Ready Your ARs – A New Hexmag Is Coming

hexmag series 2 magazine

While shooters spend countless hours selecting the right parts for their AR-15, it seems that some of those parts never get the attention they deserve. You find people covering article after article about a new charging handle. You notice a new video review of that lower receiver. You might even find people talking about how great their new magazine release is. Of course, one of the most overlooked parts is the magazine itself.

Hexmag has made it their business to demonstrate just how much a magazine can really make a difference. Trusted by professionals and casual shooters alike, their models are not just reliable; they also pack in some practical features to keep you on your toes. So when a company like Hexmag says it has a new magazine in the works, people tend to listen.

The Original Hexmag Magazine

Though they are a relative newcomer to the industry, Hexmag caught the attention of many in the industry when they sold their first magazine in 2014. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing design, the hexagonal pattern on the magazine exterior was made to ensure a positive grip for all shooters. During use, many find that this surface texture is ideal for quick changes and works well in some of the worst shooting conditions. In addition to this, the magazine is made compatible with a variety of receivers and can handle .223, 5.56, and .300 BLK with ease. Since they use non-tilt followers, these mags also offer consistent performance in the field or at the range. Of course, the real beauty comes from the concept behind these magazines.

Easy Identification With Your Hexmag Magazine

hexmag series 2 magazine

If you shoot with more than one type of ammunition, you are likely familiar with using tape or paint to distinguish between magazines. For me, I preferred paint because it lasts forever (or close to it). But, there is no need to waste money on paint when you can get a low-cost Hexmag magazine. Beyond the outer shell, which is available in a variety of colors, the real unique feature of these mags is their colored follower. Available in a wide spectrum of colors, these followers make it easy to tell which rifle magazine you are grabbing at a glance. Since they use a hex-shaped spring release button, you can enjoy tool-free disassembly and have a different color follower installed in under a minute.

Hexmag 2 Offers Some Welcome Improvements

While the original Hexmag works fine for most shooters, the creators wanted to make sure that they could reach a wider audience. Starting out, they improve the new Hexmag 2 with a revised feed lip profile. This new profile helps ensure compatibility with any standard AR configuration and even many non-standard ones. A revised catch pocket and lead in ramp further ensures consistency, allowing for easier seating and better retaining power. As with previous magazines, they still feature a tool-free disassembly for cleaning and to change out the various color followers.

Grab Your New Hexmag 2

For those who already have some original Hexmags in their collection, you might not see the need to grab these new models. However, those who shoot .223, 5.56, or .300 BLK from a rifle with a nonstandard configuration might consider adding some of these to their collection. Before you start on that next rifle build, you might also consider ordering some new magazines and you won’t find a better value than these.

Right now, Hexmag hasn’t indicated when these new magazines will be available for purchase. When they are, make sure to check back at our Hexmag storefront so you can order yours right away.

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