes apart easily. You don’t have the full length guide right. You don’t have a barrel bushing that’s so tight you have to get out pipe wrench to get it out and everything.

And it’s got the firing pin block there. But the machining and everything is what you’d expect from Sig, right? And it’s got a match grade barrel, of course. So that always makes a huge difference, right? Standing and shooting. And it just seems to be well made. Imagine that. Sig making something properly. You might have had a different experience but I just like it. All right.

If I were looking at 1911s, I didn’t have a nice one, let’s say. And I was looking to get something in this price range just a good 1911 with a beavertail. The things that we like to have on them you know, to make them more shootable maybe, this would definitely be a something I would look at. Because it’s a nice gun. It feels good.

All right, goes back together like a 1911 ought to. No big problems getting it apart. I think in fact it’s easier to get apart and back together than my Colt. I can say that. So they didn’t do anything strange at least on this model. Okay? It’s a good feeling gun. Grips feel great. The checkering is there. So you know I don’t know. So I can see why people like the Sigs, I have to say.

We got a couple more loaded here let’s take a few more shots. Boy it feels good to get out here even though there is snow on the ground, if you hadn’t noticed and it’s cold. It’s just really neat to get back on the range and be shooting. Now I have shot, I have actually shot this firearm but it’s just walking here and taking some shots from time to time, cleaning it, come back and shoot a couple more mags. Just like to try it out and everything as I do with all of them, and but it’s just neat to get out here and really send some lead down range. I know a lot of you are getting cabin fever if you live in this part of the country. All right. Well I’m going to chance following I think I’ve got all the ammo with me that I, yeah, that I need.

Let’s just walk down here and shoot some of these bad guys, if you can keep from slipping. Oh yeah, I hate propane tanks as you can probably tell. I think one fell on me when I was a kid or something. Nice. The trigger is good. It’s got a nice break to it. Am I about to run out of ammo? Just about. You know you feel like you can really machine gun with this thing. It feels oh so good. Oh I see a couple of 12 ouncers there. I wanted to do that at this range. I think those are frozen from days gone by perhaps.

That little red target there needs a hit on it I think. Yeah, from a weak hand. A weak handed hit was the last shot on that magazine. I think I have a couple more maybe. Yeah, buddy. 1911s, they are fun to shoot and I know there are 1911 haters out there. But they are really fun and they’re good guns. You know what I think I’ll try a turkey before we wrap up here. That one up the far right. I know he’s froze but 230 grains ought to at least shake him a little bit if I can hit him. Yeah. Should we try the chicken? All right. I was afraid I was going to run out ammo and have to crept back up to the shooting table with my tail between my legs. Nice gun.

Nice gun, Sig 1911 Scorpion. Some of you probably have this gun. And I like it. And I feel a presence behind me. I really do and you know what I am always prepared back up John. All right. So let’s put this one over here. He’s empty and he’s down. He’s action open. And let’s put this one back in the pocket holster. And now that was a HST hollow point I just used right there. So let’s put him away. In case he’s needed again for further activity. I didn’t feel extremely safe there in that gun handling. You got to be careful no matter what’s going on. You got to be ready for anything. You got to be ready for anything and still try to be safe. Even if your life is in jeopardy like mine was right there with somebody sneaking up behind me, okay? Because I was out of ammo. I had no loaded magazines anywhere. I got a pocket full of magazines. They’re all empty. So pays to have a pocket gun have a backup gun doesn’t it? Okay.

Anyway, yeah, Sig Scorpion. It’s a nice pistol. I really like it. I appreciate the loan of this gun from Tennessee Gun Country. It’s a good shooter, good trigger. My guess is they’re all the same. You probably get that same Sig consistency you know you get with their striker fired gun and their polymer guns, you know, would be my guess. But if you have a different story share it of course. Because this is my first experience really with a Sig 1911. Okay?

For you folks that hate 1911s, I’m sorry for you. You’re missing a lot of fun. They’re great fun to shoot. You don’t have to stick in a hostler and pack it around. You can just enjoy shooting it, really. Come on now, lighten up. Life is good.

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