The New Ruger LCP II Pistol

new ruger lcp II

Like a handful of other manufacturers on the market, Ruger has earned its place in the industry and remains one of the most recognizable brands around. For many shooters, the first, second, and third choice for a weapon is a Ruger and its this loyalty that has kept the brand going so strong. Among their offerings, the original LCP has created many of these loyal fans. Now, they are looking to improve upon that design with the new Ruger LCP II pistol launch.

Unveiling the New Ruger LCP II

Ruger has been no stranger to innovation and while the original LCP has received a lot of attention, they continue to work on new and improved options for the modern shooter. Whether its one of their legendary pistols, a more classic revolver, or a well-made rifle, shooters know them as a company that doesn’t mess around. So, when they released an announcement for their new product, it makes sense that everyone was interested to learn more. From first looks, it seems like this new model is going to make a welcome addition to the family.

The Same Trusted .380 Performance

If you are the kind of shooter who looks for the most stopping power from every pistol you buy, the LCP II is not for you. On the other hand, those who are looking for a low-profile concealed carry weapon will find that this little wonder packs the same punch as the first one. It comes chambered in .380 ACP, which does the job in most close-quarter situations. Considering the small size, this caliber is also ideal for those shooters with a smaller frame, ensuring they are able to handle the recoil under pressure. Of course, just because it has a familiar caliber doesn’t mean there aren’t other improvements.

Improvements Over the Original Model

Beyond the caliber, Ruger looked to rework many of the integral aspects of this weapon with the LCP II. This starts with a crisp, single-action trigger and an integrated trigger safety. On the frame, the weapon offers a larger gripping surface, allowing for even better control than the original and providing a more comfortable shooting experience. Meanwhile, the slide performance has been improved to make for easier operations. With a brand new slide stop to keep it open after the last round, you should find the weapon completely reliable.

Like it’s predecessor, it sticks to that tiny, sub-compact size, measuring only 3.71” tall and 5.17” long. It weighs less than 11 ounces and provides a 6-round magazine to keep you on target. Using that familiar glass-filled nylon to construct the frame, you can be sure the weapon is built for everyday use. With its sleek new design and upgraded performance features, this all adds up to a very worthwhile investment.

Will You Order This New Model?

If you are looking for a reliable concealed carry pistol, this new Ruger LCP II may be just the gun you are after. Though it might be a little more pricey than the basic Ruger LCP, the new performance features make it well worth the cost. It still holds a very reasonable price tag and delivers a lightweight and convenient option that anyone can trust in the field. So, if you are due for an upgrade, this could definitely be a great option.

Do you intend to buy the new Ruger LCP II or are you going to stick with your current concealed carry option? Let us know in the comments below.

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