PWS MK114 First Shots & Impressions

Hey guys, NSZ85, and I’m out at the range with the Primary Weapons Systems’s MK114, which is the fourteen and a half inch pinned barrel, so it’s sixteen inches. This is the long piston AR which is very unique and if you didn’t catch my overview video make sure and check that out. I’m going to zero this in for fifty yards, which is the zero that I prefer. I’m just going to use the sights that it came with. This is the first time I’ve ever shot this gun and I’m shooting it and using it they way that it came right out of the box.

So I’m going to go ahead and load up with my American Eagle 5.56. Zero it in.

First few shots went without a hitch. Alright, so I got it zeroed in for fifty yards. If we take a look down there, I have my close range steel rifle target. I’m going to take twenty rounds. We’re just going to go through them as fast as we can and see if there’s any malfunctions. Again this is a piston system. So, the only time I’ve shot it is to zero it. We’re going to see if we get any malfunctions with twenty rapid shots.

There we are. No malfunctions. Recoil’s a little bit different than I’m typically used to on a direct impingement. It’s a little bit harder, but I’m assuming that’s because the carrier’s a little bit lighter and it’s moving a little bit faster. So far, I’ve zeroed it, I’ve taken twenty shots, no malfunctions. You can look forward to more videos of this, but for right now here’s my first impressions.

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