New Ruger American Compact Model Announced

new ruger american compact pistol

When Ruger announced their new American Pistol lineup with the slogan “Anything else would be un-America” it got some well-deserved attention. While there is surely nothing un-American about buying many guns from many manufacturers, the idea was brilliant. Everyone wants to support American manufacturing and trusts USA-made guns for their quality and reliability. More important than the announcement itself, the pistol this slogan is attached to is sleek and efficient. Built with duty use in mind, these pistols became popular virtually overnight.

The Ruger American Series

To start out their series, Ruger introduced both 9mm and .45 ACP models into the marketplace. As the slogan might suggest, the pistol was inspired by a practical American design that would offer the versatility and reliability a shooting professional needs. Just looking at the pictures, you can tell that shooting this gun will be fun. They feature a modular wrap-around grip, which means a more custom user experience for the best handling. They have front strap checkering, aggressive rear slide serrations, a picatinny accessory rail, and include genuine Novak 3-dot LoMount carry sights. Offering the option to order with or without a manual safety makes them an excellent candidate for professionals.

The New Ruger American Compact

new ruger american compact pistol

As you would expect, no company is going to introduce a new lineup of pistols without plans for expanding that lineup when things go well. The newest addition to the family, the Ruger American Compact 9mm, is definitely one to check out. Like the rest of the family, it includes all of the practical features you are looking for in a firearm and they are due to ship out soon. This includes the option of having it with or without a manual thumb safety.

Buy Ruger American Pistols at Omaha Outdoors

Operating on a striker-fired system, the model without the safety measures out to be exceptionally well-suited for carry. Overall, it it just 1.4” wide at the controls, 6.5” long, and 4.5” tall. Unloaded, it weighs in at 28.7 ounces, which is another positive factor to consider. With an MSRP of $579, this makes it an affordable handgun that performs with the best of them.

How Will It Measure Up?

As the new model starts shipping out, you might wonder whether this is one to order or just another gun to pass up on. Ultimately, that could be determined by your priorities. If you enjoy shooting the full-size model, our guess is that you will love this one just as well. Its sleek design and no-nonsense features make it an exceptional backup weapon. Civilians who want an open or concealed carry pistol might also consider using this model. After all, the 12+1 round capacity leaves you with plenty of rounds to take care of business.

Ordering Yours Now

If you want to make sure you have one ASAP, hop on over to our Ruger storefront and make sure to put one of these on order. As soon as we have them in, we can ship to your local FFL so you can get started using it right away. As always, feel free to call us with any questions about these new models.

Do you intend to grab one of the new compact Ruger American pistols? Which of its features are you looking forward to the most? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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