New Vickers AR-15 Coffee Table Book

When the Vickers 1911 Coffee Table Book was released, the entire stock sold out in less than six months. Realizing the popularity of this product, Larry Vickers recognized that he would have to follow up with something equally iconic. Naturally, his choice rested on another popular design throughout shooting history -the AR-15. Whether you have loyalty to this rifle or not, there is no denying its impact on the history of firearm development and wars in the last century. Acknowledging that impact, this new video announcement posted at the start of November gives us a taste of what we have to look forward to.

About Vickers Coffee Table Books

You’ve seen plenty of books on guns before, but if you are a real gun enthusiast you probably feel that so many of these are just rehashed versions of the same thing. Rather than offer just another encyclopedia, Vickers wanted to provide a more in-depth look at some of the most important guns in shooting history. They started with the 1911 pistol, and anyone who got one of these books can tell you that it was filled with beautiful pictures and in-depth information about the different models and development history. Recognizing the need for more books like this, viewers on YouTube are excited to get their hands on the new AR-15 Volume One Coffee Table Book.

Vickers AR-15 Volume One Book

Since the AR-15 is such a versatile rifle with a long history of development and changes, it makes sense that Vickers would look to break it up into two volumes. This first volume is supposed to take a look back at the history of the AR, including the early AR-10 and how it influenced the development of the now-popular models. It delves into that deep history and considers the rise of the M-16 and the modern M-4 as they relate to these early designs. Whether you are a fan of firearm history or just a modern AR enthusiast, this is bound to offer some great information along with supporting images.

Working With the Right Partners

In his video, Larry Vickers makes sure to give thanks to both Knight’s Armament and The Institute of Military Technology. He does this because he spent no shortage of time down in Florida with these groups. Thanks to the help of the Institute, he was able to get the most accurate historical information while finding some of the best pictures to include. Not only that, but as Vickers puts it, the Institute really does have one of the finest AR-15 collections in the world. Being surrounded by all of this must have been helpful as he prepared content for the book.

Will You Order One?

Right now, Larry Vickers has yet to announce how many of these unique books he intends to make. Judging by the popularity of the first one, it can be assumed that he will ramp up production. Of course, it can just as easily be assumed that they will sell out fast.

Do you intend to order one of these new coffee table books for yourself? Did you order the 1911 book when it was released? What are you hoping to find in this first volume? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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