Ruger LC9s Review Video

Hey, Hickok45. We’re going to take a look at the Ruger LC9s. We’re going to take some shots with it if I can find it here. I can’t wait to do that. I just remembered it’s been protecting me this week. Yes siree, Bob.

Nice, nice. Let’s hit something else.

Sweet. They do run out of ammo though eventually, don’t they?

Oh, bounce, bounce, bounce.

Yes, we’re going to take a few more shots with the LC9s, and this is it. It’s the fairly new offering at this point from Ruger. The big difference between the LC9s is that it has a striker-fired trigger mechanism. That’s the big difference, and you notice here that it still has the magazine disconnect, which I don’t really like, but it does have that.

We appreciate Kentucky Gun Company sending this to us, even after all my jokes about Kentucky. Not bad, huh? So, we appreciate that, as well as the ammo from Federal – lots of nice juicy cartridges. Don’t you just love them in a big bowl like that? I do. So, anyway, that’s what this is.

We have the old one. They’re still making it, of course – the LC9 that is hammer fired. We appreciate Elks Outdoors lending us this. It’s a used gun belonging to the shop there in Pleasant View, Tennessee. It’s like the one I used to have – the hammer-fired LC9.

We’ll talk a little bit about the differences. Why don’t we just go ahead? There’s not very many differences. You don’t have the key lock like you do. You have a little key. You can lock up the mechanism on the LC9. You don’t have that with the LC9s. What else besides the trigger? I know. The loaded chamber indicator, you see the big difference on the right. We have the new one. You don’t have this tab that comes up. You just have a hole there so you can – basically, [02:29] [inaudible] other one. So, you can see if there’s a round in the chamber. Then, this one is striker fired.

That’s basically it. You’ve still got the same contour and weight and everything – same gun other than that really – same feel. You notice I’ve got some talon grip material I put on this. As I probably said in an earlier video, with this one, the grip is really thin. That’s one of the attractions of the single-stack 9’s.

Everybody’s begging for them, of course. They want Glock to come out with one. They want everybody to make one because it’s a really popular size. It just really is. It fits most people’s hands. It’s a 9 millimeter. It’s big enough, and it’s just a good size little gun.

The Ruger went the extra mile and made the grip really thin on the front – too thin for me. So, I am busy, of course, filling in a little bit with some talon grip material. I’ve contacted them. They’re going to send me a regular grip for it. I just put over all that mess. I don’t know.

I have been carrying this thing since I got it the other day. I had really forgotten what a carryable piece these were. I really thought of them as being a little bit bigger because the trigger mechanism was not my favorite. The more I shot it, the less I liked the trigger on it. I know many of you feel the same. Some of you don’t. I’ve seen comments that you really feel like it needs that long pull to be safe. Maybe so. That’s your choice. We could argue that one a lot. There’s lots of debates right on that about the weight of the trigger and all that.

Of course, with a 19-11, you might have a light trigger, but you’ve got the safety. You’ve got a thumb safety on this too. With a lighter trigger, how do you manipulate that, and when does it become an issue? If your trigger is light and the safety is engaged, does it matter? Just like on a 19-11, I don’t know. That’s a subject for another day probably.

This one has a much better trigger for – get this – hitting the target. It could be today if I shoot both of them. I didn’t really plan to shoot the hammer-fired one but I might. It could be I shoot it better. The bottom line is, though, if I shoot both of these very much, I’ll shoot this one a lot better.

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Let me sell you this gun here now. When I got it in and felt the trigger and where it breaks, I was excited because I actually like the LC9. I don’t know how much I have bragged on it in the past years, but I kind of like it. The contour of it, it’s streamlined, not too big, everything about it, except that long trigger pull that breaks way back here for me. This is the LC9. I need to put the magazine in it. The stupid magazine disconnect, it breaks way back there. I don’t mind the length of the pull so much, as with my big hands, as where it breaks. If it started way up here somewhere and broke right there, I’d love it, but it breaks way back there. That’s why I have trouble.

When I’m shooting it, it’s awfully hard to keep from pulling down low left by the time that trigger breaks. That’s the trouble I have with it. I don’t have that much problem with a hammer. Hammer fired is fine. I love hammer-fired revolvers. It’s just where the trigger breaks on that thing. I believe that’s the problem with a lot of people.

I noticed this one. I noticed where it breaks. I’ve got an empty mag in it. You have to have a magazine in it. Okay, now, pull back. Look, it broke about right there. How’s that for different? That’s dramatic. That’s a dramatic difference for those of you who know firearms. It feels good.

The only thing, the reset is not all that short. See, it reset up there. Pull the trigger again. Reset. The reset is a little long. In this type of gun, this size of gun, it’s not that big of a deal necessarily though.

You’ll notice Ruger supplies one of these New Jersey magazines though. If you just need a magazine in it to work it and mess with it, it’s handy. You can do all that and test the trigger and do whatever you want. That’s the New Jersey compliant 9 millimeter magazine. Actually, you know what that is.

I think I have some more ammo. What am I doing talking when I could be shooting? I guess I have a couple more here. In fact, I’ve got the 9-round magazine that comes with it. I’ll even stick that in my pocket so I’ll have it. What else do I have? There we go. Ears on. All right, let’s take a couple shots with it. I’m going to brag on the trigger and, hopefully, I can show you that it is a shootable firearm, and as sure as the world, I won’t be able to.

You’ll notice on the red plate over there, John and I climbed up in that big Poplar tree, and we put a spot light up there. It’s shining right down on the spot on the red plate now so that we can get a better side picture. Let me go ahead and see if I can hit it before that light burns out on us. I don’t think I could hit it with that other one in a month of Sundays. I might. I might not hit it with this one but I’ll come close I think.

Okay, calm down now.

There we go.

There’s two.

I knew that light would burn out. I put the big mag in there.

Another one.

What did I tell you? Maybe you’ll believe me now. I come up with all these stories I tell you before the videos. Even John didn’t see this. I shot it this afternoon some and I put a magazine in it – 7 rounds – I hit that red plate – well, not the first six, but I hit it 6 out of the 7 shots in the magazine. I don’t know if I’ve done that ever, really. Maybe I can’t do it now. Although, I’m on a roll. Maybe I should keep shooting at it. I say that – and I pat myself on my back – aren’t I great – to just point out to you what a good trigger this thing has in it, and you know me. I’m picky about triggers in any gun. For this thing to have a trigger like that, it just makes my day. I mean to tell you. Cowboy, it’s your turn.

Let’s put one on the gong. I guess I’ve got another round in there.

I must have another one.

I must have another one.

I’m not doing a very good job of counting my rounds am I? That holds 9. You notice how it fits there. I think, actually, I purchased that one. That’s right. This gun comes with one magazine. I started scaring [10:33] [ph] around Nashville, and I bought three more small ones, and I bought this one. I spent about $150 in magazines here, but that also attests to how much I like firing this new trigger in this new firearm. I wanted some magazines for it, partly for the video. It makes a better video. It’s definitely going to be a keeper. That holds 9.

What I was going to tell you, I think I read – no, this doesn’t fit perfectly. It’s hard to tell because of my hatchet job on the talon grip material there. Next time you see this gun, it will have the regular talon grips because they got some in the mail to me. It doesn’t fit as well as some they’re making now. There’s some little bit of difference I think. There, that was one of the differences. It doesn’t match up as beautifully, I think, as it does on the older LC9. I keep saying older, but I guess they’re going to keep making them. I don’t know. That’s not a great fit either. I don’t know. I might even take the butt. I don’t like that big old thing. You know how I am about extensions and things. If I can take that massive thing off, I don’t need that grip. I might do that, but that’s the one I’ve been carrying as a spare. I just put that in my pocket with 9 rounds.

So, you’ve got 9 rounds plus 7 plus 1 – 9 plus 8, that’s almost 17 – 9 plus 8. That’s not bad – 9 millimeter. When I got this thing, I pulled that trigger. Get the New Jersey mag back in it. I pulled that trigger and I thought, “Whoa.” I shot it, and I said, “Man, I just don’t remember my LC9 being this nice.” I knew it didn’t have the trigger. Maybe this can be one of my new pocket guns. I tend to change around a little, don’t I?

I pulled out the Glock 42, which I had in my pocket. I said, “This is way bigger than the 42, isn’t it?” I got to thinking about it, and I held it up there, I realized it is a little bit bigger, but it’s not a lot bigger, is it? It’s your length and everything here. Let me stand them up like that. The 42 is shorter a little bit on the grip. It’s just not enough to make a big difference though. Then, too, you’re talking about 380 with the Glock 42, and also, just 6 rounds in a magazine. This is 7 plus 1, 9 millimeter.

We’re going to talk about and weight and some things there too. That’s 380. That’s apples and oranges to some extent. This is a 9. You saw that. Let me shoot some more. Where’s the ammo? Where’s my magazines? There’s one right there. They’re not loaded. I’m going to lay this out here. I’m going to do a little bit of loading. I weighed all these things, even the 26 and Glock 40. You might look at the weight there a little bit while I’m loading these mags. You notice that the XDs is 21 ¾. It’s almost 22 ounces just like a Glock 26. They weigh the same; the XDs and the Glock 26. They’re bigger, heavier firearms.

When you get down into the Shield, the Beretta Nano, and the Kahr, and this Ruger, then you’re in the 16, 17 ounce range, up to 20 with the Shield. The 20 is a little heavier. I’ve got a Shield here. We’ll do a little comparison. A friend of ours who has lent us several guns, that’s the Shield I had, I think, in the first Shield video we did. That’s a really nice striker-fired, single-stack 9 millimeter also. I like that. If I had to pick a couple of these to go to a shoot ‘em up with today, it would be that Shield or this one probably or the XDs. The XDs is a really sweet shooter. It’s a little heavier and that’s one reason I like the Glock 26.

They weigh the same, and that’s why those two firearms are really easy to shoot well and feel good when you shoot them. They’re just really sweet shooters. No doubt about it. Give you a little idea on the weight – again, you’re in the 17-ounce range with this. It’s just a little bit more – about an ounce – than the Kahr. The Kahr, in the term of 9 millimeter, is the lightest, and it’s a little bit shorter and everything. You’re not talking about a heavy old gun, and you’ve got one with a great trigger now.

I guess my message here today is, if you’ve been like me, you’ve just really discounted the LC9 because of the trigger. You might want to revisit it. You really might because it’s a sweet shooter now. No doubt about it.

Now, this one, I noticed, I don’t know if we’ll end up needing a [15:35] Ruger at some point or if it will matter. I haven’t noticed any function problems, but you notice it doesn’t slide. It’s doesn’t close up all the way. You can see that, even to the point where the safety will not engage until you push that forward a little bit. I’m assuming that’s the kind of thing after about 200 or 300 rounds, it’s going to go fully into battery, and it won’t be an issue. If you let the slide go forward, it does okay now, but it kind of hangs right there. I don’t know if it’s [16:04] [chamber rack] control issue or what exactly that is. I haven’t noticed it affecting function.

Let’s just enjoy it a little bit. Then, we’ll do a little more comparison. Get these magazines where I can get to them. Getting a firearm with a good trigger is fun, shall I say. I’ve got my Alabama holster still, except this is actually for the Kahr PM9. I have written them. I think they’re going to send me one. It fits pretty well in that, or else I wouldn’t be using it. I know what we’ll do. We’ll shoot the paper. See if I can hit the paper. No excuses. I have a good trigger.

There we go. It’s about time I but some in the bull’s eye, isn’t it? I just slap them all over the paper usually.

All right, a little action there.


This is a good shooting gun. I am so happy that this has been done. Sometimes things do work out. I’m going to put another one on the red plate.

Slow down.

Slow down. You can do it. There’s that big mag. Let’s go to a [18:02] [inaudible] I want to see something fall.

I’m not doing it. I’m going over it.

I wasted all my ammo. I’ve got to slow down. All right, calm down. I’m getting too excited. Before time gets away and you all have to leave, let me show you something here on size now. Now, you got the weight idea. You’re talking 16, 17 ounces on – I couldn’t find the Nano. It’s buried in the safe somewhere. Quite frankly, I’m not as crazy about the Nano. It doesn’t have the slide lock. It’s okay but it wouldn’t be my choice over some of these. The Nano, for those who have it, the category here, you’re talking about 16, 17 ounces for those three – these and the Nano. Lightweight 9 millimeters that shoot well and have pretty darn good triggers – really good triggers.

Then you move into the Shield at 20 ¾ ounces. It still could be a pocket gun. I think it gets you closer to that category where maybe you need to think about that as a belt holster gun, but it’s doable in the pocket. It’s not dramatically different. Let’s put a mag in here and give you a look there because there are really common and it gives you a good idea. Get the back there. [19:45] [inaudible] together. I guess that’s squared up. They both hold 7 plus 1. You see the front. We got a little bit longer on the Shield, and remember, it’s 3 ounces heavier.

If you look at thickness on all these, it kind of gives you an idea what that’s about. I’m going to measure just the front part of the gun. I won’t include the controls, but I’ll include the frame and everything. There’s the thickness on the Shield. We put it on the LC9, and you see we’ve got some gap there. So, there’s a good bit of difference there. That’s where your weight reduction is. Plus, that is really contoured. So, it has the feel and look of being even smaller than it is, I guess, because it’s not as squared off as the Shield or the XDs, which is squared off even more, and, of course, it’s heavier.

I’m not really bad mouthing these other guns. I like all these guns a lot because some are heavier than others or even just a tad bigger. Let’s just stand them up all together there. There’s something to be gained with the weight – there really is. You gain a little bit with the weight. It’s makes them easier to shoot well. What’s that one without the magazine? That’s the XDs. Put a mag in it there to stand them up evenly. All of those are 7 plus 1. It’s trying to fall over on me – 7 plus 1, 9 millimeter – all good shooters – all great shooters actually. Until today, I would have not included the LC9 in that category and bragging about being a good shooter.

So, that gives you a little better idea of thickness. Your thickest is, of course, the Glock. The XDs is not quite as thick but it’s the same weight. That’s the Glock 26 just out here for comparison purposes. You get a little bit smaller in your Shield. You’re down to 20 ounces – not quite as thick as those – a little thicker than the LC9. Not to confuse you, but kind of give you an idea of where they all fit size wise, if you’re looking for one of these, it gives you an idea, especially on that weight.

What haven’t I told you about before I play a little bit more? Wonderful trigger – wonderful trigger – it’s just what you get with a striker-fired firearm. You get to be the judge again. If it’s too light for you, if you’re a new shooter, if you’re looking for a carry gun, you just got your permit and you’re new to firearms, how light the trigger is, is an issue. With good training, it should not be a problem. Your finger should not be on the trigger if you’re not going to shoot it. You just have to be smart and be safe. The real safety is between your ears. It’s not on the firearm.

You do have a thumb safety on the Shield. You have one on the Ruger. It doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you have it in a good holster like I have it in that covers the trigger guard, the trigger – even though that’s not designed for it – I believe the one designed for this is going to come back even a little bit further. I won’t say can’t, but it’s hard to get your finger on the trigger when you don’t mean to. That’s your decision. It’s just much, much easier to shoot well. No doubt about it.

I’m going to try to hit something here in a minute, or at least come close to it. Also, they come with this little thing here, which a lot of you would actually like. You know how I am with the grips and things. I don’t really like that, but it does give you more area to grasp. The first thing I did with these magazines was take that off. I’ll load this one. Even though I don’t like that, I’ll load it since we have that magazine.

Again, we appreciate Kentucky Gun Company and Federal and Elks Outdoors helping us and supporting our endeavors here. Pretty nice. Look at all the magazines I have. I’ve got another on in my pocket there. I’ll stick some of these in my pocket. I’ll start out with this one, which I don’t really like so much. I’ve not had a malfunction yet. The day is still young, but we’ve not had any problems. All right, let’s relax a little bit and hit something. I’m just going to go for the chicken.

I want to hit that red plate again.

There we go. I keep holding too low. You all ever do that? When you’re trying to hit something, you know you’re holding low when the trigger breaks and you just can’t get it up there a little bit higher. I’ll like to pop those pigs again. They’re kind of ornery today.

There we go. That’s better.

Let’s go for the gong.

Let’s go down to those pigs on the lower row. Let’s don’t. We’re empty. Okay, I found some more.

I can’t tell where they‘re going. I got a couple more. Let’s move down here and share the copper. How’s that? Let’s share some copper down here.

That was a bad start.

That was better. It’s easy to miss with anything. It’s easy to miss.

Nothing like having a good trigger. I see a desperado.

Oh, man, I don’t know what else I can tell you about it, except that it pleases me that the same gun that I wanted to like before more than I did when it came out, now I have a lot of reason to really like it. Off and on I’ll carry a firearm, in the summertime especially. I’ll carry a pocket firearm most of the time. I switch around a little bit. If it’s a firearm we’re testing where you’ve got to test and shoot and see what I think about it, I might carry it if I know it’s not going to be a long-term proposition perhaps. I don’t know. It just depends, as long as it is something that will protect me and keep me alive. This one, I was anxious to get in my pocket holster right away, and it may stay there for a good while – it really might.

It’s a sweet shooter, and it’s a good size. I really don’t notice it being heavier than the Glock 42 to tell you the truth. Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t. I don’t feel like I’m lugging around – when I go to my Glock 27 or 26 in my pocket, I know it’s there. It works but I definitely know it’s there. It’s a little blockier and heavier but it works. This is more like the 42. You kind of forget it’s there. You’ve got 7 plus 1 and 9 millimeter with a good trigger – good shooter – hard to hate the thing, I’ll tell you. I know I’m sounding like an infomercial but I’m just happy they have fixed the trigger on this thing. It’s a really shootable firearm now. Life is good.


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