Sig Sauer Unveils New P320RX Pistol – Golden Bullseye Winner

new sig sauer p320rx

When designing a new firearm, one of the target goals for any manufacturer is to obtain a coveted Golden Bullseye award. This year, Sig Sauer gets to celebrate one of these small victories with the introduction of their P320RX handgun. Winner of the American Rifleman’s Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year for 2016, it is sure to get a lot of attention in the coming months.

At Omaha Outdoors, we always like to take a closer look at new releases, especially when that release is recognized in such a way. Since we spent time at Shot Show, we were happy to have an inside look at some of the features on this new firearm. If you are a long-time Sig owner, you will likely find that this lives up to all your expectations. Of course, those who aren’t normally Sig shooters might also find that this model has plenty to offer.

Sig Sauer P320RX First Looks

On the surface, the new P320 has plenty in common with the existing models in the series. It features an ergonomic grip design with stippling that makes it easy to handle. It’s slide is outfitted with front and rear serrations, offering better options for cocking the gun. Meanwhile, the long accessory rail on this full-size model offers you the option to equip any of those accessories you might need. From there, it offers an easy takedown switch, a light and crisp trigger, and a standard 17-round 9mm magazine. Of course, the feature that sets this weapon apart is the optic configuration.

The Romeo Red-Dot Optic

Unlike most red-dot pistols, the new P320RX offers an integrated Romeo red dot sight. Having an optic included with the firearm is a nice touch and not one you see too often. As some others have pointed out, the cost of a good red optic is often similar to that of a semi-auto pistol. With that in mind, we can’t help but point out the great value that is inherent with this pistol. Beyond that value, the RX optics packs in some notable advantages right off the bat.

To begin with, this optic comes pre-installed on the slide. This means it is already setup to perform with the co-witness, elevated night sights. Next, the optic weighs virtually nothing. Upon holding the weapon, there is no indication that it would affect the balance in the slightest. Where visibility is concerned, it appears that the various settings make it ideal for both low-light encounters as well as regular indoor shooting. On top of that, the large field of vision makes it an exceptional weapon for both-eyes-open shooting.

Looking at logistical concerns, users can also get on board. The easy-to-access battery compartment is on top of the optic, so when it does need a replacement it will be easy to do. Sig further reports that the optic has an auto-on/auto-off feature. In practice, this causes it to turn off after a certain period of inactivity and activates when it detects movement. Finally, windage and elevation adjustment knobs are easy to access and control, making it a very serviceable option.

A New Type of Sig Pistol

Overall, we are very excited to see the new P320RX in action. It seems to add in just the right changes to make for a great shooting experience. Considering the inherent value of a competitively priced weapon with an integral optic, this could be a great budget option for shooters a well. Our only concern is in the durability of the optic. While Sig Sauer is known for producing high-quality weapon systems, will this new optic stand up to rigorous use if push comes to shove?

Only time will answer this question. In the meantime, do you intend to grab a new Sig Sauer P320RX? If so, make sure to check our Sig Sauer page to see when we have them in stock.

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