New Remington RP and Other Release Announcements

Remington 1911 10mm Longslide Pistol

As the year draws to a close, it seems that Remington is looking to make a real splash in the industry with some new release announcements. If you are like most shooters, when you think Remington, you think of either shotguns or rifles. For two centuries now, Remington has worked hard to build this reputation and with a variety of exceptional designs in their catalog, they definitely have your back with these products. But, Remington has recently been working on some new pistols. Among those models, it seems that they are nearing release of a few designs.

The New Remington RP9 and RP45

New Remington RP Pistol

Among the new designs, the main one we are interested in is the new Remington RP series. A double-stack, polymer frame pistol, this new series is sure to take a piece of the market. It’s priced at under $500 MSRP and features either a 9mm or .45 ACP chambering. The 9mm model is set to hold a standard 18-round magazine, which is impressive by itself. Similarly, the .45 ACP model is set to hold a 15-round option, making it one of the best .45 pistols as far as capacity.

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Both models feature an ergonomic grip surface with an optimized angle to reduce felt recoil. The trigger guard comes undercut, ensuring you can get the tightest possible handling on the weapon. Its front and rear slide serrations are supported by the addition of a “fighting surface” on the rear sight, which will make it possible to operate the slide one-handed. Offering ambidextrous controls and a crisp trigger with a short reset, anyone should find that this new model performs to their expectations.

Teasing a New 10mm Longslide 1911

Remington 1911 10mm Longslide Pistol

Of course, while announcing the RP9 and RP45 would be worthwhile on its own, Remington also teased that it plans to release a new Longslide 1911 pistol. Namely, they are looking at the 10mm for this design. Since they already have some 1911 models on the market, it makes it easier to get a feel for how well this will perform. With that in mind, we are excited to get our hands on this new pistol and give it a try. The 6” extended barrel is sure to provide the right amount of accuracy while the 10mm cartridge should make it well-suited for both hunting and home defense.

Growing the Remington Legacy

Since its inception in 1816, Remington has built a strong reputation in the shooting community. Most hunters have at least one in their collection and many home defense shooters have turned to their shotguns for effective protection. In recent years, they have started to really develop their pistol lineup and these new releases are sure to be an integral part of that strategy. With modern machining, more and more small companies are popping up and taking a chunk out of their share. To stay competitive, they will need to continue introducing new models like this going forward.

Making it Easy to Shop Online

Of course, when these new models hit the market, you know there is one place you can go to get your hands on them without hassle. Here at Omaha Outdoors, we strive to make shopping for firearms as simple as possible. This way, you can find what you need and order it without the hassle. So, if you want to get these models ASAP, hop on over to our Remington storefront and make sure to pre-order them. This way, we can get the information we need to transfer to your FFL and get the process started.

Do you intend to get your hands on one of these new Remington pistols? Which of them is of most interest to you? Let us know below.

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