Gun Review: Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion – A Different Micro-Compact

Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion FDE

Many shooters, after a few years, begin to find themselves adopting a particular type, style, caliber or size of handgun. It’s a natural tendency; we all like to stay with the familiar. In this review, we’re going to try to convince those readers who haven’t tried a micro-compact handgun (at least lately) to break away from the comfortable and consider something completely different.

For the ultimate micro-compact pistol, take the favored .380 ACP cartridge and combine it with the classic 1911 frame. That gives you the Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion: this is a small, comfortable, concealable single-action-only semiautomatic. It has become a favorite carry Sig Sauer pistol, chosen among people who want to have an easily carried sidearm. Among all others, has it become an ideal high-quality, reliable design that anyone can depend upon. It’s considered among the most desired pistols for people who decide to carry a firearm every day.


For those who enjoy the 1911 pistol design, the P238 has sometimes been considered to be similar to the Colt Mustang or the Ruger LCP, but it does not have the classic grip safety. Instead, it is uniquely a Sig Sauer design, with a standard ambidextrous safety that has its own following.

With Hogue® Piranha G-10 grips, the P238 has a comfortable, reliable hold that makes firing instinctive and accurate. The flat dark earth custom finish also gives the pistol a distinctive appearance. There is nothing quite like this Sig.

Chambered for the .380 ACP (9mm short), the P238 Scorpion is a true compact. It has an overall length of 5.5″ and a height of 3.9″, plus just over an inch in width. Comfortably light at just 15.2 ounces (without the 7-round magazine), it still has enough weight to take care of recoil. Even so, it is light enough for everyday carry. Much of that can be attributed it the anodized aluminum alloy framed, combined to a stainless steel slide frame.

Although, as a compact, it has only a 2.7″ barrel, it scores accuracy that shows the quality of the manufacture and fit. To that is added the ergonomics of the pistol design, including a light trigger pull (between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds), trigger guard design, solid grips and well-designed sight radius. This is a shooter, not just a pocket pistol.

As with any carry pistol, there is a balance among the considerations of caliber, weight and size. How does the P238 stand up? The .380 round has garnered greater respect for its penetration, more stopping power and ballistic qualities. As a primary carry firearm or a backup, the .380 pistol is increasingly chosen as a firearm for an easily concealable, comfortable carry firearm.

Design, fit, reliability and accuracy: the Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion provides it all. Carry this Piranha-grip pistol in a belt or ankle rig and you can be assured of certain quality.

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