Browning 1911-380 Black Label 380 ACP Pistol Video

Today, we’re going to be shooting this 1911 Black Label 380. It’s a handy little thing.

Before we go further, MSRP is $669. Some of you guys are going to gripe and say that the 38 ain’t worth it. It’s time for you to go watch something else because that’s what this video is about. It’s about this little gun. It’s the same size as the 1911-22 that came out a few years back.

This 380 shoots really well. It was designed by John Brown, as was the 1911. This is a good weapon. It’s about a seven-eighths scale of standard 1911. You can see how thin it is. It still has a four and a-quarter in barrel. It’s going to give you a good velocity increase over the smaller guns on the market, like little pocket guns. It has some other advantages, also. It gives you between 100 to 125 feet per second advantage over the short barrel guns.

One advantage of this one is it is so easy to shoot. It’s thin. It fits my hand really well. I get a good grasp on it. It’s good for people who have trouble working a slide on a 380 because some of the short ones have a light slide. The spring has to be really tight or it’s real hard to operate.

Let me pop this magazine out of here. It works really well.

Anybody that can work a slide at all can work this one.

You take two fingers on each end to work it. It’s easy to pull back like this. You’ll have an easy time operating this. It’s got the features of a full-size 1911. It takes down just like the 1911. It’s got a barrel bushing. It’s got a four and a-quarter inch nominal barrel.

It comes with an eight round magazine. It does have a magazine safety in it. The magazine has to be inserted before it’ll fire.

It also has ambidextrous thumb safeties, which being a left hander I really like. It’s got good sights on it. Most 380s have little bitty sights. This one doesn’t. It has a good square notch on it, and it’s adjustable for wind.

You’re not going to hurt your hand to clear a malfunction or to chamber your first cartridge. I haven’t had any malfunctions, yet.

It’s got a checkered main spring housing on it. It has the bump on the full beaver tail, grip-safety. It’s got a lot of nice features on it.

The trigger pull measures right at four pounds on my trigger pull scale. It’s four-point-zero-eight pounds, I believe. It feels really well. It feels lighter than that.

It’s got marks at the rear of the slide that make it real easy to grasp, should you need to. The magazine just comes with one steel magazine. The composition of this weapon is mixed. The slide and sights are steel. The frame is polymer and aluminum. The inside is the serial number part that the slide runs on is made of aluminum. The case, grip and frame is made of a polymer.

It’s light weight and checkered well. The gun weighs about 16.4 ounces on my scale, and it’s ran perfectly with everything I’ve fired, so far.

Swing down here, Boge, and show them. I’ve used 14 kinds of ammunition in this little pistol: full metal jacket, hollow point, standard pressure and +P. It runs perfectly. I’m not sure we’re going to recommend +P or not. Most don’t because there’s no industry spec for +P 380 ammunition. Most warn against it, but it works well in this pistol.

We’re going to shoot it a little bit to show you how it works. As I’ve said, it’s got the fixtures of a 1911. It’s got a slide lock on here to release the slide, if you want to. It’s best to work it like that, let it go shut, when you have a full magazine in it.

The magazine releases in the same spot as the standard 1911. This is an excellent weapon. It shoots well. It’s a cut above most pocket pistols on the market. It will function as a pocket gun. It fits in my pocket well, without a problem at all. If you want a little holster for it, you need a slightly scaled down 1911.

It works really well, like I said. It’s got the grip safety, thumb safety and magazine safety. If you drop it on the muzzle the firing pin won’t hit, so it won’t go off. It’s a good little weapon. We’re going to shoot it some to show you how it runs. It’s easy to hit with, easy to shoot and easy to shoot well.

It’s a good shooting gun. We shoot some standard pressure 380 stuff. Also, we shoot some 95 grain and some DPX hollow point from Corbon. Then, we’ll shoot some of the same bullet from Barne’s Tack XP. It’s a dandy little bullet. It’s for a 380. It expands well and penetrates good. It’s solid copper with a good hollow point on it.

Anyway, we’ll use a +P from Buffalo Bore to show the difference in the recoil. The recoil is a little bit more, but still easy to handle. You can fit all your fingers on this little gun and I got a big hand. It’s a lot more to grip than most 380s.

It gives you more performance. I’m going to show you how it handles the Buffalo Bore.

The recoil is not bad, at all. No pain, but it shoots really well and feels well.

It’s a dandy little pistol from Browning.

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