The Rumors Were True – CMC Introduces AK Triggers

New CMC AK-47 Trigger

The internet has made living as a shooter that much more enjoyable. If you are unsure about a specific weapon, search online for a review. When you need that hard-to-find part, just search your favorite online retailer (definitely Omaha Outdoors). If you have a question about your project AR, hop on one of the forums and ask away. Overall, it has just become easier to get the information you need. Well, if you are active on any online shooting communities, you might have heard rumors about a CMC AK trigger being developed. Thanks to Shot Show 2016, we have found these rumors to be true.

From the Trusted CMC Factory

If you haven’t used a CMC trigger before, then it is high time you hop over to our store and order yourself one. These triggers offer exceptional performance and are available in a configuration for just about any application. With crisp pulls and light resets, many AR builders use them as their go-to when they start a new project. Of course, even if you haven’t used one before, you are likely familiar with the reputation.

CMC uses only the highest quality parts and relies on 100% American labor to produce each of its triggers. These triggers are designed to give shooters the precision accuracy they need, offering a crisp pull and short reset. They are self-contained and offer drop-in compatibility with your favorite rifle for the best performance. For this reason, many AR builders have come to trust CMC as their go-to option.

The Trouble with AK Triggers

New CMC AK-47 Trigger

While AR triggers are one thing, working with the AK is another beast entirely. Building an AK trigger is notoriously difficult and making one that is self-contained like CMC’s AR seems like an arduous task. Despite the difficulty of working with these triggers, it seems they were up to the task because initial reception of these triggers is largely positive.

CMC Triggers For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Shot Show 2016 Impressions

Since there were all of these rumors circulating that CMC might be introducing something like this, we were eager to find out if they were true. Finding that they were, it was great to actually get the chance to look at them. Unless you are experienced doing trigger work on your own, they might not look that impressive on the surface, but what was even more telling was the reception by those who got to try them out. At the range, they offered responsive shooting, a crisp pull, short reset -well, everything you would expect from CMC triggers. Though I didn’t get to try one out myself this year, you can bet I’ll be testing it out as soon as I get my hands on one.

Time to Upgrade Your AK

If you have used CMC triggers before, then you are probably on your way to order a new AK trigger already. In case you haven’t, you can decide pretty easily whether this trigger is right for you: do you own an AK-47? If the answer is “yes,” then you should grab yourself one of these beauties. Designed for smooth performance and maintaining their reputation for reliability, these new AK triggers are an absolute must.

So, when do you intend to your new CMC AK trigger? When you are ready, make sure to hop over to our storefront and get them while you can.

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