Polymer80 Teasing New PF940CV1 Frame

While the Glock gained some popularity due to its reliable system and durable construction, in recent years its fan community seems to have shifted to those looking for customization options. In fact, there have been more than a few companies pop up over the past decade dedicated solely to providing aftermarket Glock parts and improvements. Among those companies, Polymer80 provides some of the most affordable frames and, as the name aptly suggests, 80% kits to get started.

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This requires some machining on your part and gives you the real ability to build a custom pistol from the ground up, similar to how many design their own AR models. In case you haven’t heard of them before, Polymer80 has been experiencing some great success over the years and continues to expand its lineup. Most recently, it has been posting about its new PF940CV1 on social media, and a recent Facebook post indicates that the wait for this frame may not be too much longer.

The Polymer80 Frame Design

Recognizing the versatility of the Glock platform, Polymer80 first starting designing frames in an effort to give shooters more options with their pistol. Creating an 80% frame, they offer a product that you can order and receive without an FFL, which makes it easy to start building without having to wait on a background check. Each frame kit includes the basic components you need, which are: the 80% polymer frame, polymer jig, drill bits, end-mill bits kit, and locking block.

The original frame offers a simplistic design, allowing users the freedom of building their next handgun from the ground up. With a textured grip, integral accessory rail, and various color options, the original 80% Glock lower has gained the company no shortage of loyal fans. As with any good company though, they always look for new ways to innovate and provide for a shooter’s needs.

Looking At the PF940CV1

Following their usual pattern, Polymer80 is introducing the new PF940CV1 with a complete kit you need to finish the 80% lower. This way, you can get the other parts you need, install them, and have a functional pistol. Focusing on both the 9mm and .40 S&W calibers, this model is meant for use with a G19 or G23 upper slide. Looking at the pictures, it appears that they are making some nice changes.

The trigger guard features a more aggressive undercut, which should allow for a higher grip profile and enable a better hold on the finished product. The front of the guard is further textured, allowing for more tactical handling. While the model in the image features a sleek grip profile, reps from Polymer80 have suggested that it will also be available with a textured finish. Either way, this flat profile could work well for those who want to customize the grip experience.

Answering Questions on Facebook

One thing Polymer80 fans appreciate about the company is that it’s good at maintaining open communications with its customers. On the Facebook announcement, you can see just how attentive they are, offering answers to just about every question that comes their way. Among those questions, we get to learn a bit more about the platform.

For starters, the new frame will be available as a kit, allowing you to configure the weapon to match the photo they shared. Concerning pricing, they also offered that it would be comparable to the existing frame designs, which means it will remain very affordable for most shooters. One answer that is important to remember is that these frames are meant for the Gen 3 slide (not Gen 4) and will accept either G17 or G19 uppers.

Order Yours Online

Of course, perhaps the best response was that this new frame would be featured at Shot Show 2017, which means another reveal to be excited for. Right now, they are still testing the frame to make sure it lives up to their standards, but we’re hoping they will reveal some information about a release at Shot Show. Once it is available, you can be sure we’ll have an inventory ready to go. Just head over to our Polymer80 storefront and place your order there.

Are you excited about this new PF940CV1 frame? Any features you were hoping to see that are missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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