Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911 Video

I see some threats that need to be addressed. Let’s see what else we got here. Alright. Yeah. Ah yes, there’s always a threat. Hickok45 here with the Rock Island Armory. Yes, it has been a while. Well, it’s been a long time. Like, never. We finally have a Rock Island Armory at the compound. It has been requested many times for many years. It just didn’t work out, right? This one is donated. This was given to us by the Gun Parlor in Worcester, Massachusetts. I hope I said Worcester correctly. I know everybody mispronounces that, don’t they?

We appreciate that and the support for the channel. It’s really, really nice. We get more support than we deserve probably, right? Let’s take a look at it. While I was speaking of that, there’s a bunch of federal ammo. We appreciate the federal cartridge, federal premiums supporting us and giving us ammo to feed these fine, hungry firearms. This one is the tactical model. As you can see, it’s very empty, and it has some add-ons. It’s not your regular GI model. It has your beaver tail. It has ambi thumb safeties. Flat mainspring housing. The skeletonized trigger.

It has a good trigger. A long trigger, good trigger. You got sights. I don’t think they’re actually Novak, but they’re Novak-like. Those are pretty nice. You can adjust those for windage. Not so much elevation, I guess, but for windage. It’s just a pretty nice piece of equipment made by Arms Corps in the Philippines. We’ve had lots of requests to do some more of these low-end 1911s. We’ve done a few. This one is one of the most popular, actually. The Rock Island. They’ve been around a good while. Not a mystery. There’s no secret.

You already have opinions about them, those who know much about them. One of your opinions is you don’t like that big Rock Island Armory billboard on the side of the slide, do you? I think they have been receptive to the criticism of that, and they’ve moved it to back here. It is much smaller on the — I don’t know if the newer models or what. This is a new gun. I think in the future they’re changing that, and it might be that way on your gun. It really has a lot of those things you want on a firearm. It has some things you might not want, and we’ll talk about that.

I’ll load the magazine. I’ll go ahead and talk about it. How’s that? Get right at it. Well, what is it that I don’t like about this gun? The sights need a little white outline or something. If I hang onto this thing very long, I’ll have to paint that front sight. I think most of us have gotten to the point where we like a little something on there. I knew when I first started shooting 1911s and competing — I’ll turn it over here — back in the ‘80s, as far as competing, there was this feeling, “Eh. Black sight’s fine. Just leave it that way.” I don’t know. I always painted mine. I put some fingernail polish back in the old days, and a frame for the rear sight if it needs it. That sight could use a little paint or some sort.

What else do I not like about it? I don’t like the ambi safeties. I typically don’t like ambidextrous thumb safeties. I wouldn’t mind one on the off-side, for maybe which will be on the right side, because I’m right-handed. If it were really minimal. If it were just scaled way down. The problem with this one is it hits — and I’ve seen the criticism on the Internet. People saying the same thing. Boy, it is so true for me. The first thing I notice when I pick it up. Hits my knuckle here, and I could almost have trouble disengaging it because it’s against my knuckle there. Of course, I have large hands. If you have small hands, maybe not, but I notice a lot of people criticizing that.

Again, if I were going to keep it, well, the first place I might — if it was possible — to just take this side off. Or get another one. Or get the Dremel out, and take that thing way down on that side and even on this side. It doesn’t need to be that big. Okay. Their heart was in the right place. They put an ambi safety on there. A lot of people like those. It’s probably not too big for some people. Too big for me. In my way. Okay.

Anything else negative about it. It does have a rubber mainspring housing, but it’s a flat mainspring housing, which I like. I’d rather have a rubber, flat mainspring housing than a titanium arched mainspring housing. Okay. Now, some nice things about it. It feels… I don’t know if you can. Can you feel that? It’s got a weird sound, like somebody stepped on the cat. It’s smooth. The workmanship feels fine on it. Let’s see. Have we had a malfunction? I’ve shot it for a few days now, off and on. I don’t recall… Well, yeah, I’ve hit a couple, but it was with some Arms Corps ammo.

How’s that for irony? Because Arms Corps makes this. Okay. That’s the only ammo we’ve had any problems with. I’ll tell you. I wanted to try some 115-grain ammo. Fortunately, the federal sends me the ammo I really like, 124-grain and 147-grain, but I had some 115-grain. What was it? Actually, I think it was from Federal Champion, some low-end stuff. It worked fine. No problems with it. I had a bowl of Arms Corps I’ve been using for months, off and on. I just tried that in. I had light primer strikes. Maybe at least one out of a magazine. Every magazine.

I had a couple hang-ups — I don’t know what the deal was with that — but all the federal I fired, and even the cheap stuff, it’s worked fine. Now it may not today. It is a low-end gun. It has a nice trigger though. I tell you. I see why people like these, because for the money, about $450 for this model, with all the add-ons… I don’t think you can get it for much less than $450. I’m talking prices at some of the online stores and places where you find that low-end pricing generally, and maybe at your local gun shop.

It’s a pretty hot day. Let me get some of the sweat off my face, and let’s take a couple more shots with it. It shoots great. If I don’t hit with it, it’s my fault, because I pulled out here with some of that 115-grain stuff. I know you’re just having to take my word for it, because I actually hit the red plate six times in a row. Didn’t set out to do it. I just started shooting at it, and I realize, “Whoa. Hey. I’m not missing. That’s three times. That’s four times.” I hit six. Then I started shooting at it a minute ago, and I had trouble hitting it. Anyway, it is capable of shooting well. Whether I am, that’s another question.

Okay. What do we have left? Well, let’s start out with a couple things right here. Oh. Nice. Okay. That was tough. I’ve been working on that shot. That ricochet shot. Let’s go over there and make a liar out of myself and try the red plate. I did notice I have to hold up on it about halfway. Okay, I got it that time. I told you I’d make a liar out of myself. Let’s take a couple more at it. As you all know, you’re doing shooting — at like long-range, precision stuff — it’s like shooting at the little chicken. Some days you’re on. Some days you’re not. Then sometimes when you pick up the gun you’re on, and the next time you’re not.

It’s a little bit low. There you go. I was shooting fast before. That’s probably why I was hitting it. Let’s load up again. The trigger on this thing is really nice. I don’t know what the weight is on it, but it’s about like I like them. If was going to compete, that’s about what I would want. Some of the things you get for your money with a gun like this. I mean it’s kind of impressive, I have to say. Again, a lot of people wouldn’t buy a low-end 1911.

Basically, you’ve got a forged slide. I think a cast frame. A lot of companies do that. You’ve got mostly MIM parts, whereas if you buy a $1,000 1911, you get fewer of the MIM parts. You got the mold-injected stuff and everything. Of course, that’s controversial as to whether or not those are actually as durable as forged and whatever milled parts and that. People argue about that endlessly on, of course, the Internet. There’s a reason, of course, why a firearm is in this price range. I tell you, you have to say it’s a lot of gun for the money. It kind of depends on who you are. If you’re a long-term collector, and money’s not a big object necessarily, you can spend $1,000 or $2,000 even on a firearm when you want to.

This gun might not appeal to you. You just would feel better if you went ahead and bought a Colt or even one of the custom Wilson Combat or Ed Brown or Les Baer or something. It’s a different category, no doubt about it. Has some negatives. Has some positives. For the money, though, I tell you. If you just want a 1911 to add to your collection… You’re not interested in the best 1911 necessarily or the ultimate 1911. You’d just like to have one. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now this is 9 millimeter. If I didn’t mention that, right? Some people would not have a 1911 unless it’s a .45. I tell you. If you’ve never shot a 1911 in 9 millimeter, it’s a smooth operator. You’ve got, of course, low recoil with that heavy slide. Feels really good. They’re fun to shoot, I have to say. I had one decades ago. I remember it being fun to shoot. I’m going to try the plate again. I’ve got to hit it a couple times just so maybe you’ll believe me. That wild story I was telling you earlier.

Okay. Okay. Did I not have one in the chamber? Guess not. No. Okay. I think I hit it. Okay, see? It’ll pop it. Let’s try a chicken. Got him. Didn’t knock him over. Let’s try the gong. Let’s put a new magazine in before we do that. Now it only comes with one magazine. To be grammatically correct, it comes with only one magazine. Nice trigger. It’s fun to shoot. I wish I had more magazines. It’s the kind of gun you like to have about 10 or 12 magazines and just shoot and shoot like crazy. Because there’s no recoil to speak of.

Again, if you really don’t like the recoil of a big old .45, 1911s are not bad in .45. They don’t really kick that much, but you know, they are thin. We’ve done, in our videos, the comparison on the slide versus, say, a Glock .21 or something. They really are more streamlined. They’re not a big brick. They jump around a little bit in .45. It’ll give you a little bit of a kick you might not like if you’re recoil-sensitive or you’re new to shooting. A 9 millimeter in one these might be an option.

That magazine. I wonder who makes their magazines. Maybe I’ll know from that… I’m not sure. I guess they make them down there. It works. I haven’t even had, I don’t think, a problem with it. Again, unless it was some of that Arms Corps ammo. In the Arms Corps gun. This one’s from Brownells, by the way. I just bought it this morning and found it in a shop here. Close by, in fact. Elks Outdoors. It was a miracle find, because 9 millimeter magazines, 1911 magazines, are not plentiful. They’re really not. I’m not sure what the deal is there. Probably a run on them like everything else, right?

I typically don’t use a loader with single-stack 1911 mags. I’m getting a little foggy there. I don’t have anti-fog on my glasses. It’s not working too well, is it? Oh, you know what I’ve got? I’ve got a target here. I think with this target, we might just send it to the folks that gave us this gun. Okay. They can burn it or whatever they want to do with it. Alright. 9 millimeter. Got to love it. I shouldn’t say this out loud, but we’ve not had a malfunction yet. Let me put it back in the holster here. My big Fobus. Expensive Fobus holster.

Alright. Did I put one in the chamber? I think I did. Sweet shooter. I’ll tell you what. I think I’ll shoot one more time, okay? Don’t rush off now. Don’t rush off. We’ve got a little extra ammo here. Again, thanks to federal. I’ll load these up and shoot one more thing that needs being shot at. How’s that? We really do appreciate this ammo. You know, people are good to us. I don’t know if we really deserve it. You think we do? Probably not, right? They’ll lend us guns and give us guns like this. Gun shops. We really do appreciate it, appreciate you all watching. We try to provide a little education. A little information. Keep you out of the bars late at night. Keep you home watching Youtube kind of thing. Watching evil shooting videos.

Really, 9 millimeter is kind of fun in a 1911. I have to say. I’d forgotten. I had forgotten. Let’s try the old tree there a little bit. That is a nine, so it’s not going to whip them around. It almost had no effect on it, did it? Huh. Little weak 9 millimeter. There you go. You have to hit them.That’s it Looks like going in that direction has more effect on it. Let’s do a little machine-gunning with this thing. See if it will cycle. Alright. Let’s kill the tombstone. How’s that for appropriate? Alright. Ready, aim, fire. We got a couple on it.

So anyway. I know it’s not a .45. Maybe there are people out there who have put thousands and thousands of hard-kicking .45 through a Rock Island Armory. These things have been out a lot. Many of you have them. A lot of people have them. I read a lot of forum comments on them. Generally speaking, you find people who’ve had trouble, but I guess, on balance, most people are satisfied with them. Really. You always find people who have problems with any gun, of course, and with these too.

By and large, it was pretty positive what I saw. In total, really. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. It’s done fine. Like I said, the one ammo issue we’ve had — and we’ve had some issues with Arms Corps ammo with other firearms, light primer strikers with several firearms — but all the federal we ran through it went fine. I was going to fire some blazer. Didn’t do it. You’ve probably done that. You know people who’ve done it. This is not a new gun innovation on the market or anything. So a pretty cool version of it.

A lot of people that want a really nice, low-end 1911, you might be getting the GI model. Which is neat too — because that one’s special to me, the GI configuration — but if you really plan to shoot it a lot, you might want one with better sights like this, and a trigger. This trigger is really sweet. Oh. One thing it was doing when I first got it. The other thing. I knew there was something else. Another negative. It was hanging up the first really four or five magazines for the first couple of days. I mean, that wasn’t thousands of rounds. Probably through 50, 75 rounds. Especially the first magazine or two. I’d pull the trigger, and then it wouldn’t shoot. The trigger was not resetting. So I put some in there. I even sat around and just worked it.

I had a feeling it was just the Parkerizing or something in there. It just needed to be loosened up. That’s what it was. It gradually was doing it less and less often, and it’s quit doing it. Okay. Anyway. That’s about all the positives and negatives I can think of. Can’t think of anymore stories to tell you about how I shot six fleas at a hundred yards with it or not. Anything like that. Not bad.

Gosh. $450. That price range. It’s something to consider seriously if you’re looking for a low-end 1911. Oh, one negative I forgot. The full-length guide rod. I was going to break it down for you. I forgot. Maybe we’ll do it another video or something. It’s not that essential. It’s a 1911. It has a full-length guide rod, and that always makes them hard to break down. My opinion is — you may disagree — full-length guide rod, you gain nothing from that basically. In a practical sense. At all. Just makes it harder, or slower, to break down — but it does have the full-length guide rod. You can change that out. Which I will do if I keep this gun. So, anyway. Been fun bringing it to you. Life is good.

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