Rock Island Armory’s New 1911 Pistols For 2015

Okay I am here with Martin Tuason; he is the man at Rock Island Armory. You guys know I’ve been really doing a lot with the 20TCM. Martin I will talk about, what’s going on with 20TCM?

Well, I managed the face book pages, talked to a lot people, the end users mostly. Everybody complains that I didn’t have anything for a gun, a true 9mm pistol it’s self. I was talking with Freddy and I said, “What is the possibility for us to put the 22 TCM on a true 9mm platform?” Let’s say Glock, right?

Alright maybe we can do that. He says in original round, right? He says, “well guess what, tomorrow night, I kind of figured around with the Glock, I turned the bullet upside down and I was able to get it to function.” I said oh men you’re telling me we can make a Glock 22 TCM? We designed a new round, which is true overall length 9mm so you could see the difference.

Rock Island Armory 1911 Pistols

The original round true overall length is about 45, 38 trooper. This is 9mm overall length. Now it fits in all the 9mm magazines out there, alright? Now we’ve got an option. Alright, I said let’s do the Glock and it feels like millions of them out there. From my estimates, it’s going to be at least between the 22’s, the 19, 17’s and 23’s, 7, 8, 9 million Glocks out there.

They’ve making it since 1980’s or something like that. Let’s make a top bet for a Glock. There is a Glock generation 3 frame and this is our rock island top end. Basically we’re going to rock the Glock, alright? As 22 TCM, we are still getting close 2000 feet per second. We’re getting around 1950 at sea level with 80 percent humidity in the Philippines. We’re running flawlessly, the shamp we had at the Accusport range deck, 2000 rounds cleaning it.

It just kept on going and going. We’re going to use long width internal parts, made in the United States, the slide and barrel will come from me. Hope to get put a fixed slide. We’re thinking whether we’re going to put just a standard side or the fiber optic. Not quite sure yet, I’m leaning towards the fiber optic I think it looks cooler. It costs a little bit more money but I think it’s there that.

We’re going to come out with it in about month and a half. All you use is get this top end, get your Gen 1, 2 or 3 Glock 17 or 22 and you’ve got yourself a TCM. The fireball is just as big.

My favorite.

The recall is just as small and it’s fun. When you get this in your hands, you’re just going to have a great time with. I’m not really a Glock shooter and I kind of enjoyed it.

I’m a 1911 guy, I’m the largest producer of 1911’s but everybody deserves to shoot that TCM. First one is the Glock, next one is XD, the next one is the M&P. Every year we’re going to come up with a new conversion kit for different brands. I’m going to work on the California legal stuff first because for California, Massachusetts, they haven’t had anything new to shoot in so long.

This is a non-firearm, this is accessory. They can ship at you in the mail. I’m going to sell distribution, but if a dealer has it, you want it, he can ship it to you, it’s not a firearm.


Glock 17 magazine for the 17 frame, if you use a 22, use the 17 magazine. The 40 magazines, rounds is going to pop out of the magazine, right?

Obviously. Right.

The 19, by Christmas.

Pretty Good.

Well, it’s going to be fun. The new products we have, we tried get probably…you probably seen some of the hints out there, what’s coming up. We’ve the baby rock; sorry it got scratched up here during a real show, a lot of handling. I guarantee you it still works. This is the baby rock; it’s got six round magazine. What we did was to use the lamer magazine design but we’re heat treating it. Even if you dropped a magazine something like that, it’s going to hold.

We changed the spring lid, to make it more reliable. We kind of did a blend between a cold mask government and a lamer and put it together. But modernized look with the front back selections. There is a low profile side where combat hammer. The first set of triggers, first 5000 guns will have a couple of holes to lighten up the trigger.

We’ve already changed the design, just that I had the 5000 triggers already made that way.

The next round, it won’t be long because we’ve already pre-sold all the launch.

We’re really excited about the…big difference between me let’s say brownie, let’s say the price. I make guns affordable for everybody true. What kind of street price of 400 bucks?


Can’t beat that.

No, yeah everybody can pick it up, right.

We’ve got some other nice new products out there. Oh, don’t forget lifetime warranty on all the guns that I make. This one, gun smiting, required it’ll be the official statement. But most of the time we build the grab it, put it on your Glock and it’s supposed to work, alright.

I just can’t guarantee the condition of someone else’s Glocks. Where they’re using them like a hammer, there are some out there, I can’t guarantee that. I’m going to put that gun smiting required, bring to a qualified gun-smith, have it installed, make sure you get it done right and it will function really great.

When we do it right, we know how it works. We’ve got the six inch guns that will come out this year too. You might want to get some six inch gun for testing, single stack and double stack. The double stack 10mm, we call it the big rock. The baby rock has got the big rock. You can tap it for your count mounts or you can take it out, you can put that doctor adaptor and mount a doctor on there.

The 800 bucks for the full match. You get the target size, you’ve got everything and made well. 800 bucks, you could go at STI or infinity and spend four to five or six times more than that. I don’t know, like for this, you can have money for magazines, your holster, your magazine purchase, your cleaning, and your shooting bag and still be under an STI.

Let’s face it; even if all of this competition guns men when you’ve got it, you still haven’t the guns to look at it. Change a trigger, do a little trigger top, and you’ve got a competition already gone. They’ll come in about three and a half, four pound trigger pull, low price but it’s just the trigger. Like everybody who wants a 1911, you’ve got to fix it up. I do it even with mine.

So competition guns are competition guns. That’s pretty much it, sprawless detective special revolvers; they came out a few months ago. That’s the original 206, it take the DSA speed loaders, pack grips. To protect the special. They’re fun, affordable like a short gun, 250 bucks. Lifetime warranties again, you know how I take care of my customers.

You put the [08:12] [inaudible] when I go. Alright, but you make a good product? It makes it easy to take care of them.

I work hard as much as I can. Oh, I don’t know I think I cover pretty much everything, had questions for me?

Well not…you just do it so much with these new 22 TCM. It’s going to be fun man.

It’s been a blast and I’ve just released the single stack without the rail and I’m getting ready to release with the rail. I’m going to do some night shooting and we’re going to. You make sure you send me the links right away. I love the website. I always get a trip to watch your staff man online, good reviews, for fun, you’re not boring. Very fun not boring, I guess.

Oh, that’s 45 rounds. What else do you need?

That’s what is supposed to be entertainment and informative at the same time, right? If you need the values benefits of good products that you believe in. That’s what we try to do; I want everybody to shoot, [09:20] [inaudible] some.

When you put them, you put right 1911 finally people, the average gun can afford a good quality 1911.

It’s not in the [09:28] [inaudible] it’s a 1911 is for snobs. Oh man you can own one too. Come buy one of mine, you will like it. You go to the range, I will shoot all those other brands, I won’t knock anybody. When you do that and the guy who said “I just paid 1500 on mine.” You’ll be like, 500 bucks probably. Take a look at that grouping [laughs].

That’s right. It might function.

That’s right, out of the box. I got a secret, nobody knows what it is and I keep it really tight. I have a secret production that I was taught by an Italian friend of mine. That’s one of the reasons why our guns work out of the box without fail. It’s the way…we’re supposed to have that breaking; everybody will say 500 rounds, 500 rounds. I tell you, my gun is supposed to work outside of the box.

You don’t get a car, drive three blocks breaks down, you call up you sales guy and say, “Hey…they’ll say if you drive another three blocks, it will work.

Martin, thanks for showing us the round, it’s always a pleasure buddy.

Always man and I send you a lot of guns to review, you going have a lot of fun to review Glock, it going to be a great time. This TCM 9RMN it’s so much fun. I guess you had a chance to shoot it, shoots during the day?

No not yet, only the 22 TCM so am dying.

my God, it’s so much fun. When the camera stops rolling, I will show you a little video with my test firing and [11:05] [inaudible] and you’ll be like I hope you send that to me. I tell you, it’s so much fun. I’m a 1911 guy and I’m singing Glock.

People are going to hate me on your show for that; I know a lot of Glock lovers out there why making it?

Do you know all 1911 guys out there that.

But 1911 guys who own Glocks,

I’m bought, I like it.

My first hand gun, this is a true story. My first hand gun, when I turned 21 in the United States, I [11:37] [inaudible] in the Philippines but I got that one when I was 14. My first hand gun truly was a colt gold cup in the Philippines when I was 14. When I moved in the United States for college, I had to wait up to 21 to get a hand gun. The first one I bought was Glock 19. I had that for years and then I sold it when we started making 1911’s and I said well I’m going to stick to 1911’s. That’s how it went.

It’s been good.

It’s been good. I’m excited to own a Glock again.

Right, with a new caliber.

That’s right, thanks so much.

Thanks so much.

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